Impressions Of The Park Hyatt St. Kitts

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I just wrapped up a four night stay at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. This property just opened last year, and I know a lot of you have either already stayed here, or have upcoming stays at the hotel.

As many Hyatt loyalists can attest to, it’s nice to have a luxury points property so close to the US, which is likely why there’s so much interest in the hotel. Oh, and the hotel also had one heck of a promotion shortly after opening.

So while I’ll have a full trip report soon, in this post I wanted to share my initial impressions of the hotel. In no particular order:

I love how accessible the property is

As a World of Hyatt Globalist member I’ve traveled around the world to stay at Park Hyatts, so I just have to acknowledge how nice it is to vacation at a resort that’s only one timezone away.

It was a quick nonstop flight from Miami to St. Kitts (which I easily booked with British Airways Avios), and from there it was just a 20 minute drive to the hotel.

American 737 arriving in St. Kitts

As much as I love flying 20 hours to visit a hotel I love, over time I’m really enjoying being able to take a simple plane ride to get somewhere and not have to deal with jetlag.

The beauty of this hotel is that while it’s not that far from the US, you still feel like you’re a world away.

The property and rooms are beautiful

They did a phenomenal job with the design of this hotel, in my opinion. While there are some minor design choices I would have probably done differently, overall they did an excellent job building a hotel that feels high end, is well organized, and has a consistent theme. I really liked this resort.

Park Hyatt St. Kitts entrance to reception

Park Hyatt St. Kitts cabanas

Park Hyatt St. Kitts property

The service was excellent

When it comes to vacationing at a resort, the quality of service makes a huge difference to me, given how much you interact with employees.

I was so impressed by the friendliness of the employees. Across the board everyone was genuine, friendly, and attentive, and the service exceeded my expectations.

Breakfast is a feast

If you are a Hyatt Globalist member or book a rate including breakfast, boy are you in for a treat. We were entitled to the full $45 breakfast at The Great House.

The Great House indoor seating

The check we signed for breakfast (though it was included)

This included a huge buffet (not fully pictured below), plus a selection of entrees from the menu. The entrees were meals in and of themselves.

The Great House breakfast buffet

The Great House breakfast entree

The Great House breakfast entree

Every morning I woke up looking forward to breakfast. Mmmm…

The food across the board was exceptional

I feel like this is worth writing about separate from breakfast. While breakfast was a treat, the rest of the restaurants here are great as well. The hotel has three restaurants:

  • The Great House is the hotel’s main restaurant, and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • The Fisherman’s Village is the outdoor seafood restaurant, and is open for lunch and dinner
  • The Stone Barn is the fine dining restaurant, and is open for dinner

The Great House outdoor seating

The Stone Barn

The Fisherman’s Village

Dinner at The Stone Barn

We didn’t have a bad meal here, and it’s rare that I say that at a resort. Huge kudos to chefs Pankaj and Rahul, along with their team.

You don’t come here for the beach

While the Park Hyatt is located on the beach, the beach is actually sort of not great. It’s not a bad beach by any stretch of the imagination, and we enjoyed walking up and down the beach every day.

However, the sand isn’t powdery and white, there’s seaweed on the beach, and the water isn’t that clear. So it’s a fairly nice beach (especially if you’re coming from a snowstorm in New York), but not the nicest beach you’ll find in the Caribbean. While some people relaxed on loungers on the beach, I didn’t really see people swimming.

Fortunately the pools are lovely. There are two pools — the main pool is massive, while the adult only pool is one level up, and is nice as well.

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts main pool

The Park Hyatt St. Kitts adult pool

The Park Hyatt is a ways from town

The Park Hyatt is located in Christophe Harbour, which is at the far end of St. Kitts.

On one hand it’s really nice to be that secluded, especially since St. Kitts gets tons of cruise ships, and you’re on exactly the opposite side of the island. St. Kitts is a fairly small island, and I imagine you’d feel the 10,000+ cruise ship visitors that are on the island some days on the other end.

