Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Delayed To 2021

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It has just been revealed that the launch of Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has been pushed back by a further 10 months, to April 2021. It has very little to do with coronavirus, though I’m sure at this point they’re quite pleased about the delay, given the huge impact the global crisis has had on the cruise industry.

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Delay

It has been announced that all Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection journeys from June 14, 2020, through April 21, 2021, have been canceled. This is the second major delay that we’ve seen from Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, as they were previously supposed to launch on February 5, 2020.

That means as of now the launch of the new cruise line has been delayed by about 14 months.

What Happens If You Were Booked On A Ritz-Carlton Cruise?

This is now the second time I’ve had a Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection cruise canceled, as I was first supposed to take one in February 2020, and when that was canceled, we rebooked for October 2020, which has now been canceled as well.

What is Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection offering to those on canceled journeys? To those who no longer want to take a cruise, you can receive:

  • A full refund, credited back to the original form of payment
  • A full refund of any air or hotel change fees incurred; for arrangements booked independently, valid documentation will be required

For those who would like to rebook on another journey, they’re offering a discount of 20-30% on future cruises. The percentage discount you get is based on when you reschedule by:

  • Save 30% on your voyage if you rebook by June 30, 2020
  • Save 25% on your voyage if you rebook by September 30, 2020
  • Save 20% on your voyage if you rebook by March 31, 2021

If you’re someone who has been impacted by a delay for a second time, you receive an additional 15% savings if you rebook by June 30, 2020 — in other words, those who have been canceled twice get 45% off a future journey. Note that the discount can only apply to the same suite category you originally booked, though.

You can find all the available voyages here.

What Is Causing The Ritz-Carlton Cruise Delay?

It’s my understanding that these delays actually have little to do with coronavirus. Or at a minimum, that’s not the primary factor. For a long time there have been media reports about major problems with construction of the ship.

As of August 2019, construction was allegedly delayed by months, and the project was also costing 50 million EUR more than expected (290 million EUR rather than 240 million EUR), and it’s my understanding that the situation has only gotten worse.

I imagine those problems are compounded by the current COVID-19 situation, especially given that the ship is being built in Spain.

What Are Ritz-Carlton Cruises?

For those of you not familiar with Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, these are going to be some pretty exclusive cruise ships with just 150 rooms, so they’ll accommodate about 300 guests.

The plan is for there to be two ships within the next couple of years, and they’ll offer sailings around the world, including to the Caribbean, Europe, and more.

Note that this cruise line has very little to do with Marriott. Rather this seems to largely just be a licensing agreement, as the cruise line isn’t in any way owned by Marriott.

Bottom Line

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will be delayed for a second time, this time by about 10 months, for a total of 14 months. While that’s a huge delay, frankly the timing probably worked in their favor, given the global crisis.

For those who were booked on one of these cruises that’s impacted, you can expect to be reimbursed for expenses you incurred as a result of the cancelation, plus get 20-30% off a future cruise (plus an extra 15% if you’ve been canceled twice).

Was anyone else impacted by this second delay from Ritz-Carlton cruises? How do you feel about the company’s handling of this situation?

  1. 45% off a luxury cruise ain’t so bad. Can you rebook and change the travelers on the reservation? If so, then I’ll gladly take the tickets of anyone wanting to cancel their journey 😉

  2. COVID-19 in Spain isn’t the issue, the problem is that the ship is being built in Spain to begin with….

    Everyone knows that the Italians and Germans are the trusted big players in this field.

  3. Given the current circumstances I would not be surprised if the project gets canceled altogether. I think after the two Princess ships everyone will think twice before they decide on a cruise journey. The health risk has and will always be there, but this time it is rendered in the most horrifying way possible to the entire world.

  4. It’s three princess ships now. Australia f*cked up containment of the Ruby Princess and cases related to it are popping up all over the country.

    As people have intimated above, why anyone would want to bird one of these floating petri-dishes is beyond me.

  5. Marriott Cobalt Elite Strike Team Alpha members will have to wait another year before they realize that Ritz doesn’t give them free breakfast, even on cruises.

  6. We were due to be away now on the ship, and after the way they handled the last delay, we wouldn’t book with them again, no matter how much of a supposed discount they were offering. They were supposedly giving a 30% discount on future cruises when they cancelled ours, but future cruises were 30% more expensive anyway, and they weren’t offering the same itinerary.

  7. I was booked for an August cruise to Edinburgh and texted Ritz Carlton personnel in very early March regarding the status. Was informed that they were still on schedule, which I needed to know as I had not yet booked the airfare or hotels. Fortunately, I postponed booking the airfare.

    Ultimately, I requested a full refund when the cruise was cancelled. Although, nobody could of predicted the pandemic, I do fault the Ritz as to how they have communicated with their clients and would be reticent to book with them in any future cruise.

  8. The whole project is a mess. I’m surprised The Ritz (Marriott) has not pulled their brand away from it. It was bad way before Covid and the pandemic also serves them as the perfect storm! The grossly delayed yacht will be like a disfigured monster dressed and disguised in a beautiful gown. I live in Spain where they are building it and believe me, would NOT recommend. Hope people can see passed the status that the brand brings as that’s all they are holding on to. A shame!

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