Redeem Miles For The Worst Business Class Product To South America On

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No, unfortunately Aerolineas Argentinas awards aren’t yet bookable on, as much as I’d like to fly their Club Condor Class so that I can fax from a plane, and enjoy their 12 audio channels with the most varied musical “genders.” šŸ˜‰

There’s an even worse business class product you can fly to South America, and it’s bookable directly on using miles.

Gol award tickets are now bookable on Gol is one of Delta’s non-SkyTeam partner airlines.

As a reminder, Gol exclusively operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, which they fly primarily within South America. Most of their flights are in a one class configuration, and are perfectly serviceable for regional hops.


They do have one unique route to the US, though, whereby they fly from Miami to Punta Cana and then onwards to Rio de Janeiro.

Imagine searching for business class award space from Miami to Buenos Aires on and finding a routing on Gol via Punta Cana and Rio de Janeiro:


An over seven hour 737 redeye flight from Punta Cana to Rio de Janeiro! Does it even get more glamorous than that?!

In all seriousness, this is a pretty exciting addition, given that you can now easily tack on award flights within South America on So if you find Delta award space to Sao Paulo, for example, you can tag on a flight within South America without having to call.


Bottom line

Kudos to Delta for the airline partners they’ve added online recently for SkyMiles redemptions. Last week China Airlines awards became bookable through In January, China Eastern and China Southern awards became bookable through And then before that they made the award calendar semi-functional, which is exciting.

And those are about the only good things I have to say about the Delta SkyMiles program as of late. šŸ˜‰

(Tip of the hat to Mac)

  1. Gol has actually more flights to the USA than Miami. It also flies from Punta Cana to Orlando. Flights to Punta Cana are from both Sao Paulo and Campinas.

    I’ve taken the redeyes GRU-SDQ and SDQ-GRU with Gol before, and I do not recommend the experience. Gol’s 737s are generally nice and new, but this is for a two or three-hour daytime flight tops. They are fine for domestic flights within Brazil and, say, for GRU-MVD or GRU-AEP.

    I would say that their 737s are slighly better and with more pitch than TAMs 319 and 320.

    On the other hand, the addition of GOL’s domestic flights in the SkyMiles system as you note will be very useful for many people.

  2. I don’t think Gol offers business class, but their coach is better than flying those old/dirty 767 from american airlines.

  3. Ben, GOL does not have any aircraft fitted with a Business Class, do not even waste your time, they are a low cost carrier with horrible service and bad economy seats.

  4. @FabinhoBP: Low cost carrier??? They may offer low cost carrier quality of service but their prices have nothing similar to low cost carriers. Also, I am not defending Gol here but there is no way you can compare them to Sprint or RyanAir. Those are low cost carriers.

  5. @ Santastico: You are right, they offer a low-cost service but charges regular/traditional prices. And maybe you canĀ“t compare them to Sprint and Ryanair yet, but they are sure worsening their services to the bottom.

  6. They call it Comfort Class. The seats are in 2×2 configuration and they look like the same concept as a Spirit Big Front Seat — as in no free soup for you, and you’re paying for everything. The only difference I can see is that Spirit BFS upgrade is dirt-cheap. Delta should not advertize and charge business class rates for these seats, IMHO, but adding GOL to the award calendar is a welcome development.

  7. You Guys are both correct. GOL service is compared to other low carriers but they price is pretty high.

  8. Comfort Class is economy with middle seat blocked. I’m pretty sure that the seat pitch is a bit bigger (maybe 2-3″). Food is slightly less bad.

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