The Sassiest American Airlines Flight Attendant Ever

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Ford and I were going somewhat stir-crazy at home in Miami. We had both been at home for a while, and the weather wasn’t nice, so we decided yesterday morning we were going to go somewhere.

Flying from Miami to Cancun on a 767…

Four hours later we were on a flight to Cancun. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I managed to get us both confirmed upgrades same day on American Airlines, and also managed to use a Hyatt confirmed suite upgrade to get a suite. Not bad for same day travel, eh?

Anyway, I can’t help but briefly talk about the flight attendant we had from Miami to Cancun, who was… sassy AF (and I’m not talking about Air France).

The 82 minute flight from Miami to Cancun was operated by a Boeing 767, so we got upgrades to flat bed seats, which is pretty cool. In business class service is limited to drinks and a snack basket, so about 30 minutes after takeoff, the flight attendant came through the cabin with the snack basket.

“Yes girl”

The flight attendant stopped at the seat next to Ford and diagonally across from mine, and the passenger proceeded to basically pick each individual item out of the snack basket, look at the label, etc., and then put it back.

The flight attendant’s response?

“Yes girl.”

At first I was confused by who she was talking to, but then it became pretty clear.

“Yes girl, touch all of it.”
“Yes girl, touch every last one.”
“Yes girl, see what’s in that basket.”
“Yes girl, touch every last thing in that basket.”

A couple of points of clarification:

  • The passenger was a middle aged woman (so not a child/”girl”)
  • The flight attendant wasn’t a sassy gay who had been watching too much RuPaul’s Drag Race, but a middle aged woman (maybe she still watches too much RuPaul’s Drag Race?)

“I don’t have time to get sick”

The next time the flight attendant passed through the cabin with the snack basket she proclaimed to a portion of the cabin:

“I got kids at home and I don’t have time to get sick. Everyone is sick right now, and I simply don’t have time for it. If you have questions about the snack basket you ask me, I know what’s in there, you don’t have to touch everything.”

At this point the “girl” realized she was referring to her, and proceeded to apologize to the flight attendant for having taken everything out of the basket.

I actually liked the flight attendant, though!

Here’s the thing — the flight attendant’s actions are indisputably unprofessional. I can’t imagine mocking an adult passenger and calling them “girl” repeatedly.

But I actually sort of loved this flight attendant as far as American Airlines flight attendants go. She cared and seemed to enjoy her job, and was otherwise really friendly. Even though it was a short flight she offered multiple drink refills, and was even proactive about it — “what else can I get you to drink?” She even offered pre-departure drinks of choice.

She was smiling, she was polite (mostly), and she was a big personality. Heck, perhaps most impressive is that she said “yes girl” to a passenger five times, and the passenger didn’t hold it against her.

As much as this is outrageously unprofessional, I’ll take her any day over the indifferent flight attendants I had on a Dallas to Hong Kong flight, who showed zero personality.

  1. Not in agreement for either your Cancun or HKG flights. If I was that lady I would have given the F/A a taste of her own passive/aggressive. “Good, so next time you can tell me what’s in the basket and place it on my tray.”

    What ever happened to polished, professional, and proactive?

  2. She can do it because she’s black. This post tries so hard to be colorblind which is pretty telling, and I’ve read this blog long enough to know that if a white FA talked like that Ben would be roasting her for it. In any case, all the woke companies understand that employing members of a protected group is far more important to the bottom line than archaic standards like “professionalism” lmao. Yassss girl, tell it like it is!

  3. @David – Spot on!

    @Kenan – Sad that you feel the need to resort to personally attacking another commenter rather than discussing the topic at hand, but if it makes you feel better…

  4. So the person who looked at the labels could have any number of health conditions that this flight attendant is not trained to understand. Calling somebody out for looking at the labels is embarrassing, uncaring, and potentially discriminatory. The flight attendant is completely in the wrong.

