Professor Fired After Throwing Tantrum On Flight

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A couple of days ago I posted the video clip of a Chinese man throwing a tempter tantrum while being removed from a United flight between Shanghai and Newark. According to other passengers on the flight, he was caught multiple times trying to upgrade from economy to business class, and at one point was even seen walking down the aisle with champagne from business class.

He refused to leave the aircraft, at which point the cops were called. That’s where the real struggle began, as the guy refused to get off the plane. Instead he kicked and screamed, which caused quite a commotion. Here’s the video:

We’re now getting a bit of the backstory about this guy. Not only does he have to deal with the embarrassment of the video being posted online, but he also lost his job over it. As it turns out he was a professor, though the university has sacked him following the incident. Via The Star:

For his embarrassing antics, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, Sichuan province, has terminated its relationship with Lu Yong.

In a statement posted on its official Weibo account on Tuesday (Dec 8), the university confirmed that Lu had been teaching there as a guest professor since August. He was also the director of its Internet Finance Research Centre.

The university said that it “values the virtues and ethical conduct” of its teachers and does not tolerate unlawful behaviour.

“It is our belief that professors should be morally respectable so as to teach their students,” it added.

The three officers in the video were all assaulted by the passenger, with one suffering bruising, while the other two were bitten. The passenger was arrested and is still in police custody as of the time of this post.

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  1. “It is our belief that professors should be morally respectable so as to teach their students” morally respectable ? such old antiquated thinking. who cares if clinton did his thing with a intern. its pure personal & nothing to do with anyone else.

  2. @Why: While I can see you’re angling for the ability to cry racism, I think it’s poignant to clarify the man’s nationality as it was an international flight originating in China but destined for the United States. There could be multiple nationalities on the plane, chiefly American and Chinese. Stating the nationality helps paint how the problem will be dealt with. I’m sure an American on this flight being detained by Chinese authorities would have a much different outcome than a Chinese passenger.

  3. Penn State position is his main job, He is only a visiting academic at Chinese University! Chinese university just terminated his visits!

    Bottom line : Ben I guess you don’t have much knowledge of university system, this dude is American university professor, he will go back to Penn State Uni to teach!

  4. @Adam
    I’m not angling for anything; rather, was trying to understand the need. Further, in terms of consistency on this site, demonyms appear to only be used with non-whites.

  5. @why

    “Chinese” is an adjective. It describes the man. If you want to read into it, go call the thought police. In fact go call Orwell. Otherwise, ***k off and stop being butthurt.

  6. @why, Historically, most people in the U.S. are white. While that may be changing, for the present, most of us who grew up here assume a person is white unless the speaker indicates otherwise. It’s not racist, just efficient. If you tell me a story that takes place in India, I assume the characters are Indian. If the story takes place in Africa, I will assume the characters are black Africans unless you say otherwise.

  7. @mbh And this took place in China, so the automatic assumption would be he’s Chinese. The video further shows that. So why the need to say he’s Chinese again?

  8. @David – How about entitled douchebag instead of Chinese man. Is that better, or does that hurt your feeling too?

  9. @mbh
    “Historically, most people in the U.S. are white…”

    When does your History begins and where does it ends… do you really wants to go there??

  10. Looks like Penn State employees have a habit of either getting hands put on them (this professor) or putting hands on somebody else (Jerry Sandusky).

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