Qatar Airways’ First Plane Is Now Being Configured With Qsuites

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In March Qatar Airways revealed their new business class product, which they’re calling Qsuites. The product looks stunning, as each seat will be a fully enclosed suite with direct aisle access. The way I see it, Qatar Airways already has the world’s best business class product, and that will only be improved further with this new seat.


When the product was first announced, it was said that the first plane with Qatar Airways’ new business class product will be flying in June, likely between Doha and London. However, Qatar Airways is also notorious for not doing anything on time, so I’m not putting too much weight on the timing or the route.


Well, on the plus side, it looks like Qatar Airways is at least getting a good start with reconfiguring these planes, per jbflyboy84 on FlyerTalk.

The planes will be reconfigured in Zurich, and earlier today Qatar Airways flew their first plane to Zurich to have Qsuites installed. QR3251 left Doha shortly after midnight, and arrived in Zurich early this morning.

A7-BED will be the tail number of the first plane to get the new seats (I imagine the tail number is a coincidence, but it’s sort of funny that it has “BED” in it). This is a plane that Qatar Airways took delivery of in October 2014 — I was under the impression they’d reconfigure their newly delivered 777-300ERs first, but it looks like that’s not the case.

The reconfiguration will be done by SR Technics. Here’s a video the company made:

It remains to be seen how long the first reconfiguration will take. I imagine there’s a steep learning curve with the first plane, and that once they have the hang of things, it’ll all go much faster. It’s also entirely possible they come across some major issues while trying to install the seats, which wouldn’t at all be unusual, given that this is a brand new product.

Here’s to hoping that the product is installed quickly and without many issues. If so, they have about two months to get this plane into service under their original timeframe.

For what it’s worth, rumor has it that the first destinations to get the new product will be London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo, though I imagine that remains highly subject to change.

I’m hoping to review this product shortly after it’s introduced.

(Tip of the hat to Points From The Pacific)

  1. I’m also hugely looking forward to trying this product.

    The rumoured list of early destinations looks about right: all very high flows of premium class traffic.

  2. Can’t wait to read your review when it happens and tell us how it goes with your devices… because I’m hoping to fly them again!

  3. Just not looking forward to the noise of a family / group of 4 occupying combined qsuites in the center section….

  4. I only wish these suites were enclosed to an extent that would allow window seat pax to keep their shades open if they want to. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I hate enforced darkness on day flights. Truly enclosed suites would help.

  5. Hm given Al-Baker’s notoriety for his attention to detail, it’s wise to start so early.

    @Jeff R I concur. Would be nice to have that in the new QSuites

  6. @Jeff R that’s probably not done because of security and safety concerns.

    As for noise, do you really come across groups of 4 traveling together that often?

  7. @Jeff R : i’m not exactly following. Where does the design prevent the window pax from controlling their own windows and shades ?

    And how exactly do you define “day flight” ? JFK-NRT/HND are roughly 14 hours and most of them are scheduled entirely during sunshine.

  8. @FE Even worse than a family of 4 would be a family of 3 then you as the random stranger in the suite of 4!

  9. I am a window person. I enjoy looking out at the geography. Does Qatar Airways force you to close windows? Are they locked in place? Would drive me crazy. Did have window closed on me while going to restroom on EK380 business class. Also, wish reviews would include temperature at various portions of flight. Many airlines have nice bedding, but the cabin to warm to sleep.

  10. A press represantive of QR has confirmed to Belgian press that an A350 with Qsuites will be used on the DOH-BRU routes.

  11. Correction on my previous post, seems Belgian press misunderstood something. The A350 will fly this route but not with Qsuites. Disregard my previous post!

  12. So the hard product is going to be very nice.

    But will they stay with the horrendously poor wines and meal choices? Charles Heidsieck wines? 3 choices of mini-main-courses on a 15 hour flight?

  13. I’m with @Jeff R. Why have a suite with a closing door to be told you can’t open the blinds? This happened to me last year on Etihad and it didn’t make sense to me that with a closed door “private suite” that I couldn’t open the blinds.

  14. Regarding darkness / lightness Qatar generally make it dark during daytime flights. Always in economy on the A380 to London. However on the same route, Emirates don’t. I don’t understand why Qatar do this on a 6 hour daytime flight?!

  15. Please use the apostrophe properly, it is Qatar Airways’s, not Airways’, you only do S apostrophe if it is plural. Eg the Schlappigs’ house. As an airline is a singular noun, it follows the normal convention of apostrophe before the S – British Airways’s, American Airlines’s, versus American airlines’ (referring to all American carriers).

  16. Can anyone tell when the QSuite upgrade for all 777 is completed?
    Or how can one know if a particular 777 QR-flight has already been upgraded with QS?

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