  5. I’d love to take a spur of the moment trip, but how do you find someone to watch your dog on four hours notice?

  6. Wow…..race card right out of the comment chute…..AMAZING how you people jump on the bandwagon
    Trump 2020

  7. @ Duane — I have an awesome mother in law who lives just 75 minutes away and was happy to come and dog sit. 🙂

  8. E: You make the point EXACTLY that the “person who looked at the labels could have any number of health conditions” including Corona Virus, ebola or just common scabies. The flight attendant was only wrong for allowing the behavior to continue.

  9. I think this is fine. Just because you work in customer service doesnt mean you have to accept obnoxious behaviour. Most people learned as a little child not to touch everything, especially not food items. The customer lacked education and I thought the way this was addressed was cheerful.

  10. @Lucky that’s my stomping grounds where’d you stay? Thompson? Grand Hyatt PDC? Do we get a hotel review?

  11. There is no need to consider this behavior “unprofessional”. This is being true and honest. I wish everyone has the chance to show some personality.

  12. Recently moving from LA to the Gulf Coast It seems that the Caribbean and Mexico are a hop skip away. As a solo traveler I’m just not the type to take a vacation and sit on a beach. Just spoke to some people who got back from Mexico and said the weather is good.
    I’ve seen some deals on hotels in September but the 10 day forecast is rain.

  13. Jeffrey, you are so right!
    The flight attendant’s only lack of judgememt as I see it is allowing the entitled attitude to go on for so long. My goodness, if I’m allergic to something, I’ll make sure to pack my own snacks from home and won’t touch any in-flight snack basket with a 10-foot pole!
    As a black woman who fly frequently, I know your typical flight attendant with their noses in the air won’t ever allow me to do what this lady did. So actually, the “yes gurl” FA was pretty tolerant. And to the imbecile who commented above about companies being “woke ” now, maybe it’s time for the “woke-ness”. The other side has been enjoying the entitlements a little too long!

  14. Your comment about a “sassy gay,” is borderline homophobic and incredibly unprofessional. You’re better than that.

  15. @ Arthur Jason — I’m sorry you feel that way. To be clear, I identify as a sassy gay who watches too much RPDR.

  16. It’s not like the things in the snack tray weren’t wrapped! FAs deal with dirty drinkware and napkins. What’s next, nobody touch the lav door or your seatback IFE?

    People touch things everywhere. I’m not going to get all upset about someone touching a wrapped cookie and putting it back.

  17. From what I am reading here, her tone, attitude and choice of words were wrong, in this situation.
    And should not be tolerated!
    If (some) Affrican Americans want to talk like this, when appropriate, usually to each other, then fine. It should not be allowed in a professional setting this “Elderly” woman not only paid a lot of money for her trip but expected to be treated well. American Airlines needs to be training their employees Customer Service Care and Assertive training. Rudeness and Disrespect is not o.k. She could of done her job and politely suggested the passengers could ask about the products or quietly spoken to the “Elderly” individual. Incidentally Elder people are also a protected class of citizens…

  18. I see stuff on AA F Class snack trays that I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world. They’re not exactly mainstream snacks and the actual food item is hard to discern from a glimpse of the packaging. I understand where the FA is coming from but I also appreciate that the passenger has a point as well. If you want to see a biohazard rich environment, go into the lounges and check out the action at the buffet tables.

  19. Having read the comments I hope there was popcorn available from those baskets as I could’ve done with some reading the comments above

    Lucky pointed out it wasn’t exactly professional but the whole article was, imho, a bit of FUN.

    Also I’d invite all those who complained about X or Y to then re read their own comments as personally I saw a lot of ppl saying ‘you can’t do/ say X’ then being guilty of saying something of the same ilk themselves.

    CHILL OUT PPL, learn to laugh again. It’ll make you feel much better than getting triggered by something that was clearly written tongue-in-cheek.
    Have a lovely Saturday EVERYONE ( or whatever day you’re reading this on)

  20. @Carol

    How do you know if she was or wasn’t African American? You and David and Buck must have so much fun at your Klan meetings.

