Did You Know That Saudia Has A Dress Code?

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Earlier a Twitter user made me aware of the following:

I’ve flown Saudia before, in both first class and business class, and had very different experiences. However, I wasn’t aware that they formally had a dress code, though I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Here it is:

SAUDIA is requesting from their guests to abide by a dress code where by they are not clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers.

For example*:

  • Women exposing legs or arms; or wearing too thin; or too tight clothes.
  • Men wearing shorts exposing legs.

Note: SAUDIA may refuse to transport passengers, or may remove passengers from the flight at any point for not complying with its dress code.

* including but not limited to.

None of this really comes as a surprise, though it is worth being aware of. It’s certainly a lot less strict than the “dress code” in the country itself, at least for women. If you’re traveling to the Kingdom you’d probably expect this, but for passengers traveling between two other countries and just transiting Saudi Arabia, it may come as a surprise that men can’t wear shorts and that women can’t expose their arms on the plane.

I do love how they say that they can remove you from the flight at any point. Change into shorts after takeoff? They’ll open the emergency exit and toss you out. Just kidding, of course. 😉

  1. I was denied boarding on a Saudia flight because I was wearing shorts (I’m a male). Luckily, I had a pair of pants in my carry-on.

  2. But come on, apart from the fact that banning shorts because of Arabian skinfobia is a bad idea, wearing shorts on a plane is actually a sign of unforgivable bad taste, isn’t it?

  3. They may not toss you out but you may have an non pleasant surprise once you land and someone not very friendly meets you at the plane. 🙁

  4. “Change into shorts after takeoff? They’ll open the emergency exit and toss you out.”
    You’re not so far from reality! if this was technically feasible, they would do it without batting an eye!

  5. Surprised….by wahhabist airline, run by a regime who has ZERO respect for any kind of human rights??? What can one expect???

  6. Americans tend to assume that the whole world works just like the US. But only the US gives people a constitutional right to bare arms.

  7. @ Chuck Lesker
    But only the US gives people a constitutional right to bare arms.
    Right , but not breasts!..

  8. It never ceases to amaze me, how others denigrate the customs / traditions of another country basing their views on the country where they live

  9. If they carry sleepwear in their first class cabins they could always make you them on to cover the offending skin.

  10. I don’t see why there’s all the OUTRAGE over this. Plenty of businesses have dress codes or do’s & dont’s for men and women.

    I don’t see the difference here.

  11. @Michael
    They are forcing their customs/traditions on others therefore, they deserve what they get.

  12. Women in repressed societies are the most kinky in bed. I think Saudi men are playing a smart game.

  13. Of all the airlines in the world I wouldn’t be seen dead on it’s this bunch of recalcitrants. I travel the world year round and fly 400,000 miles pa, I wear shorts. I don’t fly Saudia. Besides, I don’t like the way they treat women and homosexuals and Qatar, why would I give these assholes a single cent of my money.

  14. @Krabnov
    “wearing shorts on a plane is actually a sign of unforgivable bad taste, isn’t it?”
    why would wearing shorts on a plane be any worse, taste-wise, than wearing shorts on a bus or a train?
    And seriously – talking of bad taste, surely we can all agree that walking around the place in cheap-ish looking, airline branded pyjamas and slippers is not really the epitome of style and good taste.

  15. @Mike~ could you define “walking around the place” please? If you mean airline issued gear, on board, that’s unremarkable. If you mean walking around an aircraft in another carrier’s gear, well that’s OK too, especially in the other carrier is too mingy to give out their own. If you mean walking around an airport terminal, even if in transit, connecting, or waiting to re-board, well that’s tacky in the extreme, but I have seen it at LAX. If you mean in the privacy of one’s own home, that’s OK too, but not to the supermarket or Walmart. (I suspect there have been sightings at Walmart though!)

  16. Lol. Murican stupidity at its best!!! All the world MUST think like me, have the same value as me, otherwise I AM FREE to bash anything that is not in accordance to ME, since I’m murican. How can murican have this superior feeling while having the stupidest institution on earth, TSA????

  17. This is good information to know. It’s. It worth ruining a flight for failing to meet airline standards.

  18. This is good information to know. It’s. It worth ruining a flight for failing to meet airline and customer standards.

  19. All airlines should have a dress code against shorts. Leave your shorts on the beach or in your suitcase.

  20. It’s hilarious how some people are losing their shit over this almost trivial piece of information.

    Then you have the warriors who will never fly the airline and will never give them one penny.

    Seriously people, get a grip. It’s not like your economy ticket will make or break an airline that’s been around since 1945.

    Go ahead and fly United, just hope you don’t get beaten up and dragged off a plane for being Asian.

    Side note, I guess the whole “censoring your blog” thing was only intended for certain instances and no others.

  21. @Marco: What next mate? I know, let’s ban people with disabilities shall we? Let’s ban people who are homosexual? Let’s ban people who’s name ends in “O”. Get a grip.

    @Aziz: Sounds like you’re a prime candidate for recruitment.

    I assume you’re not a homosexual or a woman, so of course you would support these bloody bastards. Because if you were you’d either be in jail or be forced to cover up.

    Just as you find people wearing shorts offensive, I find men covered in white dresses and towels on their heads, not using deodorant, offensive.

