Act Fast: Get Flights For Pennies With Ryanair Discount

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Ryanair is globally known as the low-cost airline. Several years ago, they did everything they could to nickel-and-dime their customers, from charging astronomical change fees for even the tiniest booking mistakes, to even considering charging for restroom usage. Everyone knew to be careful when Ryanair was involved.

Ryanair in Treviso, Italy.
Ryanair in Treviso, Italy.

Well, more recently it seems like Ryanair’s longtime CEO Michael O’Leary has made a slight change in his plans as to the direction the airline is headed. They’ve introduced a second free cabin bag and one free “duty free” bag, making the potential cabin baggage allowance equal to that offered by many full service carriers. They’ve also started allowing seat selection for a fee, and allocate everyone else a seat at check-in. Perhaps the biggest change is that Ryanair now offer a “business class product” called Business Plus.

Having not flown the airline in years, I took my first flight with them in December 2015 after finding a €9.50 roundtrip from Gothenburg to London. That’s right, €9.50 for four hours of flying! To my surprise, the flight was fine. Clearly it wasn’t Emirates first class, but it wasn’t all that different from some other full service carriers I’ve flown, apart from the lack of complimentary food and beverages.

I know what you’re thinking: OMAAT is for luxury travel, not Ryanair. The truth is that a cheap Ryanair ticket can come in handy if you need to position somewhere for a cheap fare, so it shouldn’t be dismissed.

This brings me to the campaign that Ryanair is currently running. By creating a free MyRyanair account, which won’t take more than a few minutes, you’ll get €10 or £10 off your next Ryanair booking. 

You should see the campaign on their home page.
The campaign can be found on their home page.

MyRyanair Campaign2

Let’s take a look at some potential savings:

Fly from London to Dublin for only
Fly from London to Dublin for only €26 or £20!
How about Copenhagen to Brussels for €9?!
How about Copenhagen to Brussels for €9?!

As you can see, you need to act fast and create an account by September 9th. Again, this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Even if you’re not sure you’ll book a Ryanair flight, signing up for this discount is a no brainer. It can be applied to any booking before September 21st. With my €9.50 flight last year in mind, it shouldn’t be too hard to find flights for pennies with this voucher.

  1. I bought a ticket for 7.99eur using the discount.. So Ryanair OWNS ME 2.01EUR!! 😀 😀
    Ive spend my afternoon booking tickets for me and my family.. 🙂

  2. The closest they get to London is Gatwick. Just checked, and after adding a checked bag, without the promo they are the same price as CityJet from DUB to London City. Thanks but no thanks.

  3. You could not pay me enough to fly Ryan Air again. Sure, they seem fine when the flight goes off without a hitch. But, believe me, if anything goes wrong then you’ll know you’re on Ryan Air.

  4. Ryan Air? Sounds like Buyin’ Air! Somethings goes wrong you’ll be doing just that. Don’t read the fine print and you get just that!

  5. I guess its about how much of a snob you are…

    A packed commuter train can cost you a fortune but some will pay it and stand or sit on their luggage all the way because its the only transport that gets you from A to B at the time you want to travel….convenience! Air travel is no different so why do we expect bells and whistles?

    Airlines are just buses or trains that fly with the added advantage of always having a seat, being able to get a drink or snack at your seat and get up and go pee if you need to.

    I regularly use Ryanair to get me from France to UK and back and for the few quid it costs me, I don’t expect velvet cushions and crystal glasses. Seldom is it late, and the staff are always polite and helpful. Seats are more comfortable than a train or bus and if Im being tight, I take home made food on board, buy a drink airside and picnic en route.
    I do pay a couple of quid for choosing a seat and priority boarding because I fly with hand luggage and like to know I can get overhead stowage before it gets full. Other than that, I treat it as any other bus/train journey. After all, thats what I have paid for.

    As for ‘when it goes wrong, you know you are with Ryanair’…. I have twice had to contact for refund/compensation after French air traffic control have resulted in a cancelled flight and they have been fine, including rescheduling me through another airport and helping me to arrange a new drop off for my hire car before reimbursing me the extra payment I made for the longer loan. BA were more difficult to deal with when the same happened with them.

    Disclaimer: I have no links with Ryanair, no benefit to me to say these things….its just how I have experienced them and to be fair, I encourage others to keep using them. I would hate to see these cheap flights disappear and more local airports fold. Lots of people use Ryanair and get from A to B perfectly fine and dont moan!

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