Priority Club publishes new PointBreaks list!

Priority Club has just published their latest batch of PointBreaks hotels. For those not familiar with PointBreaks, it’s where Priority Club offers certain hotels for award redemption for a mere 5,000 points per night. Given that there are several InterContinental hotels on this list that usually go for 30,000-40,000 points per night, that’s quite a steal. And keep in mind that you can even buy 5,000 Priority Club points for $30….

This is simply the best ongoing redemption opportunity in the hotel industry.

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  1. Oh boy!! If only all of these (i.e., availability) remained active the entire three months…its tough to plan something at the spur of the moment!

  2. they vanished pretty quickly…the Middle East and Africa offerings were also very limited and remote

  3. Well I missed the boat on this update. I didn’t see your post yesterday Lucky.

    I posted the full list of properties available today and there are no IC hotels.

    Which IC hotels were there yesterday?

  4. c’mon Sinep, you remember Montanna…..its the state populated exclusively by 11-14 year old screaming adolescent girls… 😉

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