Oneworld Bonus Miles For Transatlantic Business Class Flights

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A few times per year, the airlines participating in the oneworld transatlantic joint venture seem to offer bonus miles for paid transatlantic premium cabin travel. For example, a few months ago they offered up to 25,000 bonus miles per roundtrip.

American AAdvantage and British Airways Executive Club are back with one of these offers again, offering up to 125,000 bonus miles for transatlantic travel:


Through this promotion they’re offering 20,000 bonus miles after your first roundtrip, 40,000 bonus miles after your second roundtrip, and 65,000 bonus miles after your third roundtrip, for a total of up to 125,000 bonus miles.

American AAdvantage promotion

British Airways Executive Club promotion

The terms of the promotion are quite similar, regardless of which frequent flyer program you prefer to earn bonus miles with:

  • You must have a mileage account registered in the United States or Canada
  • The promotion is valid for roundtrip travel between the US/Canada and Europe (the AAdvantage version of the offer also includes travel originating in Mexico)
  • The British Airways version of the promotion is only valid for bookings made between September 23, 2014, and January 10, 2015, while previously booked travel qualifies for the American version of the promotion.
  • Registration is required prior to travel, between September 23, 2014, and January 10, 2015 (register here for AAdvantage offer and here for Executive Club offer)
  • Valid for roundtrip travel on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, OpenSkies, and US Airways
  • Bonus miles should be credited to your frequent flyer account within four to six weeks of travel

As far as eligible fare classes go, you have to book in one of the following fare classes in order to qualify for the promotion:

  • On British Airways operated flights, includes fares booked in First class or Club World business class: F, A, J, C, D, R, or I
  • On American Airlines operated flights, includes fares booked in First class or Business class: F, A, P, J, R, D, or I
  • On Finnair operated flights, includes fares booked in Business class: J, C, D, or I
  • On Iberia operated flights, includes fares booked in Business class: J, C, D, R, or I
  • On OpenSkies operated flights, includes fares booked in Biz Bed/Business: J, C, D, R, or I
  • On US Airways operated flights, includes fares booked in Business class: C, D, or Z

While I don’t see any amazing business class fares at the moment, just a couple of days ago there were transatlantic business class fares for ~$1,500. So if you were to book three roundtrip flights for $4,500 you would have racked up over 200,000 AAdvantage miles as an Executive Platinum crediting to American (factoring in the 125,000 bonus miles, 100% elite bonus, and class of service bonus). While that’s not really mileage run worthy, that’s a heck of a value for three tickets in transatlantic business class.

Put another way, if you do three roundtrips, you’re earning ~42,000 bonus miles per roundtrip. If you value AAdvantage miles at ~1.8 cents each, that’s like a further ~$750 discount off any ticket.

I’ll be looking for discounted transatlantic business class tickets like a hawk now…

Anyone else tempted to take advantage of this offer in conjunction with a good transatlantic business class fare?

American 777-300ER business class

  1. Ben,

    I’d be very interested in at least one round trip in business Jan 1-10 from LAX. Any advice where to look, possibly applying the AARP discount? I’m completely flexible. Just would like to keep it under 2K.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Michael, right now I am seeing flights from LAX to Bordeaux for around $2450. With the AARP discount, that brings it close to the 2k you are looking for. Furthermore, this fare is on the new A380.

    Ben, do you know if you have to travel BY January 10th, or just to have the flight booked by January 10th?

  3. @Jack Buck – can you kindly tell me how you searched for Bordeaux (such a small place?) I’m interested in finding something similar but I’ve been there already (great city by the way)

  4. Hi Lucky,

    Any suggestion on how to find the same availability offered by each partner when booking via BA in order to take advantage of AARP discount? For example, I would like to fly with Iberia for Thanksgivings and Xmas and see on the Iberia website that they have availability at ~$2K. However, when searching on BA, they either show availability at much higher price point or not show availability at all.



  5. @ David — With the discount there’s not really a way to force it. Sadly codeshare can price substantially different, and due to the roundtrip requirement you can’t use multi-city to force certain flights or connections.

  6. Is anyone else getting an error when trying to register for the promotion? Using my BA EC number and password, I get this error message:
    “Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.”
    I don’t see any restrictions as far as I can tell that would prevent me from being able to register for this. I was able to register with AA just fine. Weird.

  7. @lucky – Yes, I am registered in the US. I am a part of a household account with BA, perhaps that may be an issue? But I didn’t see anything in the terms that would prevent me from being eligible.

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