Earn An Easy $50 Plus Free Credit Card Points

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There’s an easy opportunity to make a roughly $50 profit tomorrow while being able to spend about $1,400 on your credit card for “free” (which can be a great way to earn bonus points or to complete the minimum spend on a credit card).

This opportunity is available through PFS Buyers Club, which is a website that offers people money for helping them source limited edition items.

Specifically, at 12PM ET tomorrow (Thursday, September 6, 2018), the US Mint will release a limited edition coin, and they’re hoping to get their hands on as many as possible, since you’re otherwise limited to buying one per household.

To help them do this, you’ll first need to register for PFS Buyers Club, and then you have to opt-in to the deal. The catch is that if you opt-in then they ask that you actually take advantage of the deal, since they’re specifically limiting registration so that everyone who opts in can take advantage of the deal, which is a reasonable courtesy.Rather than describing the process, here are the deal basics, which I think are better copy and pasted, so no one feels misled:

*On Thursday, September 6th – at 12:00pm ET – the US Mint will release a limited edition Palladium Proof coin. The purchase is limited to one (1) coin per household.

*The cost of each coin will be $1,387.50. After including the $4.95 shipping, each order’s total will either be $1,392.45.

*You will have the box shipped to your own house or office and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club with a prepaid FedEx shipping label that we will provide for you. The box MUST remain sealed.

*We will pay you $1,443.00 for a profit of $50.55 per coin ordered. This is also a great opportunity to earn valuable points/miles on your credit cards, as well as meet any spending thresholds.

*We will also be offering referrals for this deal of $20 per completed referral. Referral terms and details are posted on the My Referrals page.

*Only a limited number of people will be approved for this offer. There are 15,000 of these coins being minted, and we do not want to hold any extra inventory for ourselves. It truly is impossible to know if they’ll be a good investment / speculation especially since this is a brand new metal that the Mint is trying to sell as proof coins to collectors and the Mint clearly stated that they will be lifting the household limits for these coins 24 hours after they go on sale.

*You must be approved before making the purchase. If you do not receive a confirmation email to purchase you will not be reimbursed.

*On the same note, since we want to fill our entire purchase order and are not accepting extra opt-ins, if you do want to partake in this deal, please make sure that you will be available to make the purchase at exactly 12PM ET. Also, we cannot afford to be a backstop for people wanting to speculate afterward. Any unfilled quantity we have, could have went to someone else that may not have been approved for the offer because of your spot. If you opt in – you must be fully committed to fulfill the deal.

*Important – our base case expectation is that these coins will sell out out rather quickly (hence the attractive risk free profit we are offering). We need our buyers to place their orders as early as possible. We are therefore not committing to purchase any coins that were ordered after 12:10PM ET. Also, if the coins go on backorder – DO NOT PURCHASE – unless you hear from us otherwise, we will most likely ask you to cancel any back-ordered orders.

Then here are the terms & conditions:

  1. Click the green “Opt in” button below to opt in to the deal. More detailed instructions will be posted on this page after you opt in.
  2. Between 12:00PM and 12:10PM ET, you will purchase one (1) American Eagle 2018 One Ounce Palladium Proof Coin and have it shipped to your home or office.
  3. You must input your Order Number in your “My Orders” page by 1PM on Thursday the 6th of September.
  4. When the order arrives, you must keep the (outer) US Mint box sealed – do not open the box at all.
  5. You must ship the coin to PFS via the prepaid return label within 2 business days of receiving them.
  6. You will receive a receipt from PFS Buyers Club once your order has been received.
  7. Compensation will be sent via Check or PayPal within 7 business days of the coin being delivered to a PFS Buyers Club.

This is a pretty easy opportunity to earn around $50 and spend ~$1,400 on your credit card, which can easily be worth ~$30, or can help you reach minimum spend to earn a welcome bonus, for a total reward of $80 or so, potentially.

For that you’ll have to accept delivery of the coin and then send it to them in a pre-paid envelopes. I imagine for most people this will be a worthwhile time investment. I know I’ll be taking advantage of this deal (or perhaps more accurately, I’ll be buying the coin tomorrow and will have it sent to my mom and give her instructions with what to do). 😉

Some might not find it worth their time, though, so give it some thought before signing up to take part in the promo. There’s of course also some level of risk involved here. This isn’t PFS Buyers Club’s first promotion, though you never can know for sure…

Do you plan on taking advantage of this deal?

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  1. If the mint will remove the limit in 24 hours why are they so eager to get it all in first ten minutes?

    I think they want to corner the market i.e if the orders are on backorder then some others also got in many orders then they couldn’t corner the market. The FTC should look into this.

    Any insights?

  2. what guarantees do you have that PFS Buyers Club will actually pay you?

    Seems shady as hell and def not worth it for $50.

  3. This is a shite deal and you should remove your recommendation. Honestly you’re straying into commodities and numismatic advice here and failing.
    Here’s why:
    1) spot price of palladium right now is $979.80. Usually mints strike one ounce coins. The American Eagle coin from the US Mint can be had for $980 on APMEX.
    2) Coins are a horrible way to store wealth in metal. They usually get bought at melt value not spot price (a hefty price discount).
    3) Precious metals should he bought with an assay card.

    If you do the basic arithmetic here and look at APMEX pricing vs their price, you can see the obvious scam.

