INCREDIBLE: ~$1,490 Qatar Business Class Roundtrip From Bangkok To Los Angeles

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Qatar Airways consistently has great business class fares, especially for travel to the US. I’ve written in the past about some great fares they’ve had out of Cairo, Colombo, etc. Here’s an incredible fare which may be more practical for those vacationing in “major” cities in Asia.

Qatar Airways has a ~$1,500 roundtrip business class fare from Bangkok to Los Angeles (it’s not valid in the other direction — you have to originate in Bangkok).

This fare is very much subject to change (so I’d book as soon as possible if you’re interested), but as of now the basic terms are as follows:

  • Valid for bookings through October 31, 2016
  • Travel permitted January 10 through March 23, 2017, and anytime after May 5, 2017
  • Minimum stay of seven days and maximum stay of 30 days
  • While you can use ITA Matrix and Google Flights to search availability, you’re best off booking directly on Qatar Airways’ website to get the best price

For example, the below itinerary is ~$1,489 roundtrip:

qr-fare-1 qr-fare-2

How many miles can you earn?

If you credit these flights to American AAdvantage you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles. The trip is 23,136 “butt-in-seat” miles, so altogether you’d earn:

  • 23,136 redeemable miles (if you’re Executive Platinum you earn a 120% bonus, meaning you’d earn 50,899 miles)
  • 34,704 elite qualifying miles
  • $4,627 elite qualifying dollars (for travel in 2017 — elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)


Who is this fare useful for?

Obviously this is a great fare for any oneworld flyer based in Asia who would like to visit the US. Getting this cheap of a fare in paid business class is almost unheard of, and you’d be earning a lot of miles through American AAdvantage for this fare.

But this fare can even be useful for North America based flyers, at least for the crazy among us. Say you’re planning a vacation to Asia. Book an award ticket to get to Asia, then use this fare to get back to the US, and then you can use the return of this trip to start your next trip.

Qatar’s 777 business class

Qatar Airways’ flight between Doha and Los Angeles is operated by their 777, featuring fully flat forward facing business class seats. This product isn’t as good as what they offer on the A350, A380, and 787, but it’s still fairly solid. As far as their soft product goes, I think Qatar Airways has the best in the sky.


Bottom line

This is an incredible business class fare, and for AAdvantage members is a great way to get a head start on 2017 elite qualification. As an Executive Platinum member you can pick up 50,000+ redeemable miles, 35,000+ elite qualifying miles, and nearly $5,000 “elite qualifying dollars.”

Anyone taking advantage of this incredible business class fare?

(Tip of the hat to rbAA)

  1. The opportunity cost — assuming you are going to redeem miles to position in business class — makes the fare not as attractive. You to spend 70K miles to position which “costs” at least 1K and, of course, there’s the time involved in having to position.

    For those with times on their hands and miles on their pockets…

  2. @ Ben — You da man! We can rarely make fares like this work with our schedule, but this fit beautifully in our schedule for next summer! Looks like we’ll re-up our EXP statuses after all. If only we could make two of these fit…

  3. There have been some really cheap business class fares on multiple airlines to / from BKK for a few months. I’m in BKK at the moment on a 900 EUR round trip business class fare on QR departing from OSL.

  4. Booked the fare for February~March! Being based in Tokyo, positioning to BKK is not a difficult nor expensive task at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Thanks for the heads up! Just snatched up a couple of tickets and took your suggestion to use this flight as two one-way tickets for two separate trips!

  6. Is there an added bonus for those who are merely Platinum, or only is that only for Executive Plat?

  7. I booked some great fares on Malay Airline in April to PEK and some to NRT for the family . I needed to figure a way how to get there but this will get back to Houston. Well LAX is close enough.


  8. Just realized while selecting seats that one of the DOH-BKK segments is on the A380. Let’s hope it sticks!

  9. I grabbed one with an A380 segment on both outbound and return! Thanks for the post; this’ll be great for some of my Asia schedule for the spring.

  10. Guess this fare is now gone. Could it be a mistake?
    Just wondering if QR will ever moved to TBIT?
    What is the reason behind this? Not enough connecting gates at TBIT?
    Or QR utilizes AC ground and aircraft services?
    Am i still able to use Oneworld lounge at TBIT and detour back to T2 for departure?
    Thank you.

  11. @Nethkt:

    There is a planned Midfield Satellite Concourse at LAX that would double the number of gates at TBIT. I believe the plan is to move all international carriers currently in Terminal 2 to that, and move Delta to T2 & T3. Currently there are not enough gates at TBIT.

    You may use the OW lounge at TBIT, but that means clearing security twice.

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