Quick Las Vegas Trip Report

Thanks to a United fare sale to Vegas a few weeks back, I spent about 36 hours in Vegas this past weekend with some FlyerTalk friends. This was my first time to Vegas, and I found Vegas to be interesting, to say the least.

I would describe Vegas as tacky as hell, basically an adult version of the Magic Kingdom, only you stay overnight. If there were just one “grand” hotel in the desert that would be one thing, but when you have the Eiffel Tower next to the Empire State Building next to the Bellagio, it just looks massively tacky. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I loved my stay in Vegas and would love to return.

None of the hotel exteriors are done justice because there are so many impressive hotels in such close proximity (it’s like seeing a 747 at JFK vs. at a remote stand at a smaller airport; it’s just more impressive at the latter), but the interiors are grand as well. My favorite thing had to be the world’s largest chocolate fountain at the Bellagio! I’m still not convinced that was real chocolate. The Gondolas at the Venetian were pretty cool too. 😉

What I loved about Vegas was watching the people. What an interesting bunch of people, from wealthy people on a weekend getaway to people that are addicted to gambling but can’t afford to be to plain drunks.

Next time I go to Vegas I’d love to see more of Nevada as well, from Area 51 to the Hoover Dam.

Venetian gondolas….. how awesomely tacky!

Mmmm….. chocolate fountain


Fountain show from Olives at the Bellagio


The Mirage

The Wynn and Encore….. hmm, I wonder if the same architect designed both?

Treasure Island

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  1. “I would describe Vegas as tacky as hell, basically an adult version of the Magic Kingdom”

    You wont like dubai much then..

  2. whakojacko, maybe I wasn’t clear. I found Vegas to be tacky as hell (and I’m sure Dubai is too), but I really liked Vegas and would like to return. Variety is a good thing, so I don’t necessarily think tacky=bad.

  3. It’s definitely a weird place, and unlike any other. Since I have family in the area, I am there a few times a year (virtually never go to the Strip or casinos, though… and if I do, just for photos and food… spent too much time in school studying math to be drawn into the whole gambling thing). Hoover dam is pretty interesting. Area 51 is still on my to-do list. Driving out to the desert it pretty fun in general, though. I just love the vast empty space.

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