Great Fares In Oman Air’s New 787 First Class

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I’ve flown Oman Air in business class and really enjoyed the experience. They’re a great little airline, and are now even better than ever, given that they’re operating out of Muscat Airport’s new terminal. Oman Air also has first class on their A330s, which by comparison looks disappointing, since it’s not that much better than business class.

Oman Air’s 787 business class

There’s some exciting news on that front. Over the summer Oman Air will be taking delivery of a Boeing 787-9 featuring new first class suites. Oman Air hasn’t yet revealed the full details of their new product, other than to confirm that these 787s will feature first class, and that it will be a new product. Oman Air has scheduled these new 787-9s to fly between Muscat and London Heathrow as of July 1, 2018.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to book a seat on one of these flights, given that Oman Air has one of the only first class products I haven’t yet reviewed. While Oman Air has excellent first class fares from select cities to Asia, it’s tougher to find good first class fares to London.

At the moment Oman Air has excellent companion first class fares from Kathmandu to Europe. These fares are available to London, Frankfurt, and Munich, though you’ll want to fly to London to experience Oman Air’s new first class. The fares must be booked by April 10, 2018 (though could be pulled earlier), and travel needs to be completed by November 30, 2018.

How good are the fares? Two people can fly roundtrip first class from Kathmandu to London for $3,569, or under $1,800 per person:

As a point of comparison, the fare for one person would be about $3,050, so taking along a companion represents significant savings:

I don’t recall ever seeing better fares for Oman Air first class to London, and the fact that they have their new first class on the route makes this even more compelling.

I’m definitely going to book one of these fares, but just need to figure out the logistics. It’s too bad there’s not an even cheaper one-way fare. Best I can tell, you also can’t book a roundtrip, with the outbound in first class and return in economy, and then split the difference on the fare (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

If you do book one of these tickets and have access to US credit cards, make sure you maximize the points you earnThe Platinum Card® from American Express offers 5x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines, which is a great option if you’re booking directly with the airline. Meanwhile the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers triple points on airfare purchases, and also offers fantastic travel coverage in the event of irregular operations. In this event I may book with a card offering good travel protection, given that you’re flying to/from Kathmandu, which is known for delays.

If you do book one of these fares specifically for the purpose of trying Oman Air’s new 787-9 first class, I’d also note the risk of a potential aircraft swap. Since Oman Air hasn’t yet taken delivery of their first 787, there’s always the risk of it being delayed, especially since it has new seats, which can often cause problems.

Anyone tempted to take advantage of these great Oman Air first class fares?

(Tip of the hat to sushimaru & sggolfer17)

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  1. And yes..I can go hours without alcohol, but I choose not to support an airline that uses an oppressive religion as their guiding tenet.

  2. This would be a great make a wish donation. Add $500 And take a kid on a trip to London.

    Think off the free publicity you will get in Nepal newspapers. Well, not free, it will cost $500.

    Man, I am brilliant. I need proper attribution if you pursue this idea.

  3. @Lucky..What? Really? I thought that you had said in the past that they were a dry airline. I stand corrected then!

  4. @adamw – You obviously know noting about Oman or its politics if that’s what you think. The airline’s “guiding tenet” is profitability. If that is offensive to you then I dont know how you’d every fly any other airline. If you’r talking about Islam, then I’d look into how life actually is there, keeping in mind that their ruler/Sultan is gay.

  5. Why not check fares from Karachi last time I checked they were quite good
    You can also check fares from Islamabad they are opening a new airport there

  6. @lucky you didn’t need to publish a full blog to invite me! A simple email invitation would have sufficed. But I’m in! Just let me know the dates and I’ll see you there.

  7. @Jason He must be really confused if he married twice and has children. You don’t know what you think you know, simply because you aren’t in the loops that know. Check your privelage.

  8. Great fare, great itinerary as well! Wish I could do this one but the schedual won’t permit. Never been to Nepal.

    I hope Lucky pulls the trigger so I can read about it.

  9. Short answer: No, not tempted. The routing from/to Kathmandu makes no sense for me and I presume for most people. I appreciate @Lucky’s great fare blog posts, but most of them are completely impractical because of their origin airport.

  10. OMG totally agree with what you said, Justin. Who in their right mind would go to Kathamandu, like just randomly? Lucky, dude, don’t write posts just coz you need to squeeze something out everyday for the content on here. We get it if there’s not much going today.

  11. @ Eddie — Quite to the contrary there’s a *lot* going on today. I understand not all my posts will appeal to everyone, but I know I have a lot of readers who are airline product geeks, and this is by far the best fare to try this new product. I totally understand that this doesn’t appeal to a vast majority of readers, though I also know this makes a small minority of my fellow product geek readers really excited. So bear with me if you don’t like these posts, please. I promise it’s not filler, I genuinely find this stuff interesting.

  12. from what i’ve seen, the F seats offered will be similar to the configuration they have today. Prolly they just updated finishes and ***maybe*** added a “door” like you you see on new LX F or KE F. But overall, there’s nothing innovative or “game changing” about them.