  21. @Joy Rolling my eyes at your performative victimhood. It’s getting old. If a flight attendant were to mock you for picking through the basket their behavior would be just as wrong as the one in this post. There are far better ways this could have been handled

  22. A passenger clearly having some kind of difficulty in choosing from a snack basket could be suffering from anxiety, concerned about food allergies, have a medicak condition, or simply beobnoxious. Lots of possibilities.

    A service professional might have inquired. “You seem to be having some difficulty with the snack basket. Can I help with that?”

    But not Miss Sassy. She addresses an adult woman as “girl” and then further belittles the passenger publicly.

    I’m not surprised that the passenger seemed to accept it. Many people with disabilities and equally many “middle aged” women have grown so used to disrespect disguised as humor and from experience know that objecting to it only worsens the bullying. Her acceptance does not imply that she found it all good fun.

    The flight attendant seems more like an uncouth bully, regardless of the passenger’s motivation, and should consider an attitude or a career change.

    It’s wrong of you to pile on the mockery.

    And seriously, a “snack basket” in First Class?

  23. @Carol

    I couldn’t find any prior use of the word “elderly” above. Are you deliberately confusing “middle aged” with “elderly” to make a passive aggressive rhetorical point?

    @Francois Lukawecki

    Another passive aggressive comment – nowhere does Ben dismiss someone as “a gay”. Are you slurring Ben down in the comments because you think we can’t read the posting above?

    Who’s the sock puppet here, @Carol or @Francois Lukawecki?

  24. And now people are going to complain about touching packaged products. It’s one thing to touch non packaged items like muffins, doughnuts (not donuts) and put them back in the tray. What makes one so sure those same packaged items didn’t fall off a cart in the galley and were then simply put back into the basket. With this level of paranoia how do these same people leave their homes. Just a sad state to be in.

    Strange just recently there was a comment on another thread if you and Ford broke up. Of course you have mentioned about your upcoming trips with him and then this morning there is a post of you two jet setting off somewhere. Almost like a look we are still together confirmation 🙂 (Haven’t had any posts or mention of Ford otherwise in a long time).

  25. Can’t believe I read this, looking for a story and (just like the “girl”), searching, and finding nothing of any worth in the basket.
    It’s how some people speak in the south. It’s the way it is. Sarcasm sometimes happens and is preferable to confrontation. The FA had a point (not just for her and her kids), but the other pax. Look for your “business class” bag of pretzels, take it and enjoy.
    Could do with editing this btw so you’re not allowing AA the ability to read this figure out which flight this was and which FA. Nonsense story.

  26. Pre-departure drinks of choice on a 767!? I take the MIA-PHL 767 flights often and it’s always the tray with just a choice of orange juice or water.

  27. As a casual flier, I spend my money wisely and use my miiles for freebies when possible. FA on any airline should really act professional at all times. The demographic area of the country shouldn’t be a problem, as well as the ethnic background. However, anyone working any customer service related position, should never revert to any ” slang or ghetto language” dealing with the public, while at work. Whether with customers or your co – workers, it shouldn’t bu used or tolerated by the company at all!! As far as the passenger just going through everything, ” that’s a no no”!! Just let them know what is available and hand it to them. Smile and be polite, ( it doesn’t take away from your paycheck). If you’re only working for the pay and perks and hate the job, then you are in the wrong business and job.

  28. ” Slang or Ghetto language should never be tolerated in the workplace, no matter the demographic area of the world you come from. Plus, FA’s are being paid for a job or service. So, be nice and not rude, unless someone displays rudeness to you.

  29. I was waiting in line for the breakfast buffet (my first mistake) on a cruise and the young woman in front of me picked up every single banana in the basket and examined it before she chose one. I wanted to smack her silly, but I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

  30. @ Bill : How would you feel if your daughter gets grabbed by the pussy by an older man like TRUMP because you set the precedent that it is ok.