  4. @deepeepdx

    I appreciate that you are knowledgeable about the subject and are trying to educate (thank you for teaching me a new word – numismatic), but you come across very rude and aggressive. I’d urge to consider taking a more Mr. Rogers-esque approach to dealing with people who know less about subjects you are passionate about.

    Also, from what I can understand of your post, you are explaining why the PFS Club deal would not work out for the people who are running PFS, which is only relevant to us blog readers if you are insinuating that this also means that the people running PFS are scammers.

  5. Although I’d like to take advantage to hit the minimum spend on one of my cards, a little research deems this to be sketchy. Their twitter page is brand new and their facebook page is invalid. Plus there is no record of their previous deals. Couple that with @Deepeepdx comment and this seems ultra sketchy.

  6. Provident metals, a large reputable precious metals dealer is offering $100 over the US mint price and actually has a large online presence so you can verify their reputation. PFS buyers club screams shadiness and will likely go belly up like The Plastic Merchant did.

  7. @Alonzo, No link, it was sent by email. Should be open to everyone though, email them or give them a call. Also heard that Bullion Exchanges is offering $125 over, I would give them a call or email also.

  8. How would you as a redirecting sender have proof of delivery if you are unable to verify the contents of the box you are forwarding? Why must you carry “accounts receivables” for a check or PayPal amount? Can a credit card fraud request be initiated against the US Mint?

    This is high risk for a maximum profit of $50.xx plus y miles – are you sure you want to recommend this to general audiences?

  9. I find a lot of shady internet offers fail to proof read their offer. “After including the $4.95 shipping, each order’s total will either be $1,392.45.” Hum. Either be $1,392.45 or what?

    I immediately delete internet offers with glaring grammatical errors. “Any unfilled quantity we have, could have went to someone else…” “Could have went” is a beauty.

    As your $1,392.45 “risk free” purchase with its “prepaid return label” on its unopened box sails off to PFS, don’t forget to wave goodbye.

  10. Long time reader of this awesome blog, and occasional purchaser of US Mint products. Products like this that either have low mintages, or household limits will immediately skyrocket in price due to all the hype and then settle back down. This company is offering people $50 to get around the household limit; in the short term, this coin will likely sell for double its asking price (especially if you go through the trouble to get it PCGS certified), and so $50 is not a very good deal. In addition, the US Mint’s website is atrocious, and most likely you won’t be able to get in and complete checkout in the first 15 minutes by which point it will likely sell out.
    Lots of easier ways to make 1400 points and $50.

  11. So the recommendation is to send $1400 to some shady website without receiving any payment or proof that they are reputable in the least bit? How could that possibly go wrong?

    In unrelated news, if anyone wants to send their coin to me instead for a $500 profit, please feel free to do so. I double pinky swear I will not scam you!

  12. Ah So have “happy ending”. Reminds me of the emails that go straight to my junk mail from Africa about the poor unfortunate who has no surviving family members and is leaving all their vast fortunes to me as long as I just send them a few hundred bucks in good faith.

  13. Lucky – stick to what you know – trip reviews. Commodities trading and buying on margin aren’t your strong suits.

  14. @Enjoy Fine Food if you are concerned about this offer, I suggest you contact us IMMEDIATELY at Microsoft Technical Support. We have determined there is an issue with your computer.


  15. @Super

    Lol you sound a lot like a Baltia Airways investor.

    Honestly this is a lot of risk to take for 50 bucks. There are a million ways things can go wrong and you will lose your ~1400 investment without the slightest chance of disputing the charge.

  16. The headline for this is so misleading Lucky. There is nothing easy about this deal and it’s extremely risky. I can’t believe you’re recommending this to your readers. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  17. I had these guys “lose” an order one time. It was a smaller deal so I lost only a couple hundred in the end. I lost the credit card dispute because I authorized the charge

  18. @lucky You have damaged the reputation and credibility of this website you’ve worked so hard to establish. Take this as a learning experience and never publish questionable content like this again. You are better than this.

  19. I live in NY and personally dealt with PFS. I was referred by a friend and yes I was skeptical. However, the were no games or tricks. I dropped off my coin in person and as promised was paid in full on the spot. Very happy customer, however I understand how people are skeptical.

  20. Got myself a coin in the first 5 minutes before it sold out! I won’t sell it to PFS though, too sketchy to deal with them.

  21. Wow–people sure got upset about this one even though it was posted on just about every other Boarding Area blog without any blowback for the $20 referral fee.

    PFS Buyer’s Club is not new. They have been doing these coin deals for years and I’ve never read of anyone having a bad experience with them. I’ve personally done some of their deals (coins and iPhones) to the tune of nearly 5 figures to help with credit card bonus spend requirements, and so far they have always paid me via PayPal within a week of receiving the item.

    There is always inherent risk in any business transaction, so if people aren’t comfortable with the deal then they do not have to participate. There are no guarantees in life, but claiming that Ben is perpetuating a scam with this post is a bit harsh.

  22. @Tim yes but I think people are scared that the package would get lost after you ship to PFS. In that case, no credit card is going to protect you. Even insurance on your shipment would be a stressful process. After Michael said what he said, I didn’t participate. Wouldn’t call this a scam, just too much risk for not enough reward. No guarantee they would pay you once you received the coin. Looks like people profited flipping the coin on eBay though.

  23. To all the people giving Lucky a hard time. Thus not a scam i and many others have used it several times with no issues. If you don’t want to do the deal then shut up and keep your stupid comments to yourselves.

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