On the other hand, you’re also a ways from the town, so it takes 20+ minutes to drive to the other side of the island. There are a couple of restaurants and bars nearby, but not many.

Prices are… about what I expected

I’m sure a lot of people are wondering what prices are like once on property. I’d say prices are about what you’d expect at a luxury property in the Caribbean. That’s to say that they’re definitely not cheap, though they are a bit cheaper than what you’d find in the Maldives, for example (which I’d expect, since it’s more accessible).

Cocktails were $11-15, lunch mains were $15-25, dinner mains were $25-40, etc. This doesn’t include the 12% tax and 10% service charge, which adds up.

So this hotel isn’t cheap, but I didn’t think the prices were unreasonable either.

To give examples of the two “extremes,” here’s the poolside lunch menu:

And here’s part of the dinner menu at the fine dining restaurant:

There were some minor shortfalls

I always like to be balanced in reviews, so I feel like I should mention the following:

  • The mattress in our room was too hard for my liking
  • This is going to sound silly for some, but to me single ply toilet paper has no place in a luxury hotel
  • There were some minor service issues which resulted from a bit of disorganization (rather than service issues resulting from a lack of caring); for example, we ordered room service twice, and both times our trays sat outside our room for about 24 hours, which seems unnecessary (and we didn’t place them there, but rather housekeeping put them there when our room was done being cleaned)

We plan to return to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts

This is the biggest endorsement I can give the Park Hyatt, since I’m not generally someone who likes to return to the same destination.

Ford and I both agreed that we’d return to the Park Hyatt St. Kitts in a heartbeat. That’s because to me the hotel strikes a beautiful balance between being easily accessible from the US, offering great opportunities to earn and redeem World of Hyatt points (in low season I’d probably pay cash, while in high season I’d probably redeem points), I can use a suite upgrade there as a Globalist, and we just found the entire experience so relaxing.

We loved enjoying a leisurely breakfast, lounging around the pool, taking a nap in the afternoon, and then having a great dinner. We really didn’t do a whole lot at all while in St. Kitts, and frankly that’s what we needed right about now.

We stayed for four nights, and we didn’t want to leave.

We’re even thinking of just planning a trip here for next Christmas and taking the whole family, since it seems like a great use of points.

Want to book the Park Hyatt St. Kitts?

There are two best ways to book the Park Hyatt St. Kitts. If you’re traveling in high season and rates are high, I’d recommend redeeming World of Hyatt points.

This is a Category 7 World of Hyatt property, meaning a free night costs 30,000 World of Hyatt points.  There are many easy ways to acquire World of Hyatt points.

Earn Hyatt points

If you’re booking a paid stay, I highly recommend booking through a Hyatt Privé advisor. By booking through a Prive advisor you can typically book whatever the standard rate is (including any fourth night free offers), and receive the following additional perks:

  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking, subject to availability (room-to-room or suite-to-suite)
  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

The hotel even has a promotion at the moment for the high season where you can get a fourth night free and more.

If you’d like to make a Prive booking, Ford would be more than happy to help, and can be reached at [email protected] Other Prive advisors are also welcome to leave their contact info below.

If you’ve visited the Park Hyatt St. Kitts, what was your experience like?

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  1. I arrived at the Park Hyatt earlier today thanks to their amazing deal. It’s absolutely amazing!!!
    And by the way, I have 2 thoughts on the beach. On one side I came from NYC and we had the snowstorm last week and my face got pummeled with snow on Thursday, so I’m happy for the beach weather. On the other hand I just moved to NYC from Tampa this summer so on that note I agree with you on the beach (I miss Clearwater, St. Pete, honeymoon island, etc.)

  2. I agree with pretty much everything you said about the property. One issue we had was sugar ants on the bathroom counters and in the closet. Maybe this is because we stayed on the ground floor. We told front desk about it, and they said they will send someone over to look at the situation but I am not sure if they did because the ants were there the entire time. It didn’t really bother us much, we were just concerned with bringing them back with us to the US. Fortunately, it looks like we did not. Would definitely go back there again!

