New OMAAT Email System: Please Check Your Subscriptions

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Well this has been a fun few weeks.

For reasons we still don’t understand (but which don’t seem to have been due to anything we did), our MailChimp account was shut down, making it impossible to send out our daily/weekly newsletters. After a few false starts, we’ve been able to get things mostly set up with MailerLite, which has been great to work with, though we’re still ironing out a few wrinkles.

In the turmoil, it’s more than possible that some of your email subscriptions didn’t make it through the transition. So, if you like receiving emails from us and want to continue, please take a few moments to confirm you are subscribed to everything you’d like to be subscribed to.

Daily, weekly, & more

With the new system, you can still customize your email preferences. Even though we only send one email per day, we often hear that can lead to too much inbox clutter, especially when people are traveling, as most people also check the blog directly or follow us on social media.

  • You can still receive the daily digest with all the posts from the day (choose the “Daily” setting) — this is sent around 5PM Eastern
  • If that’s too many emails for you, the “Weekly” option will send a recap of the posts from the week on Saturday afternoons
  • You can also opt-in to the (extremely) occasional promos and deals emails

Check your subscription

If you’ve been receiving the daily email, you should continue to do so. But, you’ll want to check and be sure you’re still subscribed (if you want to be, of course), and then can edit your preferences as well.

The easiest way is to enter your email address into the subscription box. You should get a message telling you whether or not you’re subscribed, which will then let you confirm/change/cancel your subscriptions.

Adjust spam filters

Going forward, emails will be sent from [email protected], so you’ll want to edit any filters or whitelists accordingly.

This shouldn’t be that big of a deal, and hopefully, everything works as-designed, but if you run into any problems please let us know! And thanks as always for reading!

  1. @ Max — An awesome system that would unfortunately be a very pricey overkill for sending an unsegmented RSS-driven blast.

  2. @Tiffany did you consider ConvertKit? I know a bunch of people who work there and would be happy to send an intro; they’re amazing.

  3. @ cam — Yeah, they are amazing people, and we started with them. The challenge is that what we need here is very simple in ways (it’s just an RSS-feed going into a daily email blast), and shockingly complicated in others (most sites don’t have the volume of content we do, and most modern email systems aren’t designed to do something this “basic”). ConvertKit doesn’t fully support the kind of RSS customization we need, so while we tried getting that dialed in it’s just not a good fit. We have more advanced email plans for future, and will definitely circle back with them when we’re ready for the stuff that is more in their wheelhouse.

  4. Just wanted to mention one issue with the switch over. I use Gmail, and previously, the daily digest all appeared in a single email. Now, the entire email does not show up, and there is a link at the bottom of the message asking me to open it in a new window. Obviously, a minor thing, but a hassle adds some unnecessary negativity in my afternoons. Bottom of the gmail email says: “[Message clipped] View entire message” with view entire message being a link that opens the entire email in a new window. Not sure if this is a setting in my email that I can change (don’t think so), or something in the way the new emails are formatted. Just wanted to mention it.

  5. I like getting an email each time a new piece is posted. That’s what I’ve gotten for years, but in the last few weeks only ~50% seem be be landing.

    Is this still an option?

  6. @tiffany Sorry – one other thing… Might be intentional, but wanted to let you know that the link provided takes you to a mailchimp signup form – should it be?

  7. Hey tiffany, i second the Gmail issue- the newsletter doesnt show all the articles, at the bottom it says “message clipped” and its such a hassle to click on that to fully view ALL articles….any way to make them all fit????

    thanks again for making it work again!! i love the OMAAT newsletter 🙂

  8. Same here: I only receive about 50% of the mails that go out for every article. It started maybe a month ago or so. Would be great to have that fixed! And no, they’re not in my spam folder.

    The gmail message clipped thing always seems to happen when an email is too long.

  9. For some reason every time I post on your site my posts are sent for review and deleted. I am not CREDIT nor am I DEBIT.

    I do not harass anyone nor do I swear.

    I sometimes question the ethics of your government and President in regards to the C Series Bombardier but I really don’t think that deserves a BLACK LIST.

    So here is your chance to correct the wrongs.


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