Must See: SAA’s Mesmerizing A340 Formation Flying

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Yesterday was Presidential Inauguration Day in South Africa, which was the biggest event of its kind in the country in the past two plus decades. Of course that isn’t the focus of this post, though — rather it’s to highlight the indescribably mesmerizing formation flying that two South African Airways A340-600s did to commemorate the event.

Here’s a video of the planes flying over the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria:

That’s some incredible airmanship over the stadium. As an aviation geek what I find even more impressive is how the planes maneuvered around Johannesburg Airport. I’ve always thought of the A340-600 as being a rather stiff and “sensitive” plane, though maybe my impression is wrong, based on how they’re flying these.

Seriously, check out these two videos:

Here’s the official video South African Airways put together about the event:

And here’s South African Airways highlighting the pilots who operated these flights:

Amazing, or what?

  1. FYI, one of the pilots used to be a fairly prolific contributor to back in the day.

  2. Even more impressive is the second aircraft that somehow managed to stay out of the massive wake turbulence of the first.

  3. This is nice and reminds me of the four BA Concordes flying formation on Christmas Eve some 34 years ago. Great!

  4. @Sean M.

    Where have you been?! Yours is pretty much the only name I look for when scrolling down the comments section!
    Here’s to hoping you’re back with your typically invaluable insights!

  5. Still waiting to see another barell roll. Maybe Boeing needs to do that on a 737MAX to ‘sell airplanes’ once again.

  6. @Bagoly that wasn’t on takeoff, they did a flyby of the airport as well. By the way the lead aircraft must’ve had a serious case of ‘bank angle aural warnings’ when it flew that left break out of the airport flyby…

  7. The A346 has always been an incredible aircraft to fly on. I will always remember how smooth the flights were. The SAA pilots have done a fantastic job for this fly past and deserve every bit of the kudos they are getting the world over with these videos.

  8. Even more amazing if they hadn’t spent loads of money they don’t have on that.

  9. SAA : we have lost billions of dollars operating our planes. What should we do?
    * Performs a fly past anyway.

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