Qantas adds chauffeur for first/business class passengers on select routes (including award tickets)

One of the great things about Emirates is that they offer complimentary chauffeur service to all premium cabin passengers at virtually all their destinations, regardless of whether they’re on an award ticket or not.

Now that Emirates and Qantas have a huge joint venture going, it’s not surprising that Qantas added the same on their new flights to/from Dubai, in order to align the products offered by both airlines.

However, in July they’ve also expanded this service to first and business class passengers on all their US routes, including the following:

Los Angeles <> Sydney QF11/12/107/108
Los Angeles <> Melbourne QF93/94
Los Angeles <> Brisbane QF15/16
Dallas Fort Worth via Brisbane <> Sydney QF7/8

In 2014 the service will be expanded to all international destinations for flights more than 12 hours long. You can find the mileage restrictions for this service here, though it appears at DFW and LAX the complimentary chauffeur service is available within 40 miles of the airport, in SYD it’s available within 40km of the airport, and in BNE and MEL it’s available within 60km of the airport. The service is available both on arrival and departure. In order to be eligible you have to be booked on a Qantas flight number and technically the ticket has to be issued by Qantas, though that doesn’t seem to be the case in practice.


Awesome, awesome, awesome!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Works only on Qantas-issued tickets, though, so AA award tickets are not eligible for this.

  2. @ Rohan — While that does seem to be in the T&Cs, I had no problem booking the service for an upcoming Qantas flight issued on American ticket stock.

  3. Please let us know how it works out … I have the same question for AA Qantas award in February. Sure hope it works! I thought the #17 “complimentary tix” or #1 (081 tiket number) would rule us out. This would be awesome!!

  4. While this is great overall, it’s rotten that they extend it to QF107/108 at LAX but not at JFK, where the flight terminates. I’m an Aussie living in NYC and it seems a bit perverse to offer it to the passengers who get off in LA but not to those of us who take the flight the whole way. Harumph.

  5. Sweet…should come in handy next May for our A380 F trip LAX-MEL.

    I’m sure loving that BA Gold status in combination with 700,000 Avios, AA EXP status, and 1.5 million AA miles. 😉 Thanks bmi!

  6. Worked like a charm on my upcoming (next week) AA award on the QF A380 F outbound, 747 J back. I agree with Josh that it’s a shame that they don’t offer it at JFK.

    Thanks Ben for your awesome blog!

  7. Probably more accurate to say “on select US routes” versus “all US routes” … QF service to JFK does not include this service.

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