    Low life.

  31. Have people never met a person with severe food allergy? I know people who are severely allergic to peanuts would look VERY carefully at all the food packaging to make sure they’re not going to die from it. And no, you don’t just “ask the flight attendant” and hope their information is correct, and you don’t end up dying.

  32. I’m so disappointed – you could really have used a word other than “sassy” – it’s deeply racist, homophobic, and derogatory – shame on you as a gay man – you playing your white male privilege card takes away any integrity you’ve brought to the table in the past – I’m saying this as a white gay man

  33. If a passenger had paid for a Business Class or First Class fare for that flight, they should’ve got the full basket, not the choice of one selection. That seat price is really money down the drain for a 40 minute flight, even for a wealthy person, which I’m sure you’re not.

  34. To answer the question of how do you know the FA was black, Lucky stated a “sassy AF, and I don’t mean Air France”. AF would be African Female, not exactly rocket science to figure that one out. And Kenan, nice reference in regards to David being in the Klan when all he did was point out the truth. Anytime a black person is called out for bad behavior the person doing the pointing is automatically Considered a racist by the extreme left. There is a right way to conduct yourself in a professional manner and a wrong way. And I’m not even saying the FA was wrong as I was not there to hear the way in which it was said, but strictly from the text you do not speak to people that way. She could have stopped the lady after the first snack was put back and let her know she could tell her what the snacks were. For all the people who thought the customer was wrong for grabbing the snacks for fear of germs y’all are nuts. Your on an airplane, there is nothing but germs all around you. And the snacks were in wrappers. It’s like going into a 7 eleven and grabbing a candy bar and then seeing one you want more and putting the first one back. Normal practice. If you’re that concerned about germs stay home and live in a plastic bubble. Y’all need to lighten up and try to enjoy this life. If not feel free to jump out of the airplane next time without a chute.

  35. I’ve had my strong New England accent mocked twice in 40 years of flying, and both times its been on America. “So you’d like a cup of caaw-fee, would ya”.

  36. I agree with Ben. I’d much rather have a flight attendant like this one over the usual indifferent snarky ones at AA, or one of the usual DL “Stepford Wives.”

  37. Let me guess, the flight attendant’s name was Sheenaynay. I would’ve put her in her place if I overheard her talking to an elderly woman like that. But this reviewer just turns a blind eye because the FA is black. This reviewer needs to get a personality. Soooo sad

  38. For Gods sake people the food is in a package and has probably been touched multiple other times by airline and catering staff. Simply use hand sanitizer which I always have on my person before opening the packages!

  39. Did the FA wear gloves? Did she disinfect each individual snack before putting them in the basket?

    I always refuse ice in my drinks because I have observed FAs drop the ice back on the floor or other hard, nasty surfaces, then use their bare hands to put the ice in the bucket.

    Lemon rinds are full of E. coli and salmonella, yet FAs handle them and drop them in drinks.

    FAs touch microphones, knobs, latches, doors and seats. We should be more worried about FAs getting us sick than about fellow passengers touching sealed snacks.

  40. Okay Let’s all get serious and honest about what’s going on here. “Yes Girl” is not appropriate verbal communication between a FA and paying customer whether white black yellow green whatever. It’s disrespectful. Also if the idiot passenger wants to touch everything in that snack basket so be it they paid for ticket. The proper answer would have been for that FA to ask the pax what they were looking for or move on to next pax with basket. As for the FA using “Yes Girl” how about when her father is flying non rev the FA at the boarding door greet him with “What’s Up Dude or What’s Shakin Man”. I bet that FA would be embarrassed beyond belief. Always treat others as you want to be treated. Common sense curtesy and professionalism is the only answer. Works for Delta!!!!

