OMG: $1,000 Cathay Pacific Transpacific First Class Tickets

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Update: Unfortunately this fare is now dead. Now we’ll have to wait and see if they honor.

Earlier I wrote about the amazing Cathay Pacific business class fares from Vietnam to North America.

Well, it appears it gets even better than that. You can fly roundtrip first class from Vietnam to North America for only marginally more. You can fly from Hanoi to Vancouver for just $988 roundtrip.

Or you can fly all the way to New York for under $1,450.

WOW! Hurry, this won’t last!

Note that some of these fares don’t show up on Google Flights or ITA Matrix, but you should see them on Expedia or another online travel agency.

Lastly, I’d note that it remains to be seen whether or not Cathay Pacific will honor these fares, so I personally wouldn’t recommend making any other non-refundable plans around these tickets for at least a few days.

(Tip of the hat to Jeff & Shayaan)

  1. I would be very surprised if they honour this, but I am going to book and hope for the best anyway. Especially with the more ridiculous origins like Da Nang Ive had good luck in the past

  2. I was just about to tell you about this! When I looked up the business fares though on google flights only JFK showed up for that price while SFO was ~900 and everything else was $2000+

  3. I tried for March a few different options and the best I came up with, lol, was, not kidding, $26K to HKG from JFK r/t. It’s a glitch for sure.

  4. And of course any chance of them honoring this is further diminished by this post. I remember the days when bloggers didn’t ruin mistake fares…

  5. This has to be a glitch isolated to August as I am trying everything else as I have a pending and flexible spring trip to Manila and everything is coming up absurd pricing for April and May. I bet they won’t honor this.

  6. Unable to get any of these fares and its clearly a mistake fare as these flights routinely go for around 14k for new york to asia in F. Anyone who has booked them don’t get upset if they won’t honor them because clearly someone left a zero off when entering the price.

  7. Could I book this as a round trip and then throw away the return portion if I can’t make my schedule work out and still get miles for the HAN to JFK flight?

  8. @Stuart Yea, if your are flexible with the dates you can get the price down to around 20k. There was 757 people looking at flights for Hanoi just now when I checked and I bet a large number of them were checking CX flights.

  9. I’ll add to the chorus: This ain’t sticking!

    But I booked a one-way for November anyway, first class via LAX back to SEA.

    Was planning a SE Asia trip anyway so if by some miracle this does hold, well we’ll get ourselves there… somehow! (Have many currencies, not terribly worried.)

  10. @stuart is your outbound flight from the US or from DAD? It has to be from DAD or SGN or HAN. If you are departing the US, it won’t work.

  11. BOOKED! HAN to JFK R/T in F for $1445.

    I have one Biz Class and one First in 2019 for ~$2500. Lets hope they honor this.

    Thanks Lucky!

  12. @ Lukas: I guess there is no F class on the flight DAD-HKG, hence by default CX books into J.
    HKG-JFK in F though
    Good luck!

  13. Just booked a HAN-HKG-JFK in F for a trip where I still needed a return leg from MNL! If this goes through (big IF), I would probably buy a MNL-HKG-HAN leg and just fly an extra round trip HKG-HAN-HKG. Does anyone know if I can check into *both* tickets (MNL-HKG-HAN and HAN-HKG-JFK) at the same at MNL? Or does the double HKG stop mess things up?

  14. Gone. I had it. And then tried other dates and other routes. Came back to one that I found and it’s now $16,000 usd.

  15. Hey Lucky,

    Cheers from Singapore and Seeing The World In Steps!

    Managed to grab a F ticket from DAD – HKG – JFK and then JFK – YVR – HKG – DAD for 824 USD in May! Woohoo. Thanks for your tip.

    Any idea on where to credit this ticket? Personally do you think if cathay will honor it?

    Any tips on Cathay and Seats?

    Super excited since I usually only fly premium on SQ. Gonna be my first on Cathay!

    Hope you update us on any cancellation or if they will honor it!


  16. Picked up DAD to YVR in first for $888 for December. We will see if they honor it. If not, I have lots of time to find another way home.

  17. Booked one way to HAN-SFO directly on Cathay’s website. Strangely, none of my visa cards were able to go through. Had to use AMEX to pay for the ticket.

  18. @Dominicus, presumably you’re in Asia already? It would be hard for us in the US to position that quickly for tomorrow’s flight!

  19. @ Ben — In for three back-to-back for me and the Queen. Close to zero hope it will be honored, but worth a shot.

  20. Yes, I am based in Hong Kong. I just booked RT Y for 240USD to DAD on the same plane that will take me in J to and from NYC itinerary.

