Saudi Arabia Suspending International Flights

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We’re seeing an increasing number of countries close borders in light of the current situation. Earlier I wrote about how LOT Polish Airlines is suspending all flights for a period of at least 10 days, and they’re not alone.

Saudi Arabia shutting down for 14 days

Saudi Arabia has announced that they will be suspending all international flights for a period of two weeks, starting tomorrow, Sunday, March 15, 2020, at 11AM.

As it’s described, this is a preventive and precautionary measure recommended by health authorities, as part of efforts to control COVID-19. Aside from some “exceptional cases,” the country will be banning all international flights.

Those exceptional cases include flights that will bring home Saudi nationals who may be stuck elsewhere in the world. Those passengers would then be subjected to a quarantine period.

Saudi Arabia only recently started issuing tourist visas, and those have been suspended now as well.

Saudia 777-300ER

Saudia still selling flights

This policy isn’t specific to one airline, but rather to all international traffic to the country. As of now Saudia is continuing to sell international flights to & from Saudi Arabia over the next several weeks, though I imagine that will change soon.

Domestic flights are expected to continue operating within Saudi Arabia, though presumably with reduced frequencies.

Saudia operates a fleet of nearly 150 planes, over half of which are wide bodies. As far as US destinations go, the airline flies to Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, and naturally all of those flights are suspended as well.

Saudia 777-300ER business class

Bottom line

Global aviation really is coming to a standstill, as we’re increasingly seeing countries close borders. While most countries seem to be adding restrictions for about two weeks, it’s anyone’s guess how long this will actually last, given that it’s a developing situation.

  1. Currently in Saudi with my partner and we are having a fabulos time. The food is delicious and so are the men. In fact everyone is lovely. Steve and I have been taken in by a gorgeous single Saudi man in his 40s and let’s just say he is looking after us very well.
    My buttocks is sore for days.

  2. thanks for sharing this Ben! please remove all the racist\anti-semitic Saudi Arabian ethnicity comments like you do when you defend other races

    Thanks, your biggest fan

  3. Not sure how relevant this post is now that many other countries have taken similar measures.

    I’m just glad they also restricted access to the holy mosques, that could’ve been a true disaster if they hadn’t, all these people returning to their respective countries would’ve had massive impact on a global scale.

  4. What i need to do my flight is march 19 ang my expiration date of my re entry visa is 20 what we gonna do now

  5. Dear Alex.
    My wife and many others are in the exact same situation. I believe you will be able to extend a tourist visa by 14 days. But you do it at a immigration office Which are all CLOSED ! The saudi government when back to work will sort something out as they know the situation. Maybe try the airport ?

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