Was A Lady Removed From A Spirit Airlines Flight For Showing Too Much Cleavage?

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There’s an interesting story of a 21 year old woman who was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight between New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday. However, there’s something about this story that makes it different than the countless other stories we’ve heard of people being kicked off planes.


The lady claims she was kicked off for showing too much cleavage, while the airline claims she was kicked off for her behavior, though an airline spokesperson acknowledges that the crew commented on her cleavage. Here’s a news clip about the incident, including an interview with a Spirit Airlines spokesperson, and also an interview with another passenger:

A Spirit Airlines spokesperson had the following to say:

“Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage. People are taken off of planes because of their behavior. The flight attendant made that decision, and as she was leaving, she said, ‘By the way, you might want to cover up,’ It was more of a personal statement to her.”

Here’s a picture the passenger provided of her cleavage:


The passenger admitted to having a beer at the airport before departure, but she claims she wasn’t intoxicated, and that case is supported by nearby passengers:

After assuring all THREE flight attendants that although she & her companion had been finishing a beer before boarding, but was not drunk & would be fine, they left her alone for a few minutes, then came back and said her bosom was too exposed!

Granted she was well endowed and wearing a lowcut top, but she was covered. They claimed they had had complaints.

She tried to pull her top up further to cover more, each time another flight attendant came with the same issue, telling her in loud and rude tones that she’ll have leave the plane if she can’t get them covered.

That passenger was also kicked off the plane, apparently after trying to give the crying lady a tissue, and I guess some confrontation with the crew followed.

Her story matches what the other passenger said, that the flight attendants first told her she was being loud and belligerent. Apparently that was cleared up (or they dropped it for a bit), and then they started talking about how exposed she was. The passenger says “I feel awful, I can’t sleep. It’s really affecting me, actually.” Her lawyer also makes an appearance.

Bottom line

While there’s no denying that flight attendants have a lot of discretion nowadays, this story makes me scratch my head, and I’m tempted to give the passenger the benefit of the doubt here. Why? Because even Spirit Airlines’ spokesperson confirmed that the crew mentioned she was too exposed, though more as a “personal statement to her.”

You don’t decide to kick someone off a plane for one reason, and then give them a personal recommendation how they should dress, if they’re not violating any rules. This isn’t the Dr. Phil show.

Still, I’m not sure what the crew’s motive would have been for kicking her off. Some are reporting that the flight was full and that they then allowed on a commuting flight attendant after the passenger was kicked off. I assume they didn’t put a target on this lady’s back specifically, but rather perhaps there was a bit of an argument, at which point the crew decided to have her removed.

Regardless, I definitely don’t think Spirit is completely in the right here, even by their own version of the story. You don’t make a “personal statement” about someone’s appearance after kicking them off a plane.

What do you guys make of this story?

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  1. I hope this lady bankrupts Spirit with sex harassment/emotional distress lawsuits.

    Also her titties way too far apart. Would not bang

  2. Women were put on earth for men’s service and pleasure. The good times are gonna be back again.

    If you don’t agree with me, then you should have voted in the election.

  3. The fact that they commented on her outfit suggests that they are in the wrong here. The whole thing sounds like jealous flight attendants and since this is backed up by other passengers. There are no facts given by the airline or anyone else that warrant this woman being removed from the flight. I’m tired of the mini-hitlers on these flights.

  4. The one common denominator in all these scenarios where people are removed from flights is that they are all warned by crew, in advance, to comply with instructions. If a passenger engages in a test of will with flight crew, they will lose every time.

    The personal statement about her appearance was wrong but I side with the crew on balance at least until the whole story comes out.

  5. To summarize as I’m reading it (I didn’t watch the videos, as my computer’s speakers aren’t working):

    * There was apparently some sort of minor disagreement between the passenger and a FA, which led to remarks being made about her not being intoxicated. (I say “minor” because she was not removed from the plane immediately, and police were not called)
    * Remarks were then allegedly made about her appearance by at least one, and possibly all, of the FAs
    * Her shirt is really not that terribly low-cut (seriously, I see women wearing lower cut t-shirts out shopping all the time.)
    * Several minutes pass, in which time further FA remarks about her appearance may have been made, then the FA (or multiple FAs) comes back and tells her to get off the plane, with arrest threatened
    * Passenger next to her hands her a tissue, has a conversation with a FA, and is then also told to get off the plane (I only have her account of this conversation to go on, so it’s possible the conversation was much more confrontational than she describes it)
    * The fate of her traveling companion is not stated (might be in the video?)
    * One of the removed passengers is then allegedly replaced by a commuting FA (flight is apparently full)

    While there’s a lot of incomplete or uncorroborated statements here, I have to say that something smells really fishy. Spirit needs to determine whether or not one of the removed passengers was replaced by a commuting FA, as the tissue lady alleges. If so, then we have motive for the FAs to take a relatively minor disagreement, tack on the complaint about her cleavage, and make it into an excuse to free up a seat for their colleague.

