Royal Air Maroc Wants To Fly To Miami As Of April 2019

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Royal Air Maroc is Morocco’s largest airline, and as you’d expect, they offer the most extensive route network to/from Morocco. Presently Royal Air Maroc’s North American destinations include Montreal, New York JFK, and Washington Dulles. The airline uses Boeing 787s for both of their US routes, while they use a mix of 787s and a 747 for their Montreal route (I’m especially fascinated by the 747, as they have only one in their fleet).

It looks like the airline will soon be growing their US presence. On July 26, 2018, Royal Air Maroc filed with the US Department of Transportation requesting a new route.

Royal Air Maroc wants to launch Boeing 787 flights between Casablanca and Miami as of April 2019. The airline intends to start marketing the flight and selling tickets as soon as the government approves the route. I can’t imagine they’ll have any trouble getting approved, given that the US and Morocco both participate in the Open Skies agreement, and the airline has flown to the US for decades.

This new route between Miami and Casablanca would cover a distance of 4,321 miles, so it would be their furthest route to North America.

I reviewed Royal Air Maroc’s 787 business class between Doha and Casablanca in 2016, which is roughly comparable in length to their US flights. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

Royal Air Maroc has flat beds in business class on their 787s (though it’s an odd configuration), the service was friendly, and the food was quite good. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again, and think this is a great option for anyone in South Florida who wants to go to Morocco and beyond.

Best of all, award availability on Royal Air Maroc has historically been excellent, and you can redeem just 44,000 Etihad Guest miles for a one-way business class ticket on Royal Air Maroc anywhere in their system (once the flight becomes bookable, this would include Miami to Casablanca, and you could even connect beyond there, if you’d like). Etihad Guest is transfer partners with Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou.

Here’s to hoping this route gets approved, and that Royal Air Maroc follows through with their expansion.

Would you consider flying RAM between Miami and Casablanca?

  1. @Lucky

    I know is a little bit off topic for this question, Any VP N recommendation? I am in China right now but Windscribe got block.

  2. RAM is also going to take deliveries of new 787-9 aircraft. Will these use these planes to fly to MIA?

  3. @BlueMountain

    Can you sent me the website for ExpressVP N I make a search in Baidu and come up with something not related to it. Thanks

  4. I think this is an excellent opportunity for them, and will be very successful!! MIA is a huge destination for Southern Europeans, so I nice additional option. WIll also open up Africa a bit ex MIA.

    A fun fact: The first US Embassy granted anywhere in the world was in Morocco, so the USA has a very long and special friendship with that country.

  5. Great for RAM and your experience on the same aircraft intended to be used on the proposed MIA route adds to this post. Tunisair is working on a New York connection, but AFAIK no filing to DoT yet. And yes, everybody knows of your Tunisair experience.

  6. What is the business justification here? I live in Miami, but am not aware of a huge Moroccan or North African communities here. While Miami is popular with Europeans, does it make sense to fly south to connect in Casablanca, then turn north to come to Miami? Miami is already very well connected to Europe. Casablanca probably doesn’t make as good of a connecting hub as nearby Lisbon or Madrid. Could it be that Royal Air Maroc will finally join OneWorld and use AA’s connecting flights in Miami?

  7. @ryan Yuk,
    there is a huge community of moroccans in Miami orlando tampa and PR, and casablanca is a good connection for algeria tunisia egypt senegal …. the fact that Royal air maroc is a Moroccan company doesn’t mean that the targeted market need to be moroccans nor even passengers, it could be cargo if it s not the main reason.
    to finish, i don’t know what you mean by saying ” fly south to connect in Casablanca, then turn north to come to Miami? ” ….. Miami is not NORTH of casablanca, use a google map … it s free
    you are welcome!
    btw,i fly about 600 000+ miles a year

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