Official: Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass Guesting Privileges

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The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card launched a couple of weeks ago with a huge 100,000 point sign-up bonus upon completing minimum spend. Not only does the card have a huge sign-up bonus, but it also comes with a lot of perks that help more than justify the $450 annual fee, including triple points on dining and travel, a $300 annual travel credit, a Priority Pass membership, and much more.

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the Priority Pass membership being offered by the card, and specifically about whether or not it allows guests for free. I wrote a post shortly after the card launched explaining that the card does come with Priority Pass guesting privileges, given that the card’s user guide said the following:


Rest and revive before your flight at one of 900+ VIP lounges in over 400 cities worldwide after an easy, one-time enrollment in Priority Pass Select, available to cardmembers including authorized users. Once a member, you and your travel companions can enjoy complimentary lounge access along with amenities, like Wi-Fi, free snacks, beverages, phone, fax, conference room sand more.

To activate your membership, visit:

Still, we didn’t actually know how many guests were allowed, and for that matter, many doubted the above and thought the card may not allow guesting privileges.

Well, we now have a bit more information, which should hopefully help put some people at ease.

First of all, Chase officially confirmed on Twitter that the Priority Pass membership allows “all guests in your travel party” to access Priority Pass lounges free of charge:

Furthermore, a Reddit user shared the letter they received from Priority Pass confirming their membership, which states that “you and your accompanying guests” can use lounges:

Receive Priority Pass letter for CSR and yes, it comes with free unlimited guests from churning

So while the Priority Pass membership with The Platinum Card® from American ExpressThe Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN, and Citi Prestige® Card only offer two guests for free, it seems that this card has some higher limit. I’m sure there’s some limit, but you’d likely be hard pressed to surpass it.

Do keep in mind that some Priority Pass lounges have their own limits. For example, the Copa Lounge Panama City Airport allows only one guest per Priority Pass member. You’ll want to check the Priority Pass website for the exact details of those limits.


Also keep in mind that the Priority Pass membership through the Sapphire Reserve has to be activated, so if you already got the card, you’ll have to visit Chase’s site to request your Priority Pass card.

Bottom line

While we still might not know what exactly the guesting limit is on the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, I think we can all agree they allow guests, and that the limit is higher than two. So this is fantastic news.

(Tip of the hat to @IadIsGr8)

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  1. good to know – however I’ve now got three priority passes in my name – Platinum, Reserve and Prestige – is there anyway of getting priority pass to put superfluous passes in a friend’s name?

  2. How do the lounges determine what kind (e.g., Chase Sapphire Reserve, Amex Plat) of Priority Pass membership someone has, and therefore how many guests they’re entitled to bring in? Do they see in their system when you check in? I have a PP card through my Amex Plat, but if I understand this post correctly, I should request another PP card through my CSR to get the additional guest privileges.

  3. Amex really needs to rethink their Platinum card PP Select membership and allow for limited guesting privileges. I don’t really consider it much of a benefit if I have to pay just to take my husband in with me. No, I am not going to give up my Platinum card ( other benefits are worth it for me, and I use the Centurion lounges whenever possible), but they really need to be more competitive in their benefit structure.

  4. They are going to have to define travel party. Same PNR or same flight? Arriving or departing? Isn’t it PP who defines/enforces? … And how does the lounge receptionist know when scanning the card?
    What documentation do we have to defend the policy?
    Still questions….

  5. So lets say I am a tour guide and I am traveling with a group of 50 people. Would they let the whole group in?

  6. It’s going to get a massive nerf anyways. Not sustainable with the current offering. Negative revenue on the fee for 90% of customers probably.

  7. Chase really didn’t cut corners with the Reserve card. Bye bye Amex Platinum, not getting my renewal fee this years.

  8. Just got the Saphire Reserve late last week. Do you guys know how long it typically takes to receive the PP card?

  9. @john cosktosin — Did you already request the card, either through the site or through the phone agent? After that step, typically it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive (or so the Chase phone agent told me—it took about 2 weeks to receive the PP card associated with my Amex Platinum).

  10. Does anyone one know the expiration of the priority pass. For example If I plan to travel next in Jan. should I wait till then to activate it with the idea that if I don’t renew my CSR that i’ll continue to have priority pass benefits after I close the CSR or will closing the CSR close the priority select membership?

  11. @Dan:

    Expiration on the PP card is 1 year after activation. I’m assuming you can renew it if you’re a CSR holder.

  12. Okay, let’s confirm this. Has anyone had success in bringing in guests to a PP lounge in reality? Tell us your experience.

  13. I brought in 2 guests into the Crown Lounge in Amman Queen Alia Airport. The attendant thought I may get charged by my card for more than one guest. Apparently not, though.

    The way it works is that extra guests are charged by the lounge through your PP membership number onto the “credit card of record”, which by default is the Chase Reserve Card. In turn, Chase does NOT charge your card, apparently absorbing the costs themselves. That’s my understanding…

  14. Thanks Faraaz Omar for that clarification. That makes a lot of sense. It seems the benefits that come with our memberships are tied not necessarily to the Priority Pass membership, but to the credit card. So those of you who have multiple credit cards with Priority Pass memberships would probably do well to use the right card for the number of guests you are bringing in. And if there is any dispute, you can take it up with the credit card later on. Since the CSR expressly states that there is complimentary access for “all” guests, I suppose if you get charged, you can dispute it with them at Chase.

  15. I’m currently sitting in the PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGE, London Heathrow (Terminal 2).
    Besides myself, I brought in 12 other traveling companions without any charge. Thank you Chase!

  16. Bringing in more that 2 or 3 will be sure to cause changes to this benefit. Either via Chase restrictions or lounges just blocking users more often because of “over capacity”.. 12 people is ridiculous and silly IMO.

  17. Daniel Carr, traveling with a child should be fine in most lounges. There are a few lounges that are for adults only. You can know in advance by downloading the priority pass app on your mobile or going online and looking at the lounge in advance and seeing the restrictions they list there. Otherwise, I’m sure there will not be a problem with you and your baby. Safe travels.

  18. I used my priority pass at JFK and brought my husband and two of my kids in with me(12 and 15) Sept 2016, no questions asked. we had a great breakfast, too early for drinks, but I did put some irish cream in my coffee 🙂

  19. I still cant find a list or airlines that allow complimentary access to their lounges. American’s Admiral’s Clubs for example?

  20. My husband added the app to his phone, but the digital version is not available so we needed to bring in the card. Lucky I still have my pp from Prestige.

  21. It has been over 3 weeks and I still have not received my Priority Pass Card via Chase Reserve. I was told at first when activating that you could bring your guests with you but today the rep mentioned that it’s up to the lounge to decide. I was also told that Priority pass will not be able to rush the card to me and that I would have to purchase a day pass (Price may vary) and Chase would reimburse up to 2 transaction per 12 months period. I am planning to travel to vancouver from NYC in a couple of days with my family of 4 and my mother via Cathay. Has anybody experienced a similar situation?

  22. Thanks for all the details related to Chase saphire Priority Pass Select benefits – particularly related to number of Guests.

    Can someone calrify if there is any time limit for using the lounges?

  23. and no there is no limit for lounge usage.. at least i haven’t hit it yet and i have been in almost daily some months

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