  13. @ LOA — Any further info you can share, because I haven’t seen anything about the new cabin? Thanks!

  14. This is awesome and thanks for sharing!!! This means you will have flown and reviewed all First Class offerings on commercial flights after the MCT-LHR flight! Hopefully there’ll be a celebration of some sort in London with your readers and fans! 🙂

  15. Honestly, all of you should just visit Oman for a prolonged period of time. I have lived there for over a year and note that Oman has a different type of Islam, called Ibadi. This means that they are above all regional trouble.

    The Sultanate boosts multiple churches and one of them was paid for by the Sultan himself. Also, he’s never been married and doesn’t have any kids, which raises many questions about who the next Sultan will be.

    Fun fact: since a couple of years, the relationship between the UAE and Oman has been insanely strained because they sent in spies to try and find out who the next Sultan would be.

  16. Plenty of people go to Kathmandu, and I don’t think I’m the only reader of this blog who is based in London and potentially interested in routes like this.

  17. @Adam, sensible people realize this. Others continue to be shocked that people who don’t live in God’s America can a) read b) afford to fly airplanes.

  18. I just checked for a positioning flight. For only $862 r/t economy and 32 hours outbound and 37 hours return, I could fly Hainan Air Seattle to Beijing to Chengdu. Then continue on Sichuan Air to Lhasa to Kathmandu. (then Muscat to London).

    I would like to visit Nepal and Oman, but for my upcoming trip to London I’ll stick with SEA->KEF->LHR (award) and direct return on Norwegian (cash. First paid international flight in years. I feel like a travel hack not a hacker, but $850 for a direct premium seat vs $800 surcharge and 60K miles for BA business. Also, an overnight in Calgary. No thanks.).

  19. @ Justin — +1 Oman is my favorite of all the countries I’ve been too. Lovely and genuine hospitality, and a distinct culture from the rest of the peninsula.

  20. @Justin & Tiffany …spot on….Oman is definitely not what you might think. I had a great 2 week visit and still missed a lot

  21. @lucky

    i’ve only seen the detailed layout plan, so what I said above was based on that. Layout plan is just a 2D top view of the configuration but with more 2D details of the seat. I haven’t seen any actual renderings of the interior or any 3D views. I’m eagerly waiting to see that, just like you! 🙂

  22. @debit

    The best way to see as much as possible would be to go camping. You can fly into Salahah, hire a 4×4 and buy a tent and go up all the way to Muscat. You can camp almost everywhere.

    Masirah Island is insanely beautiful, there are some nice hotels in Jebel As Sifah, you can camp on top of Jebel Akhdar as well. In Muscat, a new W hotel should open in 2018. The best hotel in my opinion for Muscat though would be the Chedi hotel.

    Just tell me if you need more tips.

  23. I wondered… some of these comments say “posting about fares from these exotic destinations aren’t beneficial for me, why not post… bla bla bla” or “international first class reviews aren’t good cuz most people don’t fly them.. bla bla bla”

    Speak for yourself!!!

    This blog isn’t for just average Americans who only travel Y/J to Europe and once in a while push there little comfort zone to Japan, Hong Kong, or Argentina… SO MANY long-time readers are world travelers who actually been to many many countries and fly as many airlines products as Lucky himself .., so post like this is great. Not to mention many readers aren’t base in North America

  24. @Lucky: This promotional fare is only valid for FC.
    Other cabins don’t have the same special promotion, so you can’t combine with another class.
    And you need to buy it before apr 10.

  25. @Adamw. You are so isolated. Have you ever been on a plane? Obviously not to Oman. Your comment is simply absurd. I’ve been 7 times for at least two weeks each time. Oppressive? Ha ha

    Do a bit of research before making flippant remarks.

    WY J class is superb. One of the best imho. Their new first class is supposedly coming on the Frankfurt and Munich flight later this summer. At the moment there is a two for one on first class that can also be used for business class if first isn’t available. It’s not available for end destination of Muscat though.

  26. @Justin & Tiffany & travlermb Oman is by far my favorite country and I’ve been to ~70 countries. I didn’t think Oman Air was anything special then (2013), but it could be because I flew domestic routes.

  27. If you’re gonna go to Oman maybe you should go via Delhi. IIRC Oman flies the new MAX there, and the J cabin looks fabulous. What do the fares ex-LHR look like? could you tie in the FlyDubai MAX into the trip? Both look like wonderful products

  28. Lucky, please do not change a thing on how you post. I am not based in the US so the only content that is not relevant for me is US credit cards posts however reading about them makes me jealous.
    Tiffany, did you ever post about your Oman trip?
    If you did, could you provide the link as I would like to read all about it. We are going there next January on Turkish airlines as it was the only airline available to me with Aeroplan points. Swiss was not available.

  29. I have only ever heard interesting and good things about Oman, Im Bangkok based and often walk past the Oman Air lounge in Suvarnabhumi. Im tempted for my next trip to europe to be with Oman Air so i could utilise a stopover and check the country out.