  41. a sassy gay who had been watching too much RuPaul’s Drag Race, but a middle aged woman (maybe she still watches too much RuPaul’s Drag Race?)

    This is bigoted. “A sassy gay”…. I identify as gay, not a “gay.” The word “sassy” is rife with homophobic connotation. This is offensive.

  42. Surge –

    The thing that’s racist is you weirdly assuming the FA was black. And before you assume anything else, FA stands for flight attendant.

    It was also pretty uncomfortable for me to read the “not a sassy gay man” comment, because while I’m a F*Hag (go ahead and google it, Surge), I don’t think it helps the cause to link stereotypical behaviors or language to gay men, even if your FA is Langanga Estranga, HUNTY. On a whole, implying anyone should be code switching to be professional instead of speaking in their own voice…not great. I don’t think an FA who uses “y’all” is rude, and I don’t really like it when they call me ma’am, cuz I for sure look young enough to be a miss. I’d even be okay with being referred to as “dude” or “dude-ette” on a flight out of Long Beach. They can call me anything they wanna as long as it’s not late for free drinks.

    This was, by far, not the sassiest FA I’ve seen. The sassiest one I’ve seen looked into my eyes, searched my soul, and recognized that I also hated Doug Parker, then spent the entire flight reading him. Sassy doesn’t have to mean rude or unprofessional, it just means lively and bold.

  43. Myself &My Husband just came back from a trip we flew American Airlines That Flight Attendant was on the Same plane She is so ignorant Rude I have Nothing good to say about her I wrote to AA to Let them know how rude she was An Elderly Lady asked her for a cup of coffee The FA told her to wait her turn when she got there she will get it She needs to Seek another job possibly picking Apples Very Rude Bitch.

  44. @Surge – you’re equally an idiotic just like the others your chastising. AF doesn’t mean African female. It means As F&$k

  45. @ david — Allow me to quote your comment in full before responding, so everyone can appreciate it:
    “She can do it because she’s black. This post tries so hard to be colorblind which is pretty telling, and I’ve read this blog long enough to know that if a white FA talked like that Ben would be roasting her for it. In any case, all the woke companies understand that employing members of a protected group is far more important to the bottom line than archaic standards like “professionalism” lmao. Yassss girl, tell it like it is!”

    Since you brought color into this, let me clarify that the flight attendant was… white.

  46. @Lucky

    Love the reply to silly @David who made such a comment with zero knowledge!!!!!

    I hope he feels like the fool he is.

  47. @Leigh, the thing with these MAGA types like @David, is that they don’t care if they are wrong. They wallow in their ignorance.

  48. Do the people calling Ben homophobic not realize that Ben is a married gay man? Or are they being thick on purpose

  49. I’m sorry, but the way AA does this snack basket thing in first/business class is just unhelpful. “Here is a basket of bespoke snacks that you’ve never seen before arranged in such a way that you can’t see the label. Pick one.” Yes, I feel awkward while the FA is standing there and I’m gently ruffling through to try to find something I want knowing they are thinking, “WTF dude. I don’t care if you don’t know what a saffron spiced patagonia clam stalk snack pack is – grab something! ” Just give me the damn cookies already…

  50. @CST
    Be careful, those rolling eyes may just fall out of your head.

    And to all the imbeciles talking about the ghetto
    flight attendant, and woke companies; what do you know!
    Our ‘yes gurl’ is white.
    I love it!!!

  51. Why are the flight attendants on DFW-HKG so horrible?
    Literally never seen such a consistent bag of rude rejects

  52. The passenger that touched everybody else’s food items was flat out disgusting. Is that what she does in the market as well. Some people really do need to be asked to get some manners, whether by a Flight Attendant or those sitting nearby observing it all.

