~$1,100 Roundtrip Qatar Airways Business Class Fares From Cairo To The US!

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Qatar Airways consistently has great business class fares, especially for travel to the US (unfortunately the same can’t consistently be said for tickets originating in the US, though there are exceptions).


Cheap business class fares on Qatar Airways are a great way to rack up American AAdvantage miles, and even a great way to get accelerated earning towards American’s elite qualifying dollar requirement.

The market with the most consistently excellent Qatar Airways fares is Cairo, and Qatar Airways is back with some of the best fares I’ve ever seen out of Cairo.

Specifically, we’re seeing ~$1,100 roundtrip business class fares between Cairo and several U.S. gateways. While you can see some of these fares on Google Flights and ITA Matrix, not all fares are showing up there — the best place to search is directly on Qatar Airways’ website.

For example, you can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Philadelphia for 19,084EGP, or ~$1,087 (which is especially awesome, since the Doha to Philadelphia flight is operated by the A350, featuring Qatar’s best current business class product):


Or you can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to Miami for 20,904EGP, or ~$1,191:


Or you can fly roundtrip business class from Cairo to New York for 26,397EGP, or ~$1,504:


Keep in mind that if crediting these flights to American you’d earn:

  • 150% elite qualifying miles for segments in first or business class
  • 100% redeemable miles for segments in the “R” fare class, and 150% redeemable miles for segments in the “A” fare class
  • A 120% mileage bonus if you’re an Executive Platinum member
  • 20% elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)

Qatar Airways A350 business class

To crunch the numbers on the mileage earning, let’s take the above routing between Cairo and Miami, for ~$1,191 roundtrip. You’d earn:

  • 26,880 elite qualifying miles
  • 19,198 redeemable miles
  • 42,236 redeemable miles as an Executive Platinum member


While everyone has different comfort levels with travel, personally I felt very safe traveling to Egypt, and thought it was fascinating to visit the Pyramids (Le Meridien Cairo Airport is also awesome).


Obviously this is a great fare for any oneworld flyer based in the region who would like to visit the US. But this fare can even be useful for North America based flyers, at least for the crazy among us. Say you’re planning a vacation to the region. Book an award ticket to get to the Middle East, then use this fare to get back to the US, and then you can use the return of this trip to start your next trip.

Bottom line

This certainly isn’t for everyone, especially not for those looking for a simple trip from the US to elsewhere. However, I know there are also a lot of crazies among us (myself included) who love these kinds of cheap Qatar Airways business class fares. These tickets are insanely cheap, so hopefully some of you can take advantage of them.

I can’t wait for Qatar Airways’ new business class product to be rolled out, as it will make these fares even sweeter.

(Tip of the hat to Roaming Ryan)

  1. You should always include the economy fares aso well so we can compare and appreciate how good a deal this is.

  2. Travelling to the Middle East is no issue but I would assume less and less people taking interest in going to US. Thus flights to US will remain cheap while flights leaving US will be pricier. The simple consequence of isolationism and unilateralism.

  3. I already started this when the Egyptian Pound was devalued so my next trip is taking me back to CAI. I was gonna hop down to JNB and do an insane CX Premium Econ mileage run JNB-HKG-JFK RT. Guess I’ll book RT to JNB and another one of these from CAI to get home now ^_^

  4. @Ron
    Yes, I’d suggest what we’re seeing here is a reaction to the same drop in travel that Lucky reported for Emirates earlier today (a 35% fall overnight); lower loadings means more seats to sell even at heavily discounted rates.

    I work for a small international organisation that’s spread pretty evenly over Europe, North and South America; our meetings could be in any of those regions but, increasingly, my members don’t want to travel to the US. The number of business meetings we’re holding in the US during 2017 is about half what we did in 2016. There may be not much logic behind it, but sentiment is important, too: where our members have a choice, they’re choosing other countries.

    Look out for more bargains, until airlines can adjust capacity.

  5. The combination of the high USD$ and Trump’s toxic policies have made the U.S. a much less desirable destination.

  6. @Paul

    Indeed. We have a few people that do a few business trips to US annually. Current interest is absolutely zero. Likely not a single trip this year versus 15-20 we did the last few years.
    I myself will certainly not go anymore as I’m planning to visit Iran and have no desire to explain to an untrained CBP guy why I went there.

  7. These are incredible fares but they’ve been this good ever since the Egyptian pound devaluation! I booked at this price several months ago – before Trump came into office!

  8. @ trex

    Yes, these xCAI fares predate Trump and have been around for awhile, but the downturn in U.S. bound travel does not.

  9. If it’s EQMs folks are after, I encourage you to look at x-CAI on BA/AA on the AA published fare to JFK, LAX and HNL. Fares are comparable to QR and you get 2x EQM for AA coded flights vs 1.5 for QR. EQD will be MUCH better on QR however.

