You Can Now Redeem Singapore KrisFlyer Miles On Alaska Airlines

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Alaska Mileage Plan is one of my favorite frequent flyer programs, and I appreciate all the unique partnerships they have. In late August it was announced that Alaska’s newest airline partner would be Singapore Airlines. The airlines said they’d offer reciprocal mileage earning as of September 27, 2017 (today), and reciprocal mileage redemptions as of a later date.

Singapore Airlines A350

For most people I’m sure the first thing that came to mind was the ability to redeem Alaska miles for Singapore Airlines premium cabin awards, though don’t get too excited in that regard. Singapore Airlines makes their premium cabin longhaul award space available exclusively to Singapore KrisFlyer members, and not to members of partner programs. The way I see it, there are potentially two great aspects to this partnership:

  • Being able to earn Alaska Mileage Plan miles for travel on Singapore Airlines
  • Being able to redeem Singapore KrisFlyer miles for travel on Alaska Airlines

The latter is potentially especially useful, since Singapore KrisFlyer is transfer partners with all four major transferable points currencies — Amex Membership RewardsChase Ultimate RewardsCiti ThankYou, and Starwood Preferred Guest. This opens a lot more options for efficiently redeeming transferable points on Alaska, since their own program is only transfer partners with SPG.

While Alaska Mileage Plan hasn’t yet published redemption rates on Singapore, Singapore KrisFlyer has now published award redemption rates on Alaska.

Singapore KrisFlyer has a zone based chart for redemptions on Alaska, with one-way costs as follows:

Zones are broken down by state, as follows:

These are really attractive redemption rates. Just to give a few examples:

  • You can fly between the midwest and Hawaii for 12,500 miles
  • You can fly between the west coast and Hawaii for 12,000 miles
  • You can fly between the west coast and east coast for 12,000 miles
  • You can fly between the west coast and midwest for 9,500 miles
  • You can fly around the west coast for 7,500 miles

Partner award bookings aren’t possible through Singapore Airlines’ website, meaning that you have to call to book these awards.

Otherwise one of the best ways to redeem miles for travel on Alaska is through British Airways Executive Club. They have a distance based award chart rather than a zone based award chart, with the cost based on one-way, nonstop travel, as follows:

  • Segments of 1-1,150 miles cost 7,500 Avios in economy, 30,000 Avios in first class
  • Segments of 1,151-2,000 miles cost 10,000 Avios in economy, 40,000 Avios in first class
  • Segments of 2,000-3,000 miles cost 12,500 Avios in economy, 50,000 Avios in first class

As you can see, redemption rates between the two programs are roughly comparable in economy, though there are some cases where Singapore KrisFlyer can be a much better value:

  • If you want to redeem for Alaska first class (which typically won’t be worth it), booking through KrisFlyer is a better value
  • If you want to redeem for an Alaska flight that involves a connection, booking through KrisFlyer is a better value (for example, Spokane to Seattle to Honolulu would cost you 12,000 KrisFlyer miles or 20,000 Avios, since with British Airways you’d have to pay for the segments individually)

Alaska’s first class, which typically isn’t worth paying a huge premium for

Otherwise the pricing is roughly comparable, and the best option depends on what programs you have points with. Singapore KrisFlyer has the advantage of being transfer partners with all four major transferable points currencies, though I’ve never seen a transfer bonus to KrisFlyer. Meanwhile we sometimes see transfer bonuses to British Airways, as we recently saw a 40% bonus from Amex to Avios, which could make redeeming Avios a better value.

Could you see yourself redeeming Singapore KrisFlyer miles on Alaska?

(Tip of the hat to Travel Codex)

  1. What about connecting with Alaska for a Singapore flight? How does the KrisFlyer mileage for that work? For example if I want to redeem KrisFlyer for traveling SEA-IAH-MAN, with SEA-IAH on Alaska first class and IAH-MAN on Singapore business class, what’s the mileage requirement? Is it one award or two awards? If you fly SEA-IAH on United it would all be a single award….


  2. Am I dumb or there’s no redemption rate from NYC to Hawaii? One can connect at SEA or even ANC on Alaska from NYC…

  3. Haven’t signed up for KrisFlyer yet. Went to sign up and they don’t even have my home city in the drop down list of cities. Is there a way to contact them to get them to add more cities to their drop down list?

  4. Burying the lede. To me, the big news is 100% KF earn on AS flights. If you are SEA based, KF is now arguably the best FF program. Especially since AS doesn’t participate in the three big CC currencies.

  5. @PeteyNice — I’m in SEA and I don’t understand why I would credit AS miles to KF…. SQ doesn’t even fly out of SEA, and *A is really, really underrepresented here at SEA.

    Can you elaborate?

    (And can someone please help with my question above about combining AS/SQ flights on a single KF award? Thanks!)

  6. Nice, this will make it slightly cheaper for me than Korean redemptions on DL. But only slightly. So now two good options for my Chase points!

  7. @SeattleTodd, @yyc it’s consider one award but it’s a moot point. Quote from Lucky’s post above:

    “Singapore Airlines makes their premium cabin longhaul award space available exclusively to Singapore KrisFlyer members, and not to members of partner programs.”

    You can NOT use AS miles on SQ long haul premium cabin. So no SQ business between IAH-MAN when redeeming AS miles.