  30. I commend and respect the positive notes on Oman the country (my most admired arab country) and Oman, the airline. Until recently Oman was not well known to travellers and it is a delightfully kept secret. Accusing Omanis about religious fanaticism or denigrate the benevolent rule of Sultan Qaboos (much more open minded the other only other sultan, of Brueni) is to show your ignorance. I have written several blogs about Oman as I have visited the country on various occasions. they are long and at times tedious reports, and it shows how tolerant and welcoming they were to a Jew visiting them (repeatedly, and welcomed.)
    I follow Lucky’s blog even though I live in a city from which any place else is difficult to position yourself, Havana, Cuba. I have benefited a lot from the blog (The Casablanca days, The Cairo days and now the Colombo days). Keep up the good work Lucky. Many of your readers are world travellers ( in my case close to 100 countries or territories) and appreciate the information

  31. @Lucky can you invite Justin to write a guest of Oman? I was in Muscat last year but had a very bad impression that one man usually followed by several wives at the airport and in the cabin.

  32. An amazing fare for premium travel from one of the worlds largest hubs to an exotic location is not worthy of a travel blog? Quite the contrary… YOU ARE NOT WORTH TO READ THIS BLOG YOU WHINERS!

    Am I going to buy this fare? Probably not… but I might the next one, and its better than reading about sports or politics where I will never get to play.

    Go away haters; nobody wants you here. Lucky travels the world plus pumps out useful content all day long; you do nothing useful and are angry about it.

  33. I recently flew on Oman Air from LHR through to KUL. This was the day after the new terminal opened, and it was admittedly a bit chaotic, with queues at the bag scanners taking absolute ages.

    They had no ‘fast track’ line for business/first (they did on the return leg), and they had no separate boarding queues either. Overall, it wasn’t that bad, and given that it was their second day opening, it is forgivable.

    On the LHR->MCT leg, I was actually in first class on the A330. This is because my chosen seat (11K) was broken, so I was given a new boarding card at the gate for 2A. This is the old first class mentioned in the article, and offers little-to-no benefit over the business seats. They’re slightly bigger, have a stupid amount of storage adjacent to the seat, and a bit of a partition around the ‘suite’. I was the only person in the cabin, and it was very secluded. The staff seemed slightly annoyed with this, as it’s clear they use this as their personal space, which shows how seldom this is booked. The comment above about Oman being a dry airline is simply false. Unless all 12+ of the wines offered are ‘non alcoholic’.

    If you are flying Oman, I would highly recommend trying to fly the planes with the newer Apex suites. These are amazing, and far more comfortable than the older seats. The level of privacy at the window seats is unmatched, and is definitely one of my favourite business products.

    I’m flying Oman again next month, this time CMB->LHR. I’ll get to try out the 737-MAX J.

    I’m actively trying to fly Oman (when they have attractive fares). Their ‘status’ is easily achievable; I’m now silver after just one return flight in J. One or two more and I’ll be gold, which comes with the unique benefit of 2 x free upgrade vouchers!

    I’m all for supporting this smaller airline – they’re trying hard to attract people who would otherwise have flown Etihad/Qatar/Emirates.

  34. I do not want to ba a nasty one here..but some comments over WY are really stupid..try and fly their C product long haul first and you will see how great the Apex suite, the great Omani dishes, the smiling and attentive crew etc..the only thing I really hate is the smell of the cosmetic brand used int he toilet and amenity kit, it is too local for my remembers me of aunt wearing Poison (I mean the parfume, LOL) only heavier!!…WY should change to more conventional brands like Bulgari, Ferragamo, La Praire…sorry I do not want to sound snobbish…but a decent and neutral odour with good quality will work as well..I hope they will use this opportunity to showcase a new F product worth spending your money…but pls. no half hearted biz product called F like the new F in MH A350! Just get one of those decent F seats out there and polished more the existing great service as well as F&B to levels of SQ and voila…we have a new ME favourite..together a brand new airport, lounges…sky is the limit…
    By the way…FRA will be having the new First as well..they have a buy 2 pay 1 promo…so you need a travelling companion to get it…no need to be in Kathmandu…FRA will work fine forsome folks out here!

  35. By the way, before some here think I am being cheeky…Poison is a perfume from the forbidden fruit collection of Dior…personally I would not mind if it gets extinct not only forbidden…

  36. @Lucky, please keep writing posts like these. Not all of your readers are based in North America or Europe. I read your blog daily and I am based in Singapore, so fares like these work great for me!

  37. Hey, Lucky: I agree with @Concorde02 and those who remind many of your blog followers that the planet is round and not confined to the US. Much as I love our country, c’mon, fellow US fliers: There’s much more to this world than the USA. Not everyone’s gateway airports are JFK, LAX, ATL and such. In fact, the US population is currently only about 5% of the 7.6 billion estimated people living on Earth right now.
    If KTH-MCT-LHR on F class is a good deal for only a few blog subscribers, so be it. If and when such great deals are available from a US airport, I hope there will be seats left by the time most subscribers read about it here. Chill out and travel the world!

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