  21. Hmm, but how the heck are you guys going to get to Vietnam, and then back again afterwards?

    Isn’t this just a matter of taking a flight you don’t want to take just because it is cheap? Which sounds kinda expensive to me . .

  22. @Tom
    I mean it’s Cathay first and award availability can be quite slim for a family of four so this is a great way to give it a try! Plus mileage earnings are fantastic.

  23. If these fares are honored, looks like 2019 is gonna be the year of no CX F or J award availability….what am I gonna do now with my Alaska stash…lol

  24. @Tom
    Gonna book a cheap economy flight from SFO (EVA Air). Besides, Vietnam was on my planned country to visit this year. @ Lucky, thanks for this miraculous find, even if CX doesn’t honor it.

  25. Looks like it works for Boston as well….just booked 2 tix for me and wifey: HAN-HKG-BOS r/t for $1200 USD

  26. These prices are set in the system for “people” you’ve never heard of. They are not glitches, but there are rules ;-). …and they have to deal with these being caught and publicized.

    Do they have to honor it, actually yes if you know how to kindly remind them of a few things 😉

  27. I am booked arriving in JFK at 10:45 pm and turning back at 1:35 am the same night.

    Is this cutting it close? Is there an international transfer desk at JFK such that I do not need to do immigration?

    I have 2:15 hrs to make the connection. I will be traveling light (no checked bags)

  28. Ended up getting r/t from HAN to BOS in F for under $1200. Took a while to get my Sapphire Reserve approve the transaction (had to call). We’ll see whether it is being honored.

  29. Congratulations to all who got lucky and made the purchase early! (Hope CX honors it)
    I was able to see it but now the site crashes (*forbidden) after I try to purchase my ticket.

  30. Just booked a Boston trip as well for the Wife and I coming back from the St Regis in the Maldives. Used AMEX points with the 35% back. Nice way to end 2018!

  31. @Luis Try to use google flights to search and pick the flights you want, then click the link from google flights to CX site. It worked for me! CX site is not very stable for searching for whatever reason. Go through Google flights!

  32. @EC2 ARE U F’NG KIDDING ME??! How stupid are you?!! You are exactly what pisses me off about sites like these (not the sites themselves) Retards that ruin it for everyone. Good job moron!

  33. Booked 2 flights Hanoi to Vancouver RT for under $1,000 pp.

    I’ll have to get to Hanoi, and then from Vancouver to Tacoma if this is honored, but that’s not even 1st world problems.

  34. Just booked 9 round trips from HAN to BOS for < $1,200 each. Thanks Lucky.

    I'm not worried about these fares not being honored because the Chinese business culture is based on honor, integrity and fairness.

  35. I put a flight on hold for $15 so I could confirm the dates. When I went to book, it said it could not find my booking reference code, and the Cathay offices are closed. Any suggestions?

  36. @Ever

    Yes, provided that you are making the booking through the US website. There is even mention on their website of flights being refundable within 24 hours following booking.

  37. @Trevor – you have to book first, think second on these deals. Expedia gives 24 hour cancellation btw, surely by now they’ve pulled it and anything not ticketed has no chance, those ticketed have a small chance 🙂

  38. I booked a one-way for $1400 but figured I could do a 6-month long round-trip for $1200 where I can throw one-ways in both ends. So did a $15 hold for 2nd option.

    But agent says I’ve to pay $300 to cancel the first one or bite the dust. I guess its because the ticket was made via Vietnam CX. 24-hr policy is only for US CX only, duh.. Y’all are better off booking via Expedia.

  39. Don’t post another article explaining you are “confused” or “upset” if they don’t honor this fare if you are pushing people to book it….

  40. I received an email from Expedia that said my ticket is confirmed and to treat that as a e-ticket however when I log into my booking on the CX website it says that the booking isn’t confirmed.

  41. Thanks a heap Lucky! Just booked HAN-SFO r/t in F for $1.2k and some change on Expedia. Confirmed. Amazing!

  42. Either someone is about to be fired at Cathay or everyone here is screwed. These are probably the most absurd fares ever seen for F. And the frenzy here is the evidence. Right now hotels in Danang are wondering what the hell is going on as bookings pile in.

  43. Called cathay because I couldn’t believe all the second row window seats were taken for my 8 roundtrip F bookings. They said they would open a ticket to look into it. The agent was shocked at this deal!

  44. It is still alive, just need to check your dates. Just booked HAN-SFO in F for $1220 a ticket return. If this sticks I am cancelling my Bora Bora trip to take two Asia trips.! Wifey might not be so happy, until I put my salesman hat on and help her understand.

  45. @Justin & @ Ever – I would be careful booking assuming there is 24 hour cancelation allowed. If you read the fare rules for these tickets, they do not include the standard 24 hour penalty free period as flights originating from the US have. I’m pretty sure my J bookings have $250 fee for cancelations. Read carefully!