    I know there’s an inherent tendency among many to presume FAs are always acting in the best interests of safety and security. But we’re starting to see so many of these cases, where passengers are removed on flimsy pretexts, that the industry needs to take a harder look here and see if authority isn’t being misused.

  6. I think the answer is pretty clearly “they then allowed on a commuting flight attendant after the passenger was kicked off”. They were looking for an excuse to get their friend a seat on a full flight. Too loud, too much cleavage, whatever it takes…

    As for Credit, my guess is he’s not only single, but probably still a virgin. 😉

  7. “I feel awful, I can’t sleep. It’s really affecting me, actually.”

    What a little princess maybe she sat on a pea, her brittle mind was gang raped by Spirit FA’s maybe she goes for a billion and settles with a couple of millions.

  8. I read this blog to learn about political opinions, and a post like this is really over the line. Please stick to politics.

  9. Airline staff too often over step their authority and are sometimes mean spirited about it. One time, my wife and I were flying United LAS-DEN-YEG. We were advised that due to a flight time change we were unable to connect on our segment 2 DEN-YEG flight. When we arrived in DEN, our original DEN-YEG flght was delayed so we thought we would ask the United gate staff if we could get on our original flight rather than wait three hours on the new flight that we were rescheduled on. The lady at the gate was unfriendly and appeared stressed out and was incompetent and told us in a not too pleasant manner that she was too busy to help (I thought that was her job, maybe she just had a bad day?). My wife refused to give up, and approached another lady at another gate desk who was very kind and accommodating and got us on our original flight. When we boarded the flight the first United gate staff member collected our boarding pass was surprised and recognized us and made a comment that if it was her decision, we would not of gotten on the flight.(now I knew that was her normal demeanor).
    I would like to believe that for every one bad apple there are ten others that are good. Unfortunately the bad apples make life miserable for everybody concerned.
    Too bad they cannot be weeded out. In the back of my mind,I always wonder, whether my skin color affects how we are sometimes treated

  10. Not surprised Spirit is the WalMart of airlines. Have never flown them and never will. Too many horror stories from friends who have!

  11. You know what, its only FAs in America that behave this way. The rest of the world has trained their FAs to be courteous helpful and only put customer’s in an uncomfortable situation if they are a safety threat. How anyone can interpret that woman’s cleavage as threatening is amazing.


  13. More to the story. Nothing offensive about those tig ol bitties to a normal person. It is South Florida and the dirt cheapest airline there….Is it possible her rack pissed off some ultra-orthodox types? Or on the other end, maybe certain groups complained of this “kuffar woman’s” immodesty? Just spitfiring here.

  14. Couldn’t agree more with Tony.
    Come to Europe (that’s on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, right hand side when you look at the US on a map) and board the flights going to Ibiza or Mykonos. You’ll see lot’s of cleavage and nobody getting deplaned (well, maybe a few drunk Brits from time to time).

  15. Removing a legit pax to board a traveling employee is a firing offense–and probably wasn’t done that way, if at all. On the other hand, if a traveling employee was boarded to take advantage of an empty seat, that’s definitely ok–no problem there. The issue is whether in the considered opinion of the whole crew, not just one FA, the pax was disruptive, then the airline is required and authorized to remove her, and the FAA (and a jury if necessary) will invariably back the airline barring any provable, material airline misconduct, of which none appears here–at first blush (no pun intended).

  16. Hello I am the lady who handed the tissue to Brenda, she was a complete stranger to me.
    The FA’s had tried to convince to leave voluntarily three times, then several minutes pasted and the FA’s again approached her, this was when her outfit was discussed.
    The last person to speak with her was the GATE AGENT when the gate agent finished speaking to her in much quieter tones,Brenda was silent for several minutes before I handed her the tissue.
    When the FA pointed a finger in her face I did ask in a loud clear well modulated voice
    “Who called you to her seat?”
    I did raise my voice to the reasonable level of his while trying to explain myself.
    However, when he shouted at me that he had the right to throw me off also.
    I only responded incredulously, “for what? offering her a tissue?”
    I then shut up and faced front.
    If he had said he would toss me off if I uttered another word, then I’d have the option to shut up at that point wouldn’t I? However he didn’t. And frankly IF HE HAD threatened me with removal if I didn’t shut up, I probably wouldn’t have and he would have been justified.
    But it’s my guess that the flight crew just wanted her off the plane and he drew the short stick!
    By the way, Spirit has told me verbally over the phone that there were 5 open seats on that plane when it took off to alleviate my fears that this was intentional.
    They have not, however put that in writing as of yet as I requested.
    I’m not looking to sue, although the actions of their spokesperson does make me want to.
    Just thought I’d set the record strait, I’m happy to answer any Q’s so long as they are not concerning the young ladies breasts.

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