Pardon my rant….

I’m the type of person that never loses anything, despite constantly going through security checkpoints and packing and unpacking my bag. I just always double check everything. I think most “voluntary” frequent flyers are that way, or else they’d be going crazy. I probably got that from my dad, because my mom loses things every once in a while.

Before my mom’s trip to Germany I reminded her to always double check everything and make sure she doesn’t lose anything. She said something like “of course, I never lose anything” (yeah right). Well, this morning I get to wake up to an email from her saying she lost her cell phone between Frankfurt and Hamburg yesterday (she realizes it a full 24 hours after the fact), and that I should call to recover and/or deactivate it.

Very few things frustrate me more, especially after I told her ten times before her trip that she should be careful not to lose anything at an airport….

Thanks, now I feel better.

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