Peninsula’s Amazingly Generous New Flexible Stay Policy

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Peninsula has just announced a series of positive initiatives, the most significant of which is the introduction of the world’s most generous check-in and check-out policy.

For those of you not familiar with Peninsula, the luxury hotel group has properties in 10 cities, including Bangkok, Beijing, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Hong Kong, Manila, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

The new “Peninsula Time” initiative

As of January 2021, all Peninsula properties will introduce “Peninsula Time,” offering an extended and flexible schedule for check-ins and check-outs. The policy almost seems too good to be true:

  • Guests can arrange to have their room ready as early as 6AM on their arrival date
  • Guests can stay in their room as late as 10PM on their departure date
  • There’s no additional cost for this, and no elite status required; you just have to book direct or through a travel advisor to take advantage of this

A one night stay can last up to 40 hours with Peninsula

Is this benefit too good to be true?

The “Peninsula Time” concept truly is an unheard of policy in the hotel industry, as you could make a one night stay where you check-in at 6AM and check-out at 10PM the next day.

Even looking at all of the major hotel loyalty programs and luxury hotel programs available through travel agents, generally the best you’ll get is early check-in subject to availability, and guaranteed late check-out at 4PM.

I guess the first question is whether this Peninsula policy is actually guaranteed, or subject to availability?

  • The press release and terms don’t explicitly mention that this is guaranteed, though they also don’t explicitly mention that it’s subject to availability
  • The reality is that for the next couple of years it’s highly unlikely hotels will be running 100% occupancy, so this should be easy enough for Peninsula to deliver on
  • In fairness, Peninsula had already been offering this benefit at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for a couple of years during the best of times, and that seemed to work

It’ll be interesting to see if this perk evolves over time. It certainly could be a reason to choose Peninsula over a competitor, especially if you have a flight arriving early in the morning, or a flight departing late at night.

Use this benefit at the iconic Peninsula Hong Kong

Bottom line

As of January 2021, all 10 Peninsula properties will be offering 6AM check-in and 10PM check-out, which is otherwise unheard of. This is by far the world’s most generous check-in and check-out policy of any hotel group, and it could be a reason to consider Peninsula, especially for a short stay.

Something tells me other hotel groups won’t be matching this perk.

What do you make of the “Peninsula Time” concept?

  1. My boss stayed at the Chicago Peninsula about a month ago for a 1 night staycation and they let him checkin at 8am and stay til his requested 4pm. He said he felt like if he requested 8pm they would have been fine with it. They upgraded him to a junior suite just because.

  2. Their properties can be rather pricey, but for me this could be a game changer.

    Now if only I could travel…

  3. Ben, have you ever been to the top floor conference room at the Peninsula in BKK? It is dedicated to all things aviation and it is amazing…

  4. Yeah this policy is great and not too costly for the hotel with current occupancy. They probably also want the extra overnight time to clean the rooms extensively.

  5. The Peninsula in Shanghai is one of great and beautiful works of architecture lining the riverfront Bund. I’ve been there a bunch of times to listen to music and to sip cocktails in the crazy “upside down” room of the fantastical Salon de Ning: . Despite my many visits I’ve never spent the night at the Peninsula: looks like I’ll finally have reason to stay if Americans are ever allowed out of the house again.

  6. @ Ben — For those of us who are smart enough to never shop at Whole Foods or buy Tesla, IC Royal Ambassador status with 10 AM – 4 PM check-in/check-out, minus the $1,000/night price tag, is a better deal.

  7. @Gene — The Peninsula Shanghai (which I mentioned in a message that’s still awaiting moderation) is running between $280 and $333. A bit expensive, especially for mainland China, but attainable for many.

  8. The Peninsula Tokyo has had this policy for frequent guests, such as myself, for quite some time. Peninsula does not have a loyalty program per se, but there are a series of perks, such as the one mentioned in this post, and a few others. An interesting one is a permanent key card that will work in any room that is reserved for the guest at any of the their hotels. I can’t tell you the name of the program, however, as that is a secret.