  53. I had the Sassy Gay on a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco. I paid $40 to sit near an exit seat but AA boarded me in group nine. Predictably the backpack I brought only fit in a tiny space under a different seat. A water bottle I had on a side pocket burst open and some water spilled on the carpet. As I knelt, struggling to pick up and recap the bottle, during the boarding process, I heard “Great!” over my head. It was the Sassy Gay, a tall man in his early fifties, visibly flustered that water has spilled on the carpet. He left and quickly returned with paper towels that he threw on the damp spot. I sat in my chair, still clutching the medium sized bottle and watching him stomp on the paper towels along with all the passengers who had not yet reached their seats. I asked if he could please take the bottle with him (since he was obviously going to get rid of the damp paper towels) and he said out loud, “you hold on to that bottle,” while walking away. A minute later another FA kindly took it off my hands. He must have seen my embarrassed face. It was then that I realized I was sitting on the wrong seat, so much attention had this whole little episode garnered.

  54. Deal with people who are rude, demanding, gross, crazy and disruptive all day in a flying bus and you may become sassy,too. No job where one has to serve the public is pleasant. You idiots know who you are that makes their jobs a nightmare.

  55. I love the “white girl reveal” and all, but I think there was another detail missed in this post.

    “Ford and I were going somewhat stir-crazy at home in MiamI…”

    As far as I can tell, you flew MNL-YYZ on 1/29. Probably didn’t get home until 1/31, perhaps 1/30. And now after just barely 3 weeks home you’re stir crazy?

    It’s that restlessness that belies your dedication to the spirit of this blog. And if you’re going to write a post that celebrates a sassiness that may be off topic, would you ever consider a post that takes a moment to reflect, and generate reflection, on exactly what kind of privilege you (and others of your ilk) enjoy?

  56. That’s gross that the person touched all those snacks but it’s not the end of the world. A 82 minute flight to Cancun for vacation , cruise , or spring break. Lighten up people.
    It’s not like a spirit airlines flight where tea flight attendant gets on the PA to announce we are 45 minutes out and it’s time to apply for a Spirit Airlines credit card. Bitc$h you ain’t the pilot don’t tell us we began our decent.

  57. A fundamental misuse of ‘sassy’. Nothing whatsoever to do with ‘sass’ , EVERYTHING to do with being a rude and inappropriate cow, regardless of her race. It is disconcerting that so many in the gay subculture seem unable to make the distinction, often equating rudeness with something admirable.

  58. @Bill, I’m going to tell you the same thing I say to anyone that calls black people “you people” We can’t play a card that wasn’t dealt! You and your elk stop dealing it and we won’t play it!

    anyone but that person 2020!

  59. This might be the best and worst comment thread, ever. It should be one of the first results on Google when you look up “jumping to conclusions.”

    We have one guy assume the FA was black even though she’s white. Another assumed the popular abbreviation “AF” meant African Female and that’s not even close. Another assumed Lucky must be homophobic even though he himself is gay. Someone else assumes Lucky isn’t wealthy… classic! I’m sure I’m missing something.

  60. @ Jw — Isn’t assuming someone is black just because they’re referred to as “sassy” kinda racist?

  61. Jesus Fucking Christ…the snacks were packaged and had been handled by multitudes of people prior to the passenger in question. Her germs were just some of many that were already there and hers wouldn’t be the last. If you’re truly outraged by someone handling your prepackaged food items, then I have some horror stories for you, and you’d be best served not to leave the house. Ever.

    Further, the FA wasn’t sassy; she was an asshole. Calling someone “sassy” is a way to dress up the truth and rationalize it. Just like with “sassy gays” – being a snarky jerk isn’t a personality. And neither is being “sassy”. The FA was unprofessional in her words to the passenger and even more so in her words over the PA.

    And anyone who gives Mean Girl-esque gays a pass is also an asshole and complicit in their BS. And I say that as a gay man who’s tired of “sassy gays” being allowed by gays and straights alike, to be allowed to be judgmental assholes because they’re given a “sassy” pass. It takes just as much effort to be a nice/professional person as it does to be a dick.