  46. I booked SGN-ORD for ~1200. I couldn’t make SFO work. Booked the inbound from Vietnam over labor day weekend with the return towards the end of schedule.

    Looking to experience CX F for the first time and credit this to AS.

  47. just cancelled one from there website, don’t think there’s a penalty but you need to fill a form and wait(will get back in 7 days)

  48. Cool, booked three of these New Year’s Special sale deal tickets. Making non-refundable hotel bookings just in case Cathay decides not to honour the special deal so they can pay up for the hotels 🙂

  49. @WJ – I wish you all the best on that cancellation. Would suck for you to pay a penalty then have CX cancel these bookings later. Only time will tell.

  50. Bookings via some OTA’s (incl. Priceline) state free 24-hour cancellation, but I’m not sure about CX website. They also seem to ticket instantly.

  51. My held bookings were just canceled. Oneworld emerald member who had held two to check on dates – should have just ticketed immediately. Looks like the Cathay search is now down.

  52. As I mentioned in the comments above, I had a reservation on hold, which was not showing up in my account. I called the Australia Cathay call center using Skype and was able to pay for and ticket the reservation on the phone without a problem. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone else was having similar issues.

  53. When I called earlier, CX wouldn’t agree to cancel my OW $1400 ticket without $300 fee since my RT is $1200 and less than OW. HUCA din’t work – not sure if its same agent or if they have notes on my PNR or if the supervisor remembers my issue but they identified me. After sometime, CX agent called me back and asked if I want to cancel the ticket without change fee and did it.

  54. I love you guys. Calling this the “new years special sale” and talking about “business integrity” and “hotel refunds” etc. LMAO. Calm down, it’s just for a laugh. Got in on the fun myself with one of those $800 YVR F fares, probably one of the first to buy after it was posted on FT. Guess what I’ll do when it inevitably gets cancelled? Go on one of my 10 other premium award trips in 2019 and save cathay F for another day. No harm, no foul.

  55. It appears they have zeroed out all first and biz class inventory, not just for this fare… it is currently impossible to book any CX metal in first or biz for most of their schedule. I guess that’s one way to stop people booking mistake fares. A pretty extreme measure, they must have been getting hit hard. I would think this doesn’t bode well for honoring, although I wish I had gotten in to have a chance!

  56. it’s not gone. I’ve just bought a HAN YVR rt in F/J in CX website. Ticket number provided and seat choice done. “A” fare .

  57. @FlyingHippo they didn’t comment on the fare, and I certainly didn’t highlight the deal! They repeated back the amount before charging my card, but that was the only mention of it.

  58. I did get to the confirmation page where I can put the passenger details in flying from Hanoi to DC in June in Class A. I wanted to book two passengers and accidentally lost that page. Was not able to book that flight anymore for some reasons. Seems like they are doing something with the seat availability to fix this system issue during their new year holiday.

  59. Google Flights still showed, and book options are listed via Orbitz and CX. Once we got to Orbitz, the fare is gone. CX’s own website now route all HAN to YVR itinerary via LHR. If we attempt multi city, the site would error out on the HKG to YVR segment. I think CX realized their mistake and did updates behind the scene.

  60. Was nice while it lasted. Perfect storm too. New Year’s Eve in the middle of the night in HKG while it was daytime in the US.

  61. They’ve zeroed out all F/J fare buckets. That’s one way to stop the bleeding this really hit them hard.

  62. Clearly a mistake fare that will be cancelled. Ticket in coach shows as the same price as First ($988) on the same flights.

  63. This was obviously a mistake, but I’m just wondering how Cathay Pacific will react. I cannot recall in the past how Cathay Pacific reacted when they had a mistake fare, because I don’t think they’ve ever had a mistake fare if I remember correctly.

    Also how do they differentiate between the people who paid $900 and the ones who paid $1800 (which isn’t crazy for travel from Vietnam to the USA in J/F) for the same itinerary. Are they just gonna cancel everything?

    It’ll be interesting to see how CX reacts. I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like they won’t be cancelling these tickets.

  64. Oh wow – I snagged a ticket having never flown F in CX. Hope it sticks!

    Question: I positioned on AS miles flying NRT-HAN on JAL on a late Friday. Returning the next morning on the 1O am DAD-HKG. I see there’s a 6 am HAN-DAD flight getting in at 7:25 am. Is that enough time to catch my flight to HKG? In not sure about security or flight delays in and out of DAD/HAN.

  65. This is too cheap! It allows the common man to fly first class. Zoo class ppl making it to the front. Not good!

  66. They just announced on Facebook that they WILL HONOR all the bug tickets. They also admitted that it’s an IT mistake.

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