New OMAAT Email System: Please Check Your Subscriptions

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Just a quick housekeeping update as we transitioned to a new email service yesterday (the previous one has been in place since 2008, and has been causing problems). I realize everyone is already receiving too many dang emails due to GDPR compliance stuff, and apologies for adding to that. This is a long-planned switch, but the timing has ended up not being ideal.

This should be a relatively seamless transition, but there are a few things you might want to be aware of if you like receiving emails from us and want to continue.

Daily, weekly, & more

Going forward, you can customize your email preferences. Even though we only send one email per day, we often hear that can lead to too much inbox clutter, especially when people are traveling, as most people also check the blog directly or follow us on social media.

  • You can still receive the daily digest with all the posts from the day (choose the “Daily” setting) — this is sent around 4:30PM Eastern
  • If that’s too many emails for you, the “Weekly” option will send a recap of the posts from the week on Saturday afternoons
  • You can also opt-in to the (extremely) occasional promos and deals emails

Check your subscription

If you’ve been receiving the daily email, you should continue to do so. Out of our entire email list, only 44 subscribers couldn’t be imported to the new system.

So you’ll want to check and be sure you’re still subscribed (if you want to be, of course), and then can edit your preferences as well.

The link to manage your preferences is specific to each user, so if you’re reading this over email there will be a link at the bottom to update your subscription.

Alternatively, you can enter your email address into the subscription box here, and should get a message telling you whether or not you’re subscribed, which will then let you confirm/change/cancel your subscriptions.

Adjust spam filters

Previously, emails were being sent through Feedblitz, and were often being trapped in spam folders. Going forward, emails will be sent from [email protected], so you’ll want to edit any filters or whitelists accordingly.

This shouldn’t be that big of a deal, and hopefully everything works as-designed, but if you run into any problems please let us know! And thanks as always for reading!

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    Republicans are as much a threat to the USA as al-qaida. Do your part in destroying them.

  2. I have not received an email since you sent out the notice to check our subscription. When I try to check my subscription or sign up I get an error message saying “This email cannot be added to this list. Please enter a different email address.” I use the email address attache to this post. Can you please help me get signed up? (I had the same problem with a mailing list from a totally different site and they had to manually add me or something.) Thank you.

  3. @ jallan — Hmm, it might be a setting with your email address if you’re having issues with multiple sites? I wasn’t able to add you either, though we do have other subscribers using the same email service as you. The details on the error message note:

    The email address or domain is prevented from being added to users’ lists in MailChimp. This can occur when the owner of the email address or the domain has contacted our Compliance Team to request that they not receive emails that are sent from any MailChimp user. Check for typos in the domain. If it is correct, contact the owner of the email address or domain and have them contact our Compliance Team to request that their email address or domain be removed from the blacklist.

  4. @Tiffany,
    Can you email me the contact info for Mailchimp’s compliance team? I checked out their website but couldn’t find it anywhere, and most of the contact options on there require having a Mailchimp account and seem geared towards users of Mailchimp. Once upon a time someone used my email address to sign up for a bunch of spam accounts, trying to hide automated email that was sent when they hacked into my frequent flier account and changed the email address so they could steal my miles (I caught it, though, the airline did an investigation, and returned my miles). This could be something from then.

    In the meantime I’ll just use another email address to sign up, but I’d like to get the issue resolved with my main address. It’s also strange, because I had been receiving the daily OMAAT emails, unless you just started using MailChimp? Thanks.

  5. (Using this ’cause can’t find Contact OMMAAT) Story suggestion: The Grim Reaper – what happens when you die… how to will (pass on) points/miles. Thinking I could give someone my logins/PWs and let them use my miles/points after I’ve to Frequent Flyer Heaven but wonder if that will work. What if airline/hotel finds out… charge full fare? Delete account? Delete reservations without notice? Will airlines/hotels find out when related credit card accounts are canceled? Are cc accounts somehow notified (by credit rating agencies) of my death?

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