Qatar Airways awards now bookable on British Airways’ website!

Update: It seems like as of now award space is searchable online, though not bookable

Qatar Airways is set to join the OneWorld alliance on October 30, 2013, though both American and British Airways already have reciprocal mileage agreements with Qatar Airways, so it’s possible to redeem both mileage currencies for travel on Qatar Airways.

Anyway, one major frustration has been that up until now it hasn’t been possible to search Qatar Airways award space online. However, per a Tweet I just received from @mrtraveltricks, it appears as if Qatar Airways award space is finally showing up on!



I’ll do a bit of research today into any availability trends I notice and will report back. This is really exciting, especially for when they join OneWorld and Qatar Airways can be booked on an American distance based award.

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  1. What situation would you use Qatar via BA? From your post, it seems like you’re targeting short flights like Doha to Dubai. Is that where the best value is? Perhaps Doha to Male would be cheap?!?

  2. @ Shawn — Correct, generally speaking if you’re going to redeem BA Avios you’re best off using the for short distances. So it’s tough to beat them for travel within the Middle East, and also for travel from Doha to Europe, India, and parts of Asia.

  3. Getting an error when trying to book DOH to DXB on Nov 14th. I chose one way ticket. Tried all classes but same error:


    Sorry, we cannot currently book the journey you have chosen. You may wish to reselect a different cabin, try again later, or call your service center.

  4. @ Shawn @ WALDEMAR BIENKOWSKI — Yep, looks like the space is searchable but not bookable online yet. Sorry about that.

  5. I also tried DEL-DOH-JFK and it was available but not bookable. Might have to call BA to get this processed.

  6. @ gomike — There are fuel surcharges, though they’re not too crazy compared to other airlines. JFK-DOH roundtrip in business class has $688 in fuel surcharges, though you wouldn’t want to redeem BA Avios for a routing like that anyway. They’re obviously lower for shorter distance awards.

  7. I wonder when we’ll be able to search and book Alaska availability. That would make Avios substantially more valuable for me, as my most common route that I’d want to redeem for is a sub-500 mile route that’s served nonstop. I currently use UA on that route, but not having to call and pay the $25 surcharge would make redeeming Avios on this route the best deal.

  8. Rich – I don’t think BA charges you for calling and booking. I called a couple weeks ago to book SEA-LAX on AS and was only charged $5 for the round trip, no booking fee.

  9. @ Rich — You should be able to get them to waive the phone booking since it can’t be booked online. That being said totally agree that they should get the space online since it’s such a pain to call, especially with their limited hours.

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