  10. As many other commenters have pointed out, there are THOUSANDS of websites and blogs for you guys to have your political rants…Take it to one of them…NO ONE reading this blog is here for political commentary…

  11. @RB – fair point. They were running the old BM 321s on the route which had the Thompson seat in it – even has a few throne seats…but you are correct – with the 788 now on the route – it’s kinda sub-par. (Not sure if that’s a seasonal thing and if it will migrate back). My suggestion might be to console yourself in the CX F Lounge in LHR if you are EXP with a bit of Champagne and consider using an SWU for F back to JFK. All depends on your goal I guess – EQMs, EQDs or experience. The ‘bonus’ trip to Hawaii for almost no additional money in J may also help sooth any sore muscles from the 2000’s style BA J seat.

    Happy travels – with whichever experience works best for your style of travel.

  12. @RB – one last thing that was implied but not stated – the fare to hawaiian islands has a couple of free stopovers allowed in route.

  13. For the political gangsters, they have been running J fare sales out of Cairo and Colombo for a long time. It seems to pop up a couple times a year. Put your conspiracy theories away. This is a great deal for those looking for EQMs and EQDs on AA. Doesn’t look like I can take advantage of it this time however. Hopefully they run this fare sale again later in the year.

  14. Another frivolous trip for the wannabes who want to look like frequent fliers.

    Hopefully AA fixes this nonsense with QR partner EQD sometime in the near future.

  15. Don’t you need a visa? How would it work if I were coming from, say, Dubai, and had this ‘new’ ticket?

  16. I can’t seem to find Qatar flights on Amex to do the pay with points to make this an even better deal… Any success?

  17. Trying to find other dates Cairo – PHL – Cairo at the fare that you posted but i don’t see any…do i need to put any codes?

  18. Nice story, Ben! I was one of the lucky ones last week to score the QR TXL-DOH-HKT full “Y” fare tickets for a quick run from Berlin to Phuket and back, which even in economy scores good EQMs and EQDs towards maintaining status on AA. Though the legroom with those IFE boxes underneath the seats might be an issue on one of those stretches…

  19. Interested more on the safety situation in Cairo, both downtown and in Giza. Do you stay downtown too? Where? I was just at the lovely Meridien Airport (great breakfast), but did not go into town. Emirates had great fares ex-Cairo, but they seem to have disappeared.

  20. It’s a free country, or at least it was. Polite “political” commentary should not be banned or criticized.

    These are great fares, and I bet we see more of them (hint) even though some may resent the innuendo.

    My question is what are some good ways to get to Cairo. I’ve never seen the pyramids.

  21. @Lucky Thank you VERY MUCH for this post, I was sitting getting ready to book a flight to US east coast in sep-oct, I usually do BA but service is a city in Russia when it comes to BA – but the price is high that they should be applauded for.

    So i got me some CAI-PHL PHL-CAI (24.848 EGP ~ 9.900 DKK), which comes up apr. 3,5< times cheaper than CPH – LHR – WAS (34.735 DKK) or PHL (33.144 DKK) w/ BA – so hopefully they wont change plane type.

    Of course i need a flight to CAI from CPH but Austrian via Vienna that is apr. 7.500 DKK so apr. 3 cheaper with Qatar Airways.

  22. The Trump apologists here are so sensitive. As much as Trump hates the free press and declares it “the enemy of the people,” the US is still a free country. Lucky has the right to publish what he wants, and we have the right to comment on it as we see fit. At least for now.

  23. Already have a flight to CAI booked for next month, and have been looking for a return flight. Obviously, this is an attractive option. How would you use the return leg? Could you just pick a date and change it later? Wouldn’t that incur change fees? And what would you use it for? Just transiting through Cairo on the way to the next vacation destination?

  24. I booked MIA December, 777-300ER, maybe the new Biz will be already on one of those flights, well, Qatar said rolling out from June but thy have been known to tell a few porkies in the past, Big ol’ Al Baker is a master at it because where he comes from, one does not dare question it. Or disappear. ha ha

  25. paul5795 says: March 12, 2017 at 7:29 pm The Trump apologists here are so sensitive. As much as Trump hates the free press and declares it “the enemy of the people,” the US is still a free country. Lucky has the right to publish what he wants, and we have the right to comment on it as we see fit. At least for now.

    Stop being so over dramatic Paul 5795. You’re sounding like one of those hysterical Liberals who cannot accept the result. He won. Let him go. 4 years. If you don’t like it, then vote him out. That’s how it works mate.

    I am prepared to give our President a chance. At least he’s in there doing things. Stuff is happening. Sure, I might not agree with some of it but at last he’s having a go in the true American spirit.

