Earn Free Lounge Visits With Your Free Lounge Visits

Plaza Premium operates lounges around the world, which are accessible with a Priority Pass membership. As far as contract/third party lounges go, I find that many of their lounges are among the better ones out there.

For example, the Plaza Premium Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 4 is quite nice, with comfortable seating, a decent food & drink selection, etc.

Plaza-Premium-Lounge-London-Heathrow - 15

While getting into Plaza Premium lounges as a Priority Pass member is already a pretty good benefit, it seems that it gets even better.

Plaza Premium has launched a rewards program, called Arrture, which offers rewards every time you visit a Plaza Premium lounge. Best of all, you’re eligible for rewards even if you’re entering a lounge with your Priority Pass membership.

Through this program you earn 100 points every time you access a Plaza Premium lounge through paid access, complimentary credit card access, network airline access, or club membership partner access.


Then you can redeem 2,000 points for a visit to a Plaza Premium lounge. Of course that’s not that useful if you have access to these lounges through Priority Pass anyway, but you can always give the voucher to a friend or family member.


While I don’t find that redemption option to be that valuable, Plaza Premium does say that they’ll add more “goods and services” as redemption options in the future, which is probably what I’d be saving my points for.

Furthermore, just for being a member of the program you save 15% on the cost of walk-up lounge visits, spa treatments in the lounges, and other airport services.


You can register for Arrture upon entering any Plaza Premium lounge, so just ask for an enrollment form when you get there. While this program isn’t life changing, there’s no reason not to sign up, as you can earn rewards points towards free visits, or other goods and services in the future, just for visiting the lounge for “free.”

(Tip of the hat to Head for Points)


  1. I found out about this when I flew through AUH in December. I wasn’t going to even visit the Priority Pass lounges (since the Etihad lounge is much better), but I ended up stopping by both Priority Pass lounges just to get these points. I felt sort of bad just popping in for a second, but they didn’t care. I guess they’re getting paid whether I stay 1 minute or 1 hour.

  2. @Christian

    I’m sure they love that you stay for one minute and do not consume any food or drink while getting the full price of admission from PP.

  3. You wax lyrical about the Air Serbia Premium Lounge at Belgrade Airport but you call the T4 Plaza Premium “quite nice”? Bizarre.

  4. I just got my Priority Pass as a “free” benefit for getting the Chase Saphire Reserve Visa card. This card has a $450 annual fee, a $300 travel credit, and 100,000 bonus points (good for $1500 worth of travel when redeemed through Chase, plus other benefits. I have yet to use the Pass. I noticed that the lounges associated with it in airports I use most (ORD, SFO) are in International terminals. Unless I have a really long layover, I won’t be using the pass on domestic flights. I do take international flights our of O’Hare several times a year so I plan to use it then.

  5. Brilliant move on their part. Collect the full reimbursement amount from Priority Pass from travelers who would never otherwise enter their lounge but do so without consuming any food or alcohol, costing them nothing, and then leaving to collect the points. 20 reimbursements from PP is more than enough to cover one future lounge entrant! 😉

  6. Wish I had read this before going to one in Toronto yesterday. The lounge in Terminal 1 US Departures was packed. Every seat taken. There were at least a dozen pilots and flight attendants in uniform. Weird. The wine they served was cheap Niagara plonk. The lounge was fine otherwise but they need to expand the space.

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