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We’ve seen a trend whereby many airline frequent flyer programs have made it more difficult to earn status. That’s why it’s exciting to see an airline take the opposite approach.

Oman Air has just made it easier to earn status in their Sindbad frequent flyer program. The program has two elite tiers — Silver and Gold — and they’ve just reduced the requirements to earn status significantly.

With these changes:

  • Silver status will require just 20,000 Tier Miles or 15 Sectors in a 12-month period (compared to 25,000 Tier Miles or 20 Sectors)
  • Gold status will require just 40,000 Tier Miles or 30 Sectors in a 12-month period (compared to 50,000 Tier Miles or 40 Sectors)

For context, here are Oman Air’s mileage earning rates by fare class:

As you can see, flying just 20,000 miles in business class (whether full fare or discounted) would earn you top tier Gold status.

I love flying with Oman Air — they have a spectacular onboard product with great food and service, and they have Apex Suites, which is one of my favorite business class seats. On top of that, they consistently have excellent business class fares.

Oman Air’s A330 business class

In the past I’ve credited my Oman Air flights to Etihad Guest instead, since I value those miles more. However, by making their own program more lucrative, perhaps more people will credit to Oman Air Sindbad instead.

Unfortunately the challenge is that if you’re flying business class with the airline already, elite benefits are fairly limited. Sindbad Gold offers benefits like:

  • An extra baggage allowance
  • Business class lounge access for you and a guest
  • A 10% discount on in-flight duty free purchases
  • Priority check-in at the business class counter
  • A 50% mileage bonus

Oman Air’s business class lounge Muscat Airport

The only significant benefit is that you receive two complimentary upgrade vouchers from economy to business class every year. You can also redeem your miles for upgrades to first class, which could be a cool opportunity.

Oman Air’s 787 first class

Bottom line

I love flying with Oman Air, though I’ve never actually credited a mile to their frequent flyer program, but have rather credited to partners. If I flew Oman Air several times per year I might consider crediting to Sindbad now, given that you can earn Silver or Gold status more easily.

If nothing else, it’s nice to see an airline countering the industry trend and making it easier, rather than harder, to earn status.

Are there any Oman Air Sindbad frequent flyers? What has your experience been with the program?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

  1. Am I missing something here? According to the chart, tier miles for both discounted and full-fare business credit at 200%. So flying 20k miles in business, regardless of discounted/full-fare will qualify for gold.

  2. It’s a shame they don’t have any North America routes, or partner with any US-based airlines. Would’ve loved to try them on a trip home.

  3. I think it’s interesting to think of this as essentially offering their mid-tier status for one business class round-trip from Europe to Asia and top-tier for two round-trips. I would assume there is a large market of upper-middle class travelers in Europe taking one or two $2-3k business class trips to Asia each year, and this could sweeten the deal beyond Oman’s great product. Another plus is that Gold status appears to include access to their incredible First Class lounge at MCT. “At the New Muscat International Airport Sindbad Gold members can enjoy the comfort of the Oman Air First and Business Class lounge.” Their redemption rates don’t seem terrible, but the value would of course depend on what award availability is like.

  4. Gold status doesn’t include access to the F lounge, just to the J side.

    This is a fairly sensible move by WY at a time when all the other Middle Eastern airlines seem to be competing to make their loyalty programmes as unattractive as possible.

  5. Doesn’t their miles expire in 3 years regardless of activity? I normally don’t credit flights to frequent flyer programs that have an expiration policy like that but… I do hope Sindbad would partner with Amex MR or Chase UR so I can transfer miles for a specific redemption.

  6. I have started to use them a lot, ideally from Asia back to Europe. An excellent hard product, although the staff need more training and lack some warmth, they are friendly, but small details are missing.
    I am planning to use my miles for the duty-free shop, you can get some excellent deals and very good value.

  7. I’ve been Sindbad Silver for the past 4 years. It really is quite easy to gain with just one Europe-Asia trip in J. Their product is superb as is their new MCT hub. Just wish they would get their new spa open in the lounge in MCT.

  8. @Lucky, if you get exactly 20,000, you are sliver and receive a 25% bonus so In Theory you only need 35,000 at the least.

  9. Oman are great at status matching too, they matched my Etihad Silver status with their Gold Sindbab status. Doesn’t really add much in business but great if flying economy!!

  10. I am gold on and off for years @Oman it is easy to maintain besides my One World Emerald. However the 200% are on reward miles. Tier miles are credited differently. I.e eco brings 1/2 of the actual distance while biz gives 1/1 and first 1 1/2 of the actual miles. See there mileage calculator in the app and website , it shows you what you get. I regularly fly MUC to KUL and back and that gives 25k tiermiles, nothing new, same as what the calculator shows now. The Sinbad miles are the reward miles. So such a flight gives you silver only, not Gold. However except for the upgrade voucher and more miles there really isn’t a big difference between gold and silver. The additional luggage allowance for one is the same.

  11. Please ignore my comment from just now it is flawed, i just have checked my account, and indeed it is 200% , and it has been this way all the time. So the difference is they lowered it to 40k, but i think that’s (not sure though) also for a while, that I see the 40K (maybe that was the re-qualifying) requirement in my account. But the Tier bonuses are only applicable to Sindbad miles not tier miles. I have to agree that the new Muscat Terminal is pretty good compared to the old one, but the lounge still is not up to Emirates or Cathay. In fact the vouchers aside , the accessing the First-class lounge with their highest tier status when flying business would actually be a noticeable benefit, as others said here, Gold make not much of a difference when flying Business.

  12. Oman have just recently reduced the amount of tier points you receive. Last year I was getting 18,000 tier points RTN in R from CDG-BKK, this year I am getting 13500. Don’t be fooled by the 20,000 silver qualification either, because if you were sitting on 18000 tier points for example and then flew again any tier points you earn above the 20000 threshold is lost and the clock is then reset at zero. Hence your extra points do not get carried across to reach Gold.

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