OfficeMax And Office Depot Testing AWESOME Rewards Program

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Did you know that office supply stores have loyalty programs? I certainly never paid much attention to them. Even though I spend thousands of dollars each year between Staples, OfficeMax, and Office Depot, I’ve never bothered to setup a loyalty account. Blasphemy?

At Staples they call it Staples Rewards which is probably as creative of a name as you can expect from a store named after a lowly fastener. OfficeMax used to call it MaxPerks but then they married Office Depot and the combined entity became OfficeMax or Office Depot Rewards. Again, creative.

The point is that none of these programs were terribly exciting. I’m not an expert, but it seems that OfficeMax and Depot really only paid rewards on paper, toner, and ink purchases. Staples says they reward everything, but then they quickly disclaim that by excluding gift cards and postage.

staples 5percent no gift cards
Staples has a unique definition of everything 

Well, if you’re going to exclude gift cards, what’s the point? Apparently OfficeMax and Office Depot agreed….

Introducing Rewards Everything

OfficeMax and Office Depot — come on people, just pick one already. You don’t hear us flying American US Airways America West these days do you? Or Delta Northwest? Or United Continental? — have introduced a new rewards program called Rewards Everything.

It’s basically as straightforward as it sounds in that everything, and I mean everything, earns 2% rewards.

officemax office depot rewards everything
At OfficeMax, everything means everything

Did you catch that?

There are no exclusions. We’re not talking about Staples Rewards here where they say everything and then mumble “except gift cards and postage.”

Nope, the new OfficeMax and Office Depot Rewards Everything refers to anything you can buy within the walls of their stores.

Including those massive racks of gift cards.

There’s a great future in plastics

My Experience

I didn’t believe it at first. In fact, I wouldn’t have discovered this new loyalty program at all until one day I was buying a bunch of Amazon gift cards, as you do when you have three kids, when I noticed that they were offering jumbo packs of AA and AAA batteries for free after 100% rewards. So I bought a couple along with my gift cards. Impulse me!

Of course, I had to create a rewards account to get the rebate.

A few weeks later I checked to see if my rebate had posted. It hadn’t. But my account showed that I had $20 of pending rewards. Hmmm, that’s cool, but where the the heck did that come from?

Then I pulled out my calculator and realized that $2o was actually 2% of $1000.

I had just earned $20 of rewards from buying two $500 Amazon gift cards.

Holy cow.

rewards everything activity
My Rewards Everything statement

Just in case it’s not obvious, the whole point of buying gift cards at OfficeMax, Office Depot, or Staples is that the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card and Ink Plus® Business Credit Card have a 5x category bonus at office supply stores. So my $1,000 of Amazon gift cards earned 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points.

The $20 bonus in Office Depot rewards was just icing on the cake. But it’s really tasty icing!

Given that I value Ultimate Rewards points at around 2 cents each, and assuming I can use the rewards for stuff I would buy anyway (which might be a stretch), that’s like a 12% discount for us at Amazon, and a lot of other stores. Sign me up, please.

Mile High or Grand Ole Opry

This all sounds great, right? Well, there’s a catch.

The problem is that Rewards Everything is only available in limited markets right now, specifically Denver and Nashville. If your address isn’t in one of those locations, you’re stuck with  still enrolled in Rewards+, the crappy old rewards program where you benefit from buying paper, toner, ink and not much else.

I guess they want to make sure that people like it before they roll it out nationally.

The Rewards Everything FAQ

This is the FAQ for the Rewards Everything program. It seems that only those who are enrolled in the program can access it.

General Questions

What is the Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything program?

Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything is a frequent shopper program available to customers in the Denver and Nashville market areas. Members earn rewards for every purchase.

How do I join Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything?

Join online at, in any Office Depot or OfficeMax store in the Denver or Nashville market areas, or by phone at 844-774-2664 – membership is FREE! If you enroll in store or over the phone, you must visit to create an online account in order to manage your membership.

I didn’t sign up for Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything. How did I get included?

Members of the Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards program in the Denver and Nashville market areas were automatically enrolled in this new program.

Did my membership number change?

No, members who were automatically enrolled in this new program can continue to use the same membership number.

What will happen to my points in the previous program, Office Depot OfficeMax Rewards?

For every 1,000 points earned in the Office Depot OfficeMax Rewards program you will receive a reward certificate in your online account by 1/31/16. Points balances less than 1,000 expired on 12/31/15 as per the Office Depot OfficeMax Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.

I shop on and in other Office Depot and OfficeMax stores when I travel. Will those purchases count towards my rewards?

Yes! Members of the Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything program will earn according to the benefits of this program regardless of where they shop.

I don’t live in the Denver or Nashville market areas. Can I join Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything?

At this time, only customers in the Denver or Nashville market areas are able to join the Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything program. We hope to receive positive feedback about the program from our customers. If so, we’ll extend it to other locations.

I don’t want to be a part of the new program. Can I stay in Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards?

We launched this new program to get feedback from our customers. Your feedback is important to us. At this time we are unable to switch members between programs. We hope you will enjoy the expanded benefits of this new program including earning rewards on EVERYTHING, free delivery with NO minimum purchase required, and more!

