Video: SkyWest Pilot Proposes To Flight Attendant Girlfriend On Plane

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Here’s a video which is cute and worth watching of a SkyWest pilot who proposed to his girlfriend before a flight they were working together. It also happened to be their anniversary.

First of all, congrats to the engaged couple!

Beyond that I have two thoughts. First of all, would he have still operated the flight if she said no? That seems like it wouldn’t have ended well. Second of all, at times I think the comments section on this blog gets crazy, but then I read the comments section of this Fox News video. Just wow. There are questions about how this doesn’t constitute sexual harassment, how this is different than football players kneeling, and of course Obama!

  1. We have got to stop this demeaning tradition of getting down on the knee like you are her servant. Sexist women enjoy watching guys demean themselves like that.

    If you think there is nothing wrong in this, you women should go make me a sandwich. Don’t forget the coffee.

  2. My concern either way (yes or no) would be if his mind was totally on flying the aircraft after such an emotional event. Cute sure, but probably better done at the end of the flight than before he was responsible for the safety of an aircraft and passengers. I do wish them well!

  3. He probably already proposed to her before hand , or had a serious conversation. And this was just for the benefit of a ceremony

  4. Cute! And we should be appreciative and protective of these alternative forms of love and relationships such as traditional old-school heterosexual monogamous marriage. As long as itā€˜s two adults consenting we should applaud for their love šŸ™‚

  5. P.S. I know that heterosexual marriage is only monogamous on the surface, so donā€˜t blame me for the irony ^^

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