    If you don’t like it, Canada has a mad-Leftie running the joint, you can live there for a few years and see how you like it in the most boring and expensive place on earth. And when the mad-Leftie inevitably destroys the economy, ( that’s what Lefties do, spend, spend, spend, Obama a case at hand ) then you can come home and realise the Land of the Free ain’t so bad after all mate.

  26. This is awesome – I was looking for a drop in Qatar J fares for a while. Will kill 3 birds – visit Egypt, fly business class & requalify on AA.

  27. Lucky I appreciate you posting these cheap QR biz deals. I’m returning to Colombo tomorrow on the back half of a ticket from January. 5 days in Sri Lanka. Then a week in Seychelles before we make our way to Luxor, Egypt for a couple days. We then start a new r/t ticket on QR Luxor-Doha-Philadelphia. We’ll use the back half of that ticket to go back to Cairo in August to start another trip. All the while scoring big EQD and EQM with AA. Our exCMB and exLXR tickets in QR business class in B777 and A350 were about $1,200 each.

  28. I have the same question as Jeff on using Amex Biz Plat & pay with points. Anyone have any insight if it’s possible to book one of these fantastic fares (and earn all those miles) for less than 60,000 MRs?

  29. @ Robbo, Sorry “mate” that ain’t the way it works in America. You may be prepared to give a free hand for four years to the Demagogue in Chief, who incites fear and hate for political purposes, and his reactionary “Make America Great Again” henchmen. Others are not. As much as some want to avoid the truth, or at least another point of view, peaceful dissent is the most important right of a democracy.

    It is frankly very scary to many when a POTUS latches onto and refuses to let go of delusions (inauguration crowd size, 3-5 million fraudulent voters who all voted for his opponent, wiretapping by his predecessor, among the recent ones) while dismissing tangible evidence of enemy interference in the American election. I pray this is just an act or that his advisers can keep him from going off the deep end one day. I hope no officer with those traits is commanding a nuclear submarine, a missile silo, or a nuclear bomber.

    Obama, Clinton, Romney, McCain, Bush, Gore, Clinton, Dole, Bush, Dukakis — I wouldn’t vote for some of ’em, but I would trust ’em all to refrain from doing anything that was bat shit crazy.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when a POTUS could possibly be regarded as an existential threat to many of our democratic values and even the country itself. But no worries mate or is it comrade.

    PS Ain’t nobody goin’ nowhere.

  30. I’m with you, “John”, regarding the rant by “Robbo”.

    In Canada we’re quite happy with our young, forward-thinking prime minister. And we understand and accept that we must pay more for some things in order to have one of the world’s best health care systems. For 57 years I lived in the States. And for the last 10 years I’ve lived in Canada. It’s SO much better here!

  31. Yeah, you don’t need really need the press (left, right, main, whatever) to understand Trump. All you have to do is read his many tweets and watch his many videos over the years. Uninformed assaults on the election process, cyberbullying of women, personal attacks on judges, attacks on the press, fear mongering about immigrants and terrorism — and incredible, repeated lies. The best thing that can likely happen (unfortunately) over the next four years is that the USA scrapes by without nuclear war or a devastating trade war while Trump gets incredibly rich through corruption. Of course, in his efforts to bend and destroy the truth Trump he will call his corrupt activities “just good business,” and his mindless supporters — who didn’t care at all about even seeing his tax returns — will swallow that swill.

    And, no, patriotic Americans will not just “get over” Trump’s election. We are mobilizing already to fight for the 2018 midterms and the future of our republic.

  32. @super VC10 Actually a very significant number of Canadians detest the Mad Leftie Pierre-fils from the strong background of Snowboard Instructor and Drama Teacher. Such qualifications are truly desirable in a Prime Minister.

    His major claim to fame is legalization of Marijuana. Thanks but no thanks.

    There will be very little left of our country’s economy by the time little Pierre is finished with it.

  33. Just got back from CAI and LXR recently. Never felt unsafe at all the whole time. Stayed at Mena House in Giza and not a bad deal. I much prefer Luxor to Giza however.
    I booked some of the cheap EK fares from back in DEC – CAI-LAX. I noticed they changed equip from A380 to 777 on some of these flights. My flight was biz, “downgraded” to 777 so I called EK and asked to switch to the A380 flight. Was repriced at 138k EGP lol. So I ended up sending the ticket for refund and booked the AA fare for the r/t.

  34. How is the internet access/speed in the CAI Le Méridien ?

    For those of us who have to work remote …

  35. Im not interested unfortunately in reading the blog if I have to read Anti-American and Anti-trump rhetoric. Its not the place. I have earned over 600,000 miles from reading this blog since September and have used every credit card link from OMAAT. I can easily use other links where I am not politically assaulted.

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