How can I request a membership card?

You don’t need a card to earn rewards! Simply provide your phone number or email address at checkout. You can also access your digital membership card by downloading and logging in to the Office Depot mobile app.

If you still wish to have a card, you can print a physical card immediately by logging in to your account at and clicking “Print Membership Card.” A new window will open with a PDF of your card. Print the PDF and bring it to your nearest Office Depot or OfficeMax store to have it laminated for FREE!

Where can I review the terms and conditions?

Click here to review the full program Terms and Conditions.

Membership Benefits

What are the benefits of the program?

Members get 2% back in rewards on everything, FREE delivery with no minimum purchase (oversize and special order items excluded), exclusive offers, and $2 back in rewards when you recycle your ink and toner cartridges ($10 minimum monthly purchase required; limit 10 cartridges per month). Plus, all rewards are paid out – there is NO threshold to earn a reward certificate!

How do I become a VIP Member?

You become a VIP Member by spending $500 or more within a 365 day period. Your VIP status will be effective 30 days after the required $500 in purchases are posted to your account. Returned items will not count toward the $500 requirement. You will enjoy VIP member benefits for the 12 months following your VIP benefit effective date..

What are the benefits of being a VIP Member?

VIP Members get 10% back in rewards on ink, toner, paper and copy/print/ship services, extended sales dates, surprise samples, and a special offer on your birthday! VIP Members will continue to receive 2% back in rewards on everything else and all other program benefits.

The 10% back in rewards excludes thermal fax paper, paper rolls used in adding machines and cash registers, postage stamps and delivery orders of online purchases of photo products

Are there any restrictions on free delivery?

Free delivery with no minimum purchase is available to members within our many local delivery areas. Most furniture, oversized and special order items do not qualify. Other restrictions apply. Click here to view our Standard Free Delivery Terms and Conditions.

What is the Give Back to Schools program?

The Give Back to Schools program helps the school of your choice earn FREE supplies for their classrooms. You can help by simply making a purchase of qualifying products and providing your school’s ID number at checkout. Learn more at Members of the Office Depot® OfficeMax® Rewards Everything program can link a school’s ID to their member number. Every time you shop with your member number, your qualifying purchases will automatically be credited to your linked school.

How do I link a school ID to my rewards account?

Log in to your account at In the Give Back to Schools section, click on “View My School” to look up and link your school ID. You can also edit the school linked to your account on this page.

How much has my linked school earned as a result of my purchases?

Log in to your account at In the Give Back to Schools section, click on “View My School” to look up and link your school ID. You can also edit the school linked to your account on this page.

I wrote a product review, but it wasn’t posted online. Will I still get my rewards?

Rewards are only issued for approved product reviews (limit 3 per member per month). Allow up to 5 days for product reviews to be approved and posted on

What are the product review guidelines?

In order to receive rewards, your product review must adhere to the guidelines found on this page. Members will only be rewarded for one product review per product.


What if I forget to use my member number when shopping?

Log in to your account at, click Rewards Activity, and then click “Add a Purchase” to request credit for your purchase. Credit for purchases made without your member number must be requested no later than 90 days after the purchase was made.

When are rewards issued?

Rewards for your everyday purchases and all recycling rewards are issued within 30 days after the end of the calendar quarter. Rewards for bonus rewards promotions are issuedthe next day.

How are rewards issued?

Rewards are issued as a reward certificate. Members with a current email address on their account will be notified when their reward certificate is available. You can access your certificate on your smartphone or simply tell a cashier that you would like to apply your reward certificate to your purchase. When shopping on, unexpired reward certificates with a balance will also appear at checkout. You can also simply log in to or create your account at and click on “Get My Rewards” to view and print your unexpired reward certificates.

How do I access my reward certificate?

You can access your certificate on your smartphone or simply tell a cashier that you would like to apply your reward certificate to your purchase. When shopping on, unexpired reward certificates with a balance will also appear at checkout. You can also simply login to or create your account at and click on “Get My Rewards” to view and print your unexpired reward certificates.

Are all rewards that I earn really paid out?

Yes! All rewards will be issued as a reward certificate – there is NO threshold to earn a reward certificate. Reward certificates expire the last day of the calendar quarter following the quarter in which rewards were earned. The expiration date is printed on the certificate.

Do reward certificates expire?

Reward certificates expire the last day of the following calendar quarter from when they were earned. The expiration date is printed on the certificate.

How can I track my rewards?

Log in to or create your online account at to view your current rewards balance. For more detail, click on “Rewards Activity.” To view your reward certificates, click on “Get My Rewards.”

How can I check the balance on my reward certificate?

Remaining balances will display on the bottom of your store receipt. You can also log in to your account at and click on the “Get My Rewards” link. All unexpired certificates with a full or partial balance will show on that page.

Are there any restrictions when redeeming my reward certificate?

Reward certificates cannot be used on purchases of any gift or prepaid cards. When accessing reward certificates through our cash registers at check out in store, you can redeem up to a limit of 3 transactions per day.

Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn?

There is no limit to the rewards you can earn.