  22. Shorts for men should be banned :
    – in aircrafts
    – in business lounges
    – in executive lounges in hotels (american in shorts and flip flop are just too many and pathetics).
    – in restaurant for dinner
    – in restaurant for lunch (except seaside)
    – in bars and night club.


  23. I was denied access to a Qantas business lounge in Sydney because I had my thongs on!

    I should explain to those overseas these are flip-flops in Australian.

    Realising I was BA gold I went to the Qantas first class lounge where I was admitted with thongs, and even told I could come in, cha-cha heels a transparent mumu and culottes while waving glow sticks, whatever goes in first!

    can’t wait for my next trip in first! 🙂

  24. Wondering why OMAAT not censoring the racist comments since the blog readers are from everywhere!

  25. agree lovetospendit.
    but tbh the worst thing to see (or hear) on holiday is bunch of americans. truly makes the heart sink.
    loud, obnoxious and ignorant… and these are the few that have a passport….

  26. Flown Saudia biz class Fco-Cgk last week and one guy was refused boarding if no provided long pants, ending buy a overcost pairs of sport pants in airport. So beware using this airline bcs rule valid for all.
    On Fco/Riyadh pilots clearly smoking in cockpit and crew member after lunch service sit in business class seats and looking movie together!!!! Crazy!!!

  27. Surely no-one over age 10, unless Daisy Duke or a professional sportsman, should wear shorts.

  28. Lucky, did Turkish Airlines recently devalue their award chart? Business limited capacity from Guangzhou to JFK used to be 67500, and now, wait for it, 135000, wtf?! Lol

  29. @Donald, my workplace is one of many that has a dress code. But we would never think of applying it to customers, clients, or vendors. Big difference.

  30. The amount of blatant racism tolerated in this comments section is alarming. Had the same amount of racism been targeted at a different group of people, things would be very different.

    Here’s an experiment, take everything that’s been said so far and imagine it being said about any other ethnic group and think about how you would feel about it.

    This is a new low for this blog that seems care more about readership and traffic than decency and respect.

  31. I never understood the problem people have with men wearing shorts? What’s the deal?

    I wear shorts on a plane, it tends to be more comfy when you’re on a overheated asian airline (like JAL, they always keep the temperature way up).

    Mind you, I also honestly don’t understand the dress code of restaurants in Hong Kong in summer that require men to wear trousers and shoes when it’s 35 degrees outside with 80% humidity. What’s the point of torturing yourself just because a group of people want to see everyone dressed up in the restaurants they go to.

  32. @aziz: Oh boo hoo hoo, Give yourself an almighty upper-cut snowflake. If you don’t like it, bugger off back to Saudia. You’re a goose. Quack, Quack, Quack

  33. @lovetospendit seems to be a Saudi misogynist.
    euh… not at all. But i like when people are elegant and respect the place where they are, people working there and other guest.
    I always complain when someone is with shorts or tongs in an executive lounge because it’s not appropriate.
    The same with people no wearing t-shirt in summer in restaurant or bar.
    Sorry, it’s nothing about religion it’s about respect, etiquette and savoir vivre… missing those days and should be nice people make some efforts.

  34. @TheRealBabushka I agree with you, really, Saudia in Skyteam? Between them and Delta, what hope has Skyteam got. Air France seem to be holding it together.

  35. @Aziz, what racists comments have you seen here? Noone is criticizing Muslims or Arabs. They are criticizing the restrictive laws in Saudi Arabia.

    I have worn shorts on the plane and in executive lounges. Why is it not acceptable? Do I need to wear my 7k Armani suit in the lounge or in First/Business class because everyone is rich, possibly a VIP and I need to conform to the expectations of others.

  36. “When in Rome” – I try to err on the conservative side of dress when I travel and if it’s a long-haul change once onboard only prior to sleeping.

    I have not had any issues changing into shorts while onboard Saudia.

    Once the airline is consistently competitive with the ME3 onboard and on the ground I’m pretty sure a lot of the people here will try it.

  37. Babuska, anything associated with Saudi Arabia or other middle eastern countries like Qatar etc which kill people because of who they love, or beat them for leaving the house without a man, will be lowered because of that. No one should fly with ME airlines, or to the ME, even Ben. He said he draws the line at North Korea because of their human rights abuse, but still travels to the ME and funds the regimes of attrocities.

  38. @JH Get a grip dude. Or in your case, get you hand off it. This is a travel blog. Give yourself an upper cut mate.

  39. @Aziz, the only negative comments are aimed at The Kingdom of Darkness, not its people. So get over yourself!

  40. jh,

    I don’t really care what another country or government does to its people, and that won;t stop me going somewhere.

    But a dry airline? No way.

  41. @Shay when did you fly? I fly Saudia often (born and raised in Riyadh) and never heard about the dress code. Apparently it’s a new thing that’s just been happening for the past week or so. From what I’ve heard, it’s probably gonna be scrapped, but with Saudia you never know…

  42. The world is bigger than the USA and its view on what is acceptable. I am gay and out of respect for Saudi laws I choose not to fly their airline or enter their country, indeed I would not holiday in any Arab country because it would not be comfortable for me and my husband. But that is ok – the point is it is their choice of laws, rules and customs – it is not for the West to impose Western ideas.

  43. I actually don’t have a problem with their dress code. It’s clear and (mostly) reasonable. I’m all for women being able to bare arms, but otherwise, I wish we had this on US carriers. It *USED* to be this way on US carriers, not that most of the readers on this blog would know that.

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