  9. @gene – while I normally agree with a majority of your posts….my boss booked thru amex plat and got the property benefits, breakfast, and the early in/late out for around $325.

  10. @gene Hyatt, Marriott/Bonvoy, Hilton, – pretty much any chain, will let you check in/out 10a/4p (or later) if you have their status. never been turned down. IC Royal Ambassador …bwehhh… IC’s the worst loyalty program by far.

  11. 24hr checkin has been around for awhile for agents like myself – this is a nice extension and they likely already have data from the prior policy to put a ‘value’ on it internally.

  12. @Shuan Just curious, the article describes a *10PM* checkout; did your boss’s AMEX Fine hotels program offer that?

    I was just looking at the offers for Amex Plats on Fine Hotels on the Peninsula: they’ll give you free breakfast and free dinner (excluding booze) for $333 or so. Wondering what that dinner entails. Trying to figure out if booking through AMEX is the best way to go.

  13. Peninsula Bangkok has had this offer for a number of years for certain agents and guests.

    Nice to see this rolled out “officially” systemwide.

  14. Its sad it takes Mr Rona Virus to get nice benefits at a luxury hotel
    And of course there is Hilton still ripping off guests with over priced point redemptions and a Diamond member can beg for 12 noon or 1 PM check out if they are lucky (no guaranteed anything) and a shrink wrapped muffin and yogurt to go for the Diamond complimentary breakfast (roll eyes)

  15. I’m really glad to see this expanded as the Peninsula Beverly Hills is really good at this. The peninsula NYC is not and I’m lucky if I can get into my room an hour before check in.

    On another note, one unique thing that Peninsula was doing in the summer during covid, I am not sure if they still are. Is that they are blocking rooms the night before now. They guaranteed that each room would be empty for 24 hours prior to check in to ensure that it was fully clean and ready whenever you wanted.

    I’m sure this benefit is probably easy to provide now with very low occupancy.

    Other than that, out of all the hotels, peninsula is the only one not to cut back on service. Still offering all amenities in room, 2x daily housekeeping, room service and all the other services that require a lot of staff. Most hotels we seen cut most of this due to low demand, staffing, saftey and cost cutting. It is interesting that Peninsula is able to do this.

  16. Peninsula Beverly Hills has the smallest space for a brunch buffet. I was there about two years ago and couldn’t believe how tight they crammed everything into that space. The patio was lovely, though. I assume they’ve halted buffets for now. It is a beautiful hotel. However, for brunch to nearby to the Four Seasons as it is a spectacular spread across several rooms. Peninsula is much classier about check-in/out times than most luxury chains.

  17. The Ruma Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also allow early check-in at 7 am in the morning and late check-out at 10pm at no extra charges since it’s opening in late 2018. It’s currently the most highly rated 5 star hotel in KL due to flexible check- in and check-out. The mini bar is also complimentary and they replenished it daily. The hotel said they maintained hotel capacity below 60% to allow them to offer early check-ins and late checkouts. Been there 6 time and stayed for more than 30 hours each time, unlike other hotel where u get less than 24 hours for every check-in.

  18. Peninsula hotels are my go to brand when I am in a city they are present have stayed at all 10, my LA usual the BH property has offered this to all guests for a number of years. as im frequent to guest i also get this benefit at their other properties usually, as it not a points chain the calibre of the guests seems to be higher 😉

  19. I’ve never understood why more hotels don’t do this. For every guest that wants a 8 PM late check out there is another who has a 7 AM flight to catch; for every guest that arrives on an early morning flight and needs an early check in there are many who arrive late at night as well.

  20. Peninsula Tokyo, all Hyatt hotels and other major hotels in Japan have had similar policies to attract staycation guests since the end of the state of emergency in May, no status required. Andaz has a 24-hour flexible check-in / check-out offer ongoing. I guess they are just applying the same thing to their hotels worldwide as staycations are promoted more.

  21. Few will really take advantage of it to the exact times because of their travel. Also, the hotels are probably not near capacity due to the virus. It can never be a guarantee so I suspect some people may be waiting several hours for their room to be ready.

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