Can I use my reward certificates with coupons?

Yes. We accept valid coupons when you make a purchase with your reward certificates. Purchases made with reward and/or merchandise certificates/cards do not qualify for rewards.

Bottom Line

I hope that the new Rewards Everything is good for the company because it will be great for me. My family spends a ton at Amazon, so we’re constantly stopping by office supply stores to pick up gift cards with our Chase Ink card.

Previously we were completely ambivalent about whether we bought our plastic at Staples, OfficeMax, or Office Depot and simply chose the most convenient. That will obviously change.

See ya Staples.

Next time may I suggest checking the definition of everything….

Will Rewards Everything change your shopping habits?

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  1. Wow — that’s a 10% return (by a generously low estimate) on a gift card that’s as good as cash. Great catch!

  2. Great piece. Since I am already an OD reward program member, will I need to resign up for the new program or is it a continuation?
    I’m having trouble finding any reference to this new program. Any links that you’re aware of?
    Is it localized as a trial perhaps?

  3. That would be thrilling if it comes to my area. In the meanwhile, I’ll stick with Staples since I have their premium rewards level which means I can recycle 20 ink cartridges a month =$40. Staples has more of the stuff I want to get with my rewards – Tide, Cascade, a huge Crayola aisle and Melissa & Doug toys for my great-niece, Starbucks coffee beans, greeting cards and gift bags, etc.

  4. Tim — Yeah, I can’t find any references to it either. It seems that if you register your address in either test market it area, you get automatically enrolled in the new program. I seem to remember one of the FAQ’s saying that those in Denver / Nashville can’t choose to go back to the old program, so it seems the whole thing might be automatic.

  5. @Travis

    Wideroe is doing the whole package deal that you wrote about last year again this year.

    Time for an updated post?

  6. Great news for ms’ers in Denver and Nashville. Also, I’m pretty sure you pulled that gift card rack photo off my blog without giving credit, but that’s ok – I don’t mind sharing.

  7. I see the click bait disease has spread here from VFTW. There was plenty of room in the title to add “in Denver and Nashville only”, and save the rest of us from wasting our time. Having to read half a page of useless blather, only to at that point find out that if only applies to residents of 2 mid-size cities, is really annoying. 🙁

  8. And there you have it at the end. Rewards can’t be used for gift cards of any sort. Back to redeeming for ink or paper or crappy furniture.

  9. Certainly changes the MS game math. I expect they’ll move to exclude gift cards as soon as some clown walks in and buys $20k of them in a single transaction…

  10. It sounds great, but I guarantee they stop crediting gift cards by the time the program makes it out of Denver & Nashville, unless MSers in those markets have the self-restraint to not ruin it for the rest of the country by going crazy (unlikely).

  11. Woo hoo!!! I’m in Denver and travel regularly to Nashville (family). This is GREAT news for me. Thanks for reporting.

  12. i have provided my rewards information for my gc purchases (amazon, home depot, disney) and have not received any rewards points for these purchases.

  13. I’d be happy if they just gave rewards on non-OD, non-Visa/MC GC. That is pretty sustainable as evidenced by all those fuel rewards programs supermarkets do.

  14. So big downside I see is you can’t redeem the rewards for gift cards or cash so that’s not true cash back.

  15. I appreciate your wanting to hype this, and while this has potential, but lets not forget the Officemax game has actually gone downhill from where it once was. At one point they were an “open” business partner with 5% back instore and coupled with the amex business 5x earnings at office supply you could earn 10% cashback on ALL in-store purchases (including GC’s) in addition to recycling lots of ink for $$$ and the rewards could be used to buy gc’s…

    I wouldn’t slam staples too hard either as there’s plenty of play to be had there too from their rewards program that it sounds like your missing…

  16. I am frustrated with Staples. I check online for the price then when I go to the store it is more expensive than online. I then need to go thru the hassle of them matching their own price. The also need manager approval for any gift card purchase over $200

    Hello OD.

  17. Mel – I know they do not accept credit cards for gift cards where you can choose how much will be loaded on gift cards but they do accept credit cards for gift cards that have a set value.

    Not sure why but many other stores follow the same policy.

  18. what proof do you need that you live in either of the 2 cities? Could I get one for living in a a suburb? or just across the state line? where is the line drawn as to whether you get the good deal or not

  19. Have you tested to see if they will allow you to use rewards cash toward the purchase of gift cards? I know the program rules say that it isn’t allowed, but I wondered if this is actually enforced.

  20. DP: I received an e-mail today from OD/OM informing me I’ll be automatically enrolled in this new rewards program 7/1/17. Still says “2% back in rewards on everything – and we mean everything!” I live in Boca Raton, FL (OD headquarters!).

    Anyone in Nashville or Dallas (or elsewhere) with this new rewards program who’s successfully purchased multiple gc’s when there is a gc sale (e.g. last week’s $10 off $300 Visa gc’s) on their account and still received both the discount and 2% in rewards (on multiple purchases)?

  21. Purchased a variable Amazon gift card for $100 last night and show $2 pending rewards. Used my INK for 5x. I live in NC btw.

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