  62. The FAs on the Dallas to Hong Kong flight you mentioned would’ve been less likely to offend anyone with their bland attitude, and hence less likely to stir up a controversy. With this FA? Some people are bound to get offended and start a storm on twitter.

  63. Seems like the passenger was being mocked for their indecision. Maybe they were okay with it, or maybe they were so embarrassed that they pretended to be okay with it. But customers shouldn’t be put in that position.

  64. I would have thought that in Business or First there would be a small basket with the entire variety of snacks given to each customer. Are the airlines struggling with cash flow and profitability that much in Business and First? Is it just the USofA based airlines? Are Business and First soon to be offered only the pretzel variety of snacks(nuggets or twists) that Second/Economy/Coach/Steerage classes are offered? What about beverages? Will that be reduced to ambient temperature bottled water without bubbles or ambient temperature bottled water with bubbles?

  65. That FA was definitely unprofessional. It’s one thing to use more appropriate slang like “y’all”… Most of the people I’ve worked with based out of DFW/DAL/HOU during my years and airlines have said that at some point. I know I’ve said it. I know I’ve even said things like “fixin’ to” and who knows what else. It’s another thing to start saying “girl” to a customer, especially with sass. Even if that FA knew that woman personally, it’s poor optics to use language like that and in a sassy tone in an environment where up to 208 pax can see you.

    Was the pax wrong, maybe a slight bit… maybe not… She could have a legitimate dietary reason to look at nutrition labels. I think it’s inappropriate to say that someone should bring their own food and not select anything from what’s included in the service standard the pax paid for (whether via money, points, or loyalty) if they really want airplane food for some reason. She may have hypertension and may need reduced sodium, perhaps some cholesterol/triglyceride issues needing reduced fats, diabetes requiring reduced carbohydrates/sugars, allergies, a preference not to eat certain ingredients, and the list goes on. Sure, she’d probably find healthier food in the terminal or from home (probably none of the food I’ve seen catered onboard is ideal for anyone with conditions). But, at the end of the day, I’m not going to comment on people’s dietary habits and needs.

    Also, I’d personally be more worried with what’s lurking on seat belt buckles, tray tablets, arm rests, the safety information card, the overhead bin door/latch, the floor that touches your personal item under the seat in front of you, the window shades, etc. than someone fiddling through the entire basket of snacks. I’d also be more worried with the conveyer belt at security, the self check-in kiosks, the check-in counters, etc. They clean that stuff regularly, but it’s not like people stand there wiping all of those things after each person. And, I’ll tell you that not too many people wash or sanitize their hands before eating. Even fewer people wipe down their seating area with a disinfecting wipe. And, food is not catered to the airplane in hermetically-sealed packaging. The galleys aren’t disinfected like some kitchen after every service.

  66. From the author to every commenter, what a bunch of crybabies. You’re all so weak, as humans, how are you not embarrassed to write articles and comments like this? For many people the world is full of such tangible hardships and trials, yet all of your lives mean absolutely nothing and revolve around petty grievances, like flies on shit. Get a personality. Get some purpose. The next thing you write should matter to this world.

  67. To all of you accusing me of being in the Klan, I’m actually black. Maybe making sense is racist now. Go ahead, won’t be the first time in my life I’ve been labeled an UT, doubt it’ll be the last.


    Please report her for cultural appropriation. This was funny when I thought she was black, not so much anymore.

  68. @david

    Online trolls and racists usually claim the ethnicity/nationality/sexuality of the person they are going after as a way try and shield their comments. Sorry, we’re not buying it.

  69. This is such click bait and such a bad take. The fact that you give her a pass for her disrespectful attitude is simply baffling and takes away any merit you have had with past complaints.

  70. Like everything else, we all will never agree on the same thing. But we all are entitled to our own thoughts and comments. So my comment is that the passenger should of asked what choices she had before touching everything.

