Shame on me!

Oh boy, what a day already. So I got to the RCC here at ORD and asked whether Captain Denny’s flight from ORD to LAX might need volunteers. The lady said “hmmm, they’re looking for volunteers, but the math doesn’t add up, they won’t need them.” I said “well, go ahead and add me to the list just in case.” She does, and that’s that.

An hour before departure I go to the gate and approach the gate agent. I ask him if he might need volunteers, and he says “hmm, I was just looking at your profile. How many years have you been 1K?” I responded “about six,” and he said “what a life you must live.” Anyway, he said he might or might not need me, and we left it at that.

In the meantime Captain Denny comes out and gives his gate speech, which is met with applause by the passengers. We talked for a couple of moments, and that was that. Captain Denny gets back on the plane and boarding starts, at which point the gate agent pages me. “You want me to bump you?”

Now, I really wanted to fly with Captain Denny, but the fear in the back of my mind all day was my 8PM LAX-SFO flight, when I really needed the 11PM. I figured if I bumped I could be confirmed on the later flight risk free, so I agreed. I asked whether first class might be available on the next flight and he said “I’ll take care of you.” He makes a phone call and suggests I go on the nonstop flight to San Francisco.

I said “Well, I’m having dinner with the Captain in Los Angeles, though.” At that point his eyes popped out of their sockets, and he goes “huh???” Anyway, he didn’t believe me at first, so I asked him to ask Captain Denny when he closes out the flight, and also gave him chocolate to bring aboard for the crew. In the meantime the 80 standbys at the gate thought I was trying to bribe the gate agent.

Anyway, I’m TOTALLY bummed about having missed Captain Denny’s flight, but now I’m scheduled into LAX at 6:48PM, in time for dinner, and confirmed on the later flight LAX-SFO, meaning I’ll have a hassle free evening. Besides, I’ll get to fly with Captain Denny tomorrow (hopefully).

So, did I make the sane decision? Now looking online I’m VERY happy to have done this, since the late night LAX-SFO flight is nearly sold out, so the last thing I would have wanted is to get stuck. The real challenge is the fact that my ORD-LAX flight is also zeroed out. Hmmm…. 😉

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  1. Given that you’re flying with him tomorrow and that you needed to confirm the later flight, I think it’s acceptable. 😉

    Have fun at dinner (and don’t VDB your way out of that one… :))

  2. the gate agent said it best about you, ben, “what a life you must live.” 😉 hope you are enjoying your night!

  3. You’ve racked up so many vouchers lately, I would fly to LAX even if they do offer you another bump.

    Dinner will be fun.

  4. Seeing as the main reason I’m going to the dinner is to meet you and Matthew, you better show up.

    You have enough vouchers, buddy.

  5. The question is…when will Lucky meet THAT girl. You know, the one that will help him decide that he has enough vouchers. 🙂 You know it’s just a matter of time.

    Uh oh. What if he falls for a flight attendent?

    Have fun!

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