  3. I’ve seen multiple luxury hotels recently with single ply and it drives be crazy. Not a minor point at all 🙂

  4. I’ve stayed in the Penthouse there, as well as a Park Executive. For the price of things, it’s comes close to a stay at a place like Amangiri… And it’s no Aman. Not even close.

    It’s not even in the same league as PH Tokyo. They have a fair number of service issues they need to fix, as well as a spa that has no clue. If you’re going to charge big bucks, bring in talent from other properties that warrants the price.

    I also had a stream of ants in my room on the last visit. They admitted to having an insect issue that they were working on in a follow-up email.

    While the island is beautiful, the property is still all sizzle and no steak, imo.

  5. Single-ply toilet paper is a huge issue, in my book. I exclusively use Quilted Northern because they’re the only one that is triple-ply.

    I do think the accessibility of the Caribbean is different depending which coast you are on. It’s a bit of a pain to get to/from if on the West Coast.

  6. In my opinion service was great for a Caribbean hotel but nowhere near as polished as the other Park Hyatt’s I’ve stayed at.

    Also taxi’s are stupid expensive, 140 dollars for a 40 minute round trip taxi, c’mon that’s ridiculous.

  7. Not the first review I’ve seen for this property but definitely the most informative and helpful. Thanks!

  8. Don’t understand why all the bloggers rave about this breakfast…it wasnt anything special and I wasnt impressed by having TONS of flies covering all the breads and baked goods every morning….super gross and unacceptable for a “luxury” resort

  9. Thanks for the review – I am going next week! People say the pools are not heated. Was it cold for you?

    Also, would be interested in hearing how you spent your time. Activities, etc.

  10. Stayed there in July. Loved the property. But I agree that service was not on par with other top properties. By the way – Nevis is gorgeous!

  11. I was there a couple of months ago and agree with most of what you said Lucky, especially about how friendly the service was, and the decadent breakfast (I’m not a Globalist so Hyatt Prive came particularly handy!). My favorite moment there was actually having breakfast while gazing at the calm waters and gorgeous Nevis Peak and it almost permanent crown of clouds. I also really loved the seclusion of it and being far from the hordes of cruise people in town.
    The only thing where our experience different was the food (outside of breakfast). The quality left a bit to be desired, and there were a couple of service issues. But there were maybe 10 occupied rooms when we were there so things were very, very slow – the Stone Barn was never open for instance.
    If you return, and if you haven’t done it, I recommend you do the stargazing activity. I forget the name of the guy who runs it, but it was fascinating. We chatted for well over an hour with him about the universe and he was able to show us a lot of planets with his telescope.

  12. Can’t you just fold the paper a few times until you reach the desired number of layers? or should one not have to do that at a 5* hotel?

  13. I guess everyone has their own taste. Spent 4 nights there about three weeks ago. The food was good, not spectacular. The service was excellent indeed. The beach is blah. The hotel lacks amenities and life – everything is just cold and not very Caribbean. To me it was a great relaxing 4 days and I really liked it, but it was a one and done. There are far too many other more luxurious and interesting places in the Caribbean.

  14. I stayed here back in August when they had that killer deal. My total hotel bill was $1164 which included the room, breakfast for 2, dinner. every day we ate at the hotel because we had to use the $700 resort credit. We ate so much at breakfast that we skipped lunch and splurged on dinner. Chef Pankaj introduced himself to us and the whole staff was very friendly.

  15. I’m a mingle of a lot of different sentiments above. I had a great time, I actually enjoyed swimming at the beach as opposed to the pools (warmer), and I thought the food was generally great. On top of all that, we had a PE Suite super close to the lobby and Fisherman’s Village, with pretty convenient access to beach and pools.
    OTOH, didn’t care for Stone Barn’s selection- although the chocolate dome dessert was awesome and lit on fire- I agree that the bed was too hard (the night we left I almost died sinking into the plushness of a mattress at a Hyatt Centric), and as others have noted, this isn’t very convenient for West Coasters. It was 20+ hours from when we left the house to when we pulled up to the lobby, and the shortest options available would still run 13-15 hours. This was the first time in 5 years we didn’t hit GH Kauai and opted for something else. A return is certainly in order- but that’s far down the line.

