Video: The Sassiest Southwest Safety Demonstration You’ll Ever See

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Southwest is known for having employees with a bit of personality. I mean, how can you not have fun when you work for a company that produced this video?

Over the years we’ve seen quite a few videos go viral of Southwest employees for their “performances” over the PA and during safety demonstrations.

For example, there’s this guy, who rapped his announcements:

Or this guy, who made his announcements in a Bugs Bunny voice:

Or this lady, who had a laugh-out-loud funny safety demonstration:

Or this odd pair of guys:

Or this character:

Well, at this point I thought I had seen just about everything. Nope. Apparently I hadn’t yet seen Southwest’s sassiest flight attendant, as a video has emerged of him over the past few days. This guy is amazing, or something. I’ve never seen anything quite like this:

What a guy!

  1. I’ll never forget the SW male flight attendant who, after the door opened at our gate at LGA, made this PA announcement in the most deadpan voice possible: “Get out.” Imagine that’s probably the FA internal monologue at the end of most flights.

  2. It’s unprofessional, undermines passenger confidence in the seriousness of the crew in focusing on passenger safety and, perhaps most importantly, is extremely stupid.

    Thank you for reminding me why I hate American carriers and Southwest in particular.

  3. Have you noticed the large amount of cranky people who comment on this blog? Their whining includes these people who are bringing a bit of levity to the day are either incompetent, not doing their job, unprofessional etc.
    Wouldn’t they be such a joy to sit next to on a flight?
    The reactions of the passengers in all the videos speaks volumes! Debit and c are always crabby and Michael Bradley, perhaps you can start a self help group and the three of you can all hold hands!

  4. Perhaps I should have provided more context, Annek, rather than generalizing.

    For those of us who are (or regularly travel with) survivors of plane crashes, this sort of thing makes a journey much more difficult. The professionalism of cabin crews means I have an easier time dealing with my mother’s (and my own) anxiety when we/ I’m traveling abroad than when I’m flying domestically.

  5. Have you noticed the large amount of imbecilic, childlike, people who comment on this blog?

    That performance is cringe-worthy, unprofessional and the opposite of hilarious. You know what the last thing I want from my flight attendants is…. sassy. Sassy grows older very quickly. It reminds me of my last Southwest flight that landed in Atlanta at 10:30 PM and we proceeded to wait 55 minutes for a gate (no weather problems). Meanwhile, the flight attendant took that time to subject the pax to her Henry Youngman comedy routine. Pure hell. The main reason I ceased flying Southwest.

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