  71. Great article! The folks telling you what’s politically correct are wrong. What you wrote was enjoyable and worth reading Thank you.

  72. As a longtime AA flyer, who is lifetime PLT (not that this means much anymore) & EXP for too many years to remember, I thought I would add my two cents. For quite some time my former partner & I flew LAX-HNL on a regular basis – back when AA was flying the DC10’s and 767s. We got to know the FAs quite well & we’re talking old school flight attendants who were the epitome of professionalism, particularly up front. One in particular, Joyce who was almost always the purser on the flights we were on always greeted us with “alright boys, you know the drill, whaddya want?” Rather than find it offensive we found it to be a term of endearment. Of course, unless she knew the passengers, she referred to people by Mr. & Ms., but we truly miss her sassy attitude & acknowledging those of us for whom she made the trip special. Today, one is lucky to be acknowledged, and I had one of my worst flights last year returning from LHR. I was in First & the purser was surley, served the wrong wine, wrong appetizer & had people make up their own beds. So much for service – give me sassy anyday.

  73. I agree that the FAs behavior was inappropriate when dealing with the passenger’s ghastly behavior. However, I understand it and I’d have had to stick my head in my purse to stifle laughter. Unfortunately, the more comfortable the FA becomes with her mouthiness & the more she gets away with, the more likely she will be to seriously cross the line. Someday she’ll offend the wrong passenger and lose her job. Hopefully not her teeth, too.

  74. I’m all for the FA. People have no manners, no thoughts for other people just themselves. Client is always right. Well tough! The client isn’t always right.

    That lady’s behavior was appalling. Period.

    Maybe she could just ask, next time? Instead of putting the FA in front of a fait accompli of epic fail proportions.

    Learn to live. Learn manners. Learn to live with others.

  75. @Jean Francois Rochon:

    So manners only apply in one direction? Interesting. Speaks volumes as to your manners and upbringing.

  76. It’s fascinating how many of you are so scared of germs that you’re upset at the idea someone has touched the packet before you!

    How on earth do you cope in day-to-day life? You do know almost everything you buy pre-wrapped has been handled by at least one person and is not stored in a sterile environment?

  77. Sheesh. Its prepackaged food. Do all of you who are against touching pre packaged food ever by such food in your daily life?
    If yes, do you check all packaging for germ infestation?
    Stupid stupid stupid first world problems

  78. Seriously @Surge – Bahahaha!! “To answer the question of how do you know the FA was black, Lucky stated a “sassy AF, and I don’t mean Air France”. AF would be African Female, not exactly rocket science to figure that one out.” Definitely NOT rocket science! LOL!!

    Ben – I’m actually surprised you continue to write these articles. The majority of replies attack you and what you say. I for one enjoy reading your opinions and don’t feel the need to comment negatively on everything you say! Carry on…

  79. As usual, I dont know how Trump was involved in this or MAGA but leave it up to an biased idiot to throw this unrelated statement into the conversation. And as an added note, I am a f/a.

  80. I’m glad the FA brought this to her attention. I’ve watched several flight reviews and have seen a few where the reviewer decides to show the first or business class bathrooms and touches all the amenties and leaves them or they show the self service snack bar and rummage through everything. People need to have consideration for others.

  81. Thanks for another entertaining article. Looks like the outrage police are out in full force.

    Sounds like the FA showing a sense of humor when dealing with an OCD passenger.

    Not the most professional choice of greeting but certainly not a reason to get your panties in a bunch. Touching all the packages while a bit odd isn’t a big deal either just a bit wierd.

  82. Is nobody going to ask why this guy feels above the world and is traveling at a time like this?

  83. Seems like everyone on these blogs are overreacting. There’s enough confusion and anxiety going on now. As long as people treat you fairly and you do the same in return alot of nonsense could be avoided. It’s not about your color or politics It’s about doing what’s right. What you put out will definitely come back to you.
    God bless us all…

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