Qantas Offering Double Status Credits For A Limited Time

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When you credit an eligible flight to Qantas Frequent Flyer, the loyalty program of Qantas, you can earn both Qantas points, and Qantas status credits.

I’ve written before about what I believe to be the best uses of redeeming Qantas Points.

Qantas is a member of the oneworld alliance, so Qantas status credits are earned towards Qantas (and therefore oneworld) status. In order to reach each level of status in the Qantas frequent flyer program, the following Qantas status credits are required:

  • Silver (oneworld Ruby): 300
  • Gold (oneworld Sapphire): 700
  • Platinum (oneworld Emerald): 1400

You can determine how may status credits (and Qantas points) crediting any particular flight to Qantas Frequent Flyer will earn by using their calculator here.

Qantas Lounge LAX

Double status credits promotion

Qantas does occasionally run promotions where it offers double status credits on eligible flights for a certain period. This is a great way to reach Qantas status much faster, given it has fairly high thresholds to reach to obtain Gold or Platinum.

For all new bookings made from now until October 16, 2018, for travel from October 23, 2018, to June 30, 2019 (which is a generously wide date range), Qantas will provide twice the number of status credits that it normally would.

Now a number of conditions apply, namely:

  • You must register for the promotion before making any new bookings. You should have either received a promotional email with a link if you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, and if not you can register at this page here.
  • The offer is only available for new bookings made between October 11 and 16 — if you had made bookings before these dates, even if they are in the eligible travel period, you will not receive the additional status credits.
  • If you have booked decent status credit earning flights for the eligible travel period, but before this promotion started (i.e. a long haul premium Qantas operated flight), you may wish to see if there is any ability to refund that flight and re book it under the terms of the double status credit offer. For example, a return discount business class fare from Los Angeles to Sydney would normally net 360 status credits (return) but under this double offer that would be increased to 720 status credits, so you could earn Qantas Gold (oneworld Sapphire) from just one trip.
  • It is only available on Qantas operated flights with a Qantas flight number (both international and domestic), so code shares with say an Emirates flight number would not count. Most oneworld partner flights will also earn (more meagre) Qantas status credits but they will not receive the double status credits of this promotion.

Bottom line

Qantas isn’t the most lucrative frequent flyer program in the world, but I do appreciate they have these lucrative status credit offers a few times per year.

It can be a great fast track to valuable oneworld status.

The travel period is particularly generous as it is around eight months. Just please remember to register first and follow the terms of the offer!

Are you taking advantage of the Qantas double status credit promotion?


  1. WARNING FRIENDS !!! I had very bad experience at BEAUVAIS AIRPORT !!!

    Security took my foie gras even though it was in a 100g can. No explanation was given, but I found it soon after: they sell foie grois after SECURITY!!!!

    No water fountains, and consequently only overpriced water is sold after SECURITY!!!!!

    No choice of transportation to the city, and consequently overpriced bus as the only transportation method.

    AVOID THIS TIrIbble Airport!!!

  2. Stanley, I am not sure what your posting about Beauvais has to do with Qantas, but yes I agree it is a terrible airport! We passed through it in May. The terminal is a cramped dump, and only to be endured if you can’t find a flight that uses one of the other Paris area airports…

  3. Qantas is the best airline in the world. Friendly staff, tasty food and wines. State of the art lounges and business class seats. What more can one ask for ln life.

  4. @ Elijah

    Perhaps in life one could ask for:

    – a call centre that answers your phone calls without a call hold close to one hour
    – a reward ticket without a $500 cash fuel surcharge slapped onto it
    – award pricing on multi sector itineraries that don’t charge the full premium points when only the local domestic leg is in premium and the long sector in economy
    – a booking interface that has a multi stop function that actually works
    – pricing on its website which reflects the current deals advertised on its own website (but are available through third parties) rather than fares 35% over that advertised
    – access to seat selection inventory that isn’t totally blocked off for high status frequent flyers (e.g. business class domestic 737s)
    – reinstatement of points on a canceled reward bookings from certain origins (like HKG an DXB) within the 14 day KPI, rather than weeks later
    – points / status credits earned on partner airlines (e.g. Jetstar) which post promptly without the need to complain to the airline repeatedly over a period of weeks
    – agents who don’t lie to customers about their options when enforcing a downgrade from QF business class to JQ zero service economy
    – being treated the same in the lounge on an F award flight as a paying passenger
    – a concierge service (for elite PlatinumOne) that answers the phone rather than lets most calls divert to voicemail
    – executive staff who actually listen to the feedback from their own coal face staff and customer base

    Probably will think of others later…

  5. PS. Oh and refuses to count credit card points transfers as account activity (to avoid expiry of points) despite not making such clear on its website…

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