Qatar Airways Adjusts A380 Schedules

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Qatar Airways has come across as remarkably organized lately when it comes to their A380 operations, which almost seemed too good to be true.

Qatar Airways A380

However, it looks like Qatar Airways will be changing up their A380 schedule to all three destinations they’re scheduled to fly the whale jet. It’s only to keep us on our toes, of course:

Qatar Airways A380 Bangkok flights

Last week Qatar Airways announced they would start flying the A380 between Doha and Bangkok as of January 5, 2015. That kind of surprised me. While Bangkok is no doubt a popular destination, it’s not historically a very high yield destination.

They’re now moving up the date they start daily A380 flights to Bangkok to December 1, 2014. The schedule will be as follows:

QR836 Doha to Bangkok departing 1:55AM arriving 12:10PM
QR833 Bangkok to Doha departing 8:45PM arriving 11:55PM

Qatar Airways A380 business class

Qatar Airways A380 Paris flights

Next, a while back Qatar Airways announced they would commence daily A380 flights to Paris as of November 1, 2014, though that has now been moved back to November 4, 2014. The schedule remains as follows:

QR39 Doha to Paris departing 7:55AM arriving 1:10PM
QR40 Paris to Doha departing 3:00PM arriving 11:25PM

They’ve also just announced that they’ll add a second daily A380 flight to Paris as of January 5, 2015. The schedule will be as follows:

QR41 Doha to Paris departing 1:40AM arriving 6:55AM
QR42 Paris to Doha departing 8:50AM arriving 5:15PM

Qatar Airways A380 first class

Qatar Airways A380 London flights

Qatar Airways’ first A380 destination was London Heathrow, with service commencing on October 10, 2014 (I was on the inaugural flight!). The schedule for that flight is as follows:

QR03 Doha to London departing 7:45AM arriving 12:25PM
QR04 London to Doha departing 2:15PM arriving 11:55PM

On top of that, Qatar Airways had announced they would add a second daily A380 flight to London Heathrow as of December 1, 2014, though that has since been canceled. So Qatar Airways is going against the trend of their Middle Eastern counterparts, who are all on track to exclusively operate A380s to London Heathrow.

Qatar Airways A380 business class bar

Bottom line

If I’m following the order here correctly:

  • Qatar Airways is launching an A380 flight to Bangkok instead of a second daily A380 flight to London
  • Qatar Airways is launching a second A380 flight to Paris on the same date Bangkok service was initially supposed to commence

In other words, Qatar Airways has no damn clue what they want to do with their A380s. šŸ˜‰

I’m still waiting for them to announce their A350 launch date. They’re the launch customer for the A350 and have announced they’ll begin flying them to Frankfurt as of January, though nothing has been announced beyond that.

Qatar Airways A350

  1. Wonder what the load factors are ? They’re great and all, but been to Doha once, and that’s enough.

  2. i still can’t wrap my hear around BKK… sure they can sell a lot of coach seats on those flights but what about premium seats?

  3. @ M Simons — I think they’re going mostly after people connecting elsewhere. They’re trying to make Doha a global hub for people flying between other regions.

  4. @ Lantean — The problem with your question is that they’re not a for profit company (or I suppose they are, but with what they’re paying per barrel of oil, does it really matter). Maybe His Excellency had a family vacation planned there? šŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Lucky,

    I just checked out QR40 reservation in F for next May and it hasn’t moved from 4:00 to the 3:00 departure you mentioned. Is this an adjustment due to daylight savings?

  6. I bet this is temporary. It seems to me they are upping usage instead of keeping them on the ground for long.

  7. Awesome – already booked for QR41 in late February so I get to try the new business class on the A380 in addition to 2 legs on the 787.

  8. Ben,

    I am booked in a flight from DOH to BKK on the 25th of december and it`s true. My seatmap already shows the a380, which is awesome!

    Very very happy about that.

  9. Given that EK flies DXB – BKK – HKG and RJ flies AMM – BKK – HKG, KQ does NBO – BKK – HKG and ET used to do ADD – BKK – HKG (they now fly straight to HKG then forward to ICN), I’m hoping QR will fly that A380 DOH – BKK – HKG as well. What do you think Lucky?

  10. @ Alvin — Highly unlikely I think, given how few A380s they are and that they have them scheduled for a tight turn in Bangkok as of now.

  11. You’re quite right, Qatar Airways haven’t a clue as to which route to fly their A380’s. It seems that for four days 6th – 9th November, they have temporarily substituted an A340 for flights QR003/4 (DOH/LHR/DOH) as the A380 is ‘booked’ into Paris. Come next Monday, the A380 comes back to London and the Paris flight reverts to a B777-300! This is going to annoy those passengers who specifically booked to fly QR003/4 knowing that they would get a seat on the new super jumbo (me included). But this will be nothing to how upset some business class passengers will be when they find out that the ‘product’ on the older planes isn’t quite up to the new offering!

  12. Had a trip booked to BKK months ago. A few weeks ago, I checked my booking and suddenly our DOH – BKK flights were changed from flying the b777 to the a380. Naturally, I was very excited, as I’ve never been on an a380 before. Then I started reading more about this changed coz i was under the impression that the a380 flies to London. Things then seemed way too good to be true. Then I saw something about Paris, and i was baffled. Up till this day, I dont know which aircraft I am flying coz i just dont know what to believe anymore!

  13. am booked for the A380 for 11july Bkk from Jka Nairobi via Doha can’t wait to experience my first class experience

  14. I’m trying to pick a380 flying from clt to bom on business class on qatar airways /
    can you suggest a route please ?

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