  16. Agree with everything in this review – and we have stayed at other PH’s – we are also looking to go back, in fact we would have been there this week, but could not get flights to work on miles and RT is $1K in coach – which I think is one of the problems with this PH.

    Given the cost of Taxi’s and the Resorts isolation from the rest of the Island – it is definitely worth spending the extra to get a Rental Car – although choose carefully, especially if you arrive late – American’s late flight from MIA arrives around 10pm and there is no on-site rental car place.

  17. Having returned from the Conrad Maldives this past week, I am having a hard time finding much of a difference in restaurant pricing. With tax added, it is rather close. Couple that with the all inclusive option offered up by the Park Hyatt Maldives, the daily out of pocket is relatively close.

  18. Great review Ben. I always have to laugh a lot at the prices as although here in Australia its AUD$ this is around the same price we pay day in day out at a local mid level restaurant never mind a Caribbean island resort

  19. “both times our trays sat outside our room for about 24 hours”

    That is unacceptable for any hotel, and even more so at a luxury resort!

  20. On the pool menu, what’s the significance of which column the price is on? (There seem to be two columns of prices – for example, the price for chicken wings and gelato are in a different column than all the other items on the right side of the menu.)

  21. Wow! This comes to a surprise to me because, honestly, when we went it had to be one of the worst hotels I’ve ever stayed that! Must have been growing pains or something…everybody seemed very sorry but did nothing about it! I guess I’ll have to go back & try again!

  22. Any taxi from Kitts will get you for like 25 bucks, each way, so it is definitely possible to avoid the crazy taxi prices.

    The food is odd: Spice Mill just off the property is frankly much better, and at a decent discount to the Park Hyatt properties. No complaints about charging for quality, but charging for mediocrity is no good (and it’s not like the Maldives where everything is flown in special). The food at some other Carib resorts is much, much better for the same price – compare, for example, Jade Mountain. I found the restaurants had the feel of where people in a wealthy suburb go for a night out.

    The other odd thing is how “dead” PHSK is – I mean, walk over to Reggae Bar off property and it’s night and day. I know PHSK is not meant to be “party central”, and it shouldn’t be, but having a beer, some rum, and some tunes is part of the Carib experience.

    Hard product at PHSK is great, in general. The “soft” product that matters most, the beach, is less so. It’s rocky, and the sand is no good. As of last year, the pool water was freezing in the winter as well, making that unusable.

    Of course, at $300/night, it’s a great option. At $500, no way. At normal Park Hyatt prices, it will have serious trouble competing with other Carib options. And off property, Nevis is a more interesting island – but PHSK is good here, because you can take a very cheap boat from just outside the hotel complex over to Nevis.

  23. So the general consensus seems to be that the beach sucks. That makes this a hard pass, regardless of how good the rest is. I can find plenty of hotels with good service and better food (or certainly better/cheaper food nearby, as is the case in most major cities worldwide). The main reason to go the Caribbean is for the beaches so I’m shocked they decided to build a hotel on such a subpar one.

  24. Looks like a worthy property, and your pictures were good. I agree that at a luxury resort you should have quality TP. The pricing in the restaurants were high by my standards. This normally is not a problem as there are other options, but it appears this Hyatt is isolated. As such, no chance to find other more price friendly location to feast.

  25. The use of single ply toilet paper may have to do with limitations associated with whatever wastewater treatment/septic system the hotel has to deal with. Your “wastewater” has to go somewhere and I seriously doubt that there’s a sewer system in an area like where the hotel is located. Triple ply TP, while nice, also clogs filtration systems which is why you shouldn’t use it if you have a septic system. Anyhow, that MAY be why they use cheap-o toilet paper in an otherwise luxurious resort.

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