Picketing at Andaz West Hollywood

I’m staying at the Andaz West Hollywood in a room on a high floor. Here’s the audio from the picketing I had to put up with between 6A and 7AM this morning. Yes, I had to listen to that for an hour straight.

The more I think about it, the more unbelievable it is to me. The hotel management has to do something to warn guests about this, or heck, fix the situation.

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  1. Wow. They really should. No problem with picketing between 8a or 9a. but 6a is unacceptable. Call the cops yourself.

  2. usually 6am is the legal time for such a thing. that’s the point… to generate blog posts like this so the management will be encouraged to settle with the picketers.

  3. I feel bad for your and the other guests. You should have been warned if management knew ahead of time.

    That said, I hope the unions are successful in regaining their lost benefits. As our President once said: ENOUGH!

  4. I was in SFO at the Marriott back in 2001, and the same thing was going on. 6AM was the norm.

    Don’t worry, soon we’ll all end up like Greece, and they’ll really have something to yell about!

  5. I ran into this during my April stay at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square. On the last two days of my stay, there was no room service or bar service, as the employees went on strike.

  6. The first time my wife vomited from her cancer treatment was six weeks into chemotherapy last year when she was woken up at 7am by the hotel protestors at Le Meridien San Francisco. Even with the windows closed to our suite on the 22nd floor, the noise was pounding on the walls and glass.

    Hotel workers are fighting back against the hotels by making guests uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I think the hotel chains are backed more strongly by the public who feel these protests should not be allowed.

    Hotels are one of the last strong bastions of unionism in private sector service. I think this is the decade when we really see the blow to unionism in America.

    I have had plenty of jobs in the past 30 years. The jobs with the best benefits were my union jobs.


  7. Well IMO the hotel is partly to blame for doing business with a trade union. Seriously, why would anybody in their right mind want union employees.

    Second, the Union loses all sympathy from guests who will go elsewhere and view the picketers as the problem. The hotel should take a strong stance on this and cancel their union contract and find someone to disperse these picketers.

  8. @Paul-no compensation for this diamond when I experienced it last week. I went out for a run while it was still going on, and there were a lot of uncomfortable looks from the staff in the lobby. The picketers were gone when I returned.

  9. For what it’s worth I was contacted by the GM about 30 minutes after posting, so I’ll be providing an update when I post my review of this hotel in a bit. I will say, though, that this does not happen every day (apparently twice in the past two weeks)…

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