Video: I’ve Never Seen Ground Handlers Throw Stuff From A Plane Quite Like This

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Every so often videos go viral of how recklessly some baggage handlers remove bags from the cargo hold. Fortunately the cargo hold is closer to the ground than the actual cabin, so even if they throw it straight down, it’s typically not that high.

A Twitter user has just shared a video of ground handlers throwing stuff from the cabin to the tarmac of a Qatar Airways plane. The items look like bags (and that’s what the Twitter user suggests they are), though that seems unlikely. The stuff is being removed from the cabin rather than the cargo hold. So while it’s possible that these are gate checked bags, it actually looks to me like these are bags with airplane supplies, like pillows, blankets, headphones, etc.

Here’s the video:

It’s sort of shocking to see, though unfortunately this is also more common than you’d think. I’d guess not much damage can be done if those are just blankets and pillows. However, if the headphones on your next flight don’t work, now you know why. 😉

Regardless, I have a hard time imagining that this is the way ground handlers are trained to remove service items from planes.

(Tip of the hat to @zainman)

  1. Do you know what it is???maybe its waste or rubbish,,used pillows or blankets.luggage arent supposed to be there.
    Verify before start posting and criticising.

  2. Looking at where the items are thrown from, i doubt it would be check baggage. There was similar scandalous videos in Thailand. Perhaps the twitter post-er has ulterior motive.

  3. Why post this? Ive seen it several times in Doha, when Ive been waiting to board. At the end of the cleaning service, just before boarding, they are throwing down dozens of garbage bags down the stairs.
    Why contribute to spreading fake news?

  4. Exactly…why is this even a post?! Ground staff throw bags of rubbish to the floor isn’t such a clickbaity headline I guess.


  5. Considering its qatar, and qatar is muslim country, I would expect the comments to bash them. Not clarifying things….

  6. Ben, why do you even approve of this post? It’s just clickbait and fake news at its very best. Consider taking it down or I believe you’ll be losing a few readers.

  7. Yep, agree with the comments, there is nothing scandalous here. It’s cleaning staff offloading blankets, pillows, rubbish, whatever. That is not luggage. Plane looks like it’s getting full cleaning once over. Should stafd really be expected to carry heavy bags of blankets or waste down a long, steep staircase? Sounds more like you have it in for QR!

  8. Cabin cleaners throwing trash off the plane. Take this down, this story is a joke. Isn’t there enough real news to report. Get real.

  9. It looks like this post, while certainly questionable, is a call for pathetic buzzwords. An outlet for basic instincts? sad … and I am not American 😉

  10. Agree with all the comments!!
    What a waste of time reading this post. I normally read all of them but this was the worst.
    Definitely appears to be like you are doing bad campaign against QR.
    Ben, I know you are devoted to Emirates (you always say that), but that does not give you the right to post this s..t.
    And FYI, even there were headphones there, I have never ever had any issues with them on board, so please delete this post.
    Alejandro, and yes, a truly loyal QR Platinum member

  11. As im watching right now, delta cleaning crew throwing plastic bags full of blankets down from jet bridge to tarmac

  12. I watched out the window of a US Airways E170 as my Rimowa Topas (aluminum) bag was heaved from the jetway door over the side and down what must be at least 15-20
    to the tarmac. Flattened a corner, but otherwise no major damage… There was a slide attached for bags, but I guess they wanted to see if they could dent my bag?

  13. @Lucky
    No i didnt waste my time reading your article but i guess every single reader agrees this shouldnt have been posted,the TITLE with Qatar airways picture is enough to cause damage as not everyone takes the time to read nor everyone is a frequent traveller as you to reach the correct conclusion.

  14. You find this shocking??? Until you perform this work or even know a little bit about the job, please keep your judgements to yourself. Everybody thinks they’re an expert at everything nowadays. Disappointed in such a low quality post.

  15. The title is perfectly appropriate. What isn’t appropriate is the anger displayed by some commenters here. Where is this coming from? Lucky isn’t throwing aspersions here, and he never states that the “stuff” he mentions in the title is luggage. He merely described the situation.

    And as to those bringing politics into this… Please be reasonable. Lucky isn’t risking his professional reputation on a Sunday variety post. And what would be his angle, anyway?

  16. @Alex
    It is, at the very best, misleading. Nobody expects a frequent flyer blog to report on the intricacies of trash disposal from a plane. Everyone’s thoughts, following the title, is of it describing passenger belongings….

  17. This is just Ben and his anti Qatar Airways bias.

    Clearly rubbish bags and done at many airports. I have seen this at HKG/SIN/LHR/JKT/SYD etc etc.

    One mile at a time really need to do away with their Qatar dislike. It seems they produce an anti Qatar story every week.

    Spoiling a very good website.

  18. Wow, such angry people here. This story was all over the news, tv stations, social media and they made it look much worse. He actually did them a favor by pointing out that it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

  19. Idiot Conservatives complaining about buzzwords while throwing around words like “Fake news”.

    How can Conservatives be this uneducated and stupid? Another low-life scums failed to read the 2nd paragraphs in this article. Typical…..

  20. Clickbait ****

    I am sure thats what lucky wanted with this post , proper title would have been “Video: I’ve Never Seen Ground Handlers Throw garbage / dirty blankets etc From A Plane Quite Like This”

    But as he wanted readers to jump and desperately to see what mess he posted .


    Thanks for wasting thousand of minutes that thousands of reader spent to check this useless post.

    Lucky or someone else will defend but wasted time can never come back.

  21. I’m with Alex and Laura on this one! Enough with the fake news garbage and bashing comments!
    You snowflakes needs to grow up.
    It was a report and he asked for feedback. Unfortunately the expectation was constructive replys and instead got this crap!
    So they were off loading garbage? Would have served them right if the bags broke open and they were forced to clean it all up! Same for the dirty company property they had no problem tossing. But what do you expect from those who are incapable of a little thing like respect of property?

  22. Anne K, you are not happy with bashing comments, yet you bash all ‘snowflakes’ that doesnt agree with you and apparantly need to grow up. Dont you see the irony of your comment?

    Anyway, this is Qatar standard procedure. Ive seen it many times, so dont bash the workers of destroying company policy.

  23. As someonewho works as a groundstaff on among others QR. Its very easy to see that they are throwing bags containing used blankets and pads. The red ones are business and the grey ones are eco. So no harm done here.

  24. Look at the bright side. At least now we know that qatar plane is being cleaned!

    Any of you ever seen US3’s plane being cleaned? They can provide job for hundred of people as cleaners….. lol

  25. “The beautiful past of GCC Air Force” says the Twitter profile of @oldaviation. Which explains the motive for sharing this video.

  26. @Alex @Laura and @Anne k

    fully agree with you.

    Don’t agree with people who are thinking this has something to do against Qatar. And Lucky did say that for him this does not look like a luggage. So why the upheaval?

    Chill out people 🙂

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