  8. @AC — I know that, I wrote specifically about using ***KrisFlyer*** miles for travel on Alaska and Singapore.

    KrisFlyer seems to allow a mix of *A airlines and Singapore themselves on a single award, but I can’t find any text that talks about mixing AS and Singapore on a single award. By comparison, all of Alaska’s partner awards allow a mix of Alaska flights and flights by that one partner.

    I was hoping I could fly SEA-IAH-MAN on a single “USA West Coast” to Europe award, but, as per @YYC’s comment, I’m getting less sure that’s going to be possible.

  9. @SeattleTodd 100% earning on UA and AS, plus 50-100% earning on B6 covers a lot more domestically than just AS. I don’t see how you can say *A is underrepresented at SEA with BR, OZ, LH, and NH. Vs Alaska partners (HU, EK, KE, BA, FI, DE) whcih are mostly underwhelming,

  10. Krisflyer does not allow transfers or stopovers on award tickets, so the example you cite (Spokane-Seattle-Hawaii) would be 19,500 miles (and might have to be issued as two separate tickets).

    Likewise, you can’t fly between the Midwest and Hawaii for 12,500 miles – that price exists for nonstop flights Chicago-Anchorage.

  11. SQ’s website/search engine is very quirky and it doesn’t show all airports (such as YVR) – is there a step by step guide on how to book from the west coast (LAX, SNA, LGB, etc.)?

    I hope this isn’t another BA booking nightmare!

    Thanks you!

  12. @SeattleTodd: As far as I can tell, Krisflyer doesn’t let you combine any non-Star Alliance carriers on a single itinerary – you can either have a SQ award, a Star Alliance award (which can include two or more *A carriers, including SQ), or a partner award (operated by a single partner airline).

  13. @Kalboz as Lucky mentioned: “Partner award bookings aren’t possible through Singapore Airlines’ website, meaning that you have to call to book these awards.” You can probably use the American Airlines website to search for Alaska partner availability.

  14. Regarding the comment “Singapore Airlines makes their premium cabin longhaul award space available exclusively to Singapore KrisFlyer members, and not to members of partner programs”, this simply isn’t true.

    Redeeming for Business Class on SQ is one of the best uses of Velocity points, there’s definitely availability and the taxes and fees are significantly lower than those associated with KrisFlyer redemptions.

  15. This is good for someone who flies United occasionally but lives in an AS hub city. You also should remind people that alaska has pretty competitive rates themselves. I often take advantage of 5k miles to PDX, YYZ, YYC from SEA.

  16. @PeteyNice
    I’m based in SEA, I wouldn’t want to give up AS mileage for KF. This gives me some incentive in crediting United (and other *A to KF, including B6). But I wouldn’t move AS flights. Elite status is important, AS miles are worth more than KF miles (IMO) and the fact that KF miles expire after 2 years regardless.

  17. @Davisson Yeah, if you fly enough to get elite status on AS, then the calculations are different. AS miles are more rare since you can’t transfer them in from UR, MR, or TYP, but in most use cases I don’t think they are more valuable. KF miles expire in three years. If you are holding on to miles that long, you are begging for them to be devalued.

  18. Yepper- SQ is a great program to accrue UA discount K class miles (100% earning rate and Star Alliance Elite tier qualifying too – but not PPS qualifying).

  19. As Signapore permits a stopover (even one way) on its own metal i would be curious if they permit a stopover on AS awards

  20. I cannot believe an award rate of 89K from coast to coast in domestic first, which is not first class at all. My wife and I are flying to Madrid for 98K RT for both of us. Domestic awards are getting out of hand.

  21. What a screwed up chart. Utah to Hawaii CHEAPER than CA to Hawaii, which in turn is cheaper than HAWAII to Hawaii!! Meanwhile most of Midwest and East Coast are not allowed to Hawaii (why? AS have flights originating there).

  22. @italdesign agreed, makes no sense. But, since we go to Hawaii often and am based in Utah, this is incredible news!

  23. @john – I had the same issue, trying for PSP from SEA. The representative said they don’t know when the Alaska flights will be added. I guess I’ll be calling frequently for updates…

  24. I booked AS flight traveling later this week using SQ miles. But I had to cancel the trip so I called SQ two days ago was told the flight will be cancelled. But today when I called again the cancellation is still processing, after spending 40 minutes on the phone with a rep speaking broken English, I asked to speak to a supervisor, the rep resisted by saying “why” a couple of times, then put me on hold for 10 mins and came back saying his supervisor is not available. I’m not sure if I can get my miles back now.

  25. I know this is an old thread now, but hoping someone might see this.

    Is there a certain award type that has to be available on Alaska for it to be bookable with Krisflyer miles? I’ve found availability (50k one way) from OGG to DFW (via SEA or PDX) on 1/3/20, but when I called and emailed Singapore Airlines, they couldn’t see any availability. What am I doing wrong?

  26. What is the best airline search engine site to search for award availability to use Kris Flyer miles on Alaska air to fly from Chicago to Maui?

  27. Had same experience as Jay Kay. Singapore rep said Alaska award seats using Kris Flyer miles were not available for any routes we checked, including SFO-HNL, LAX-HNL, SEA-HNL!

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