Off to San Francisco this weekend

Since I’m already in weekend mode (at least in my delusional world), I figured I’d get a head start. This weekend is the annual “Mega Do” in San Francisco, which is a fun weekend where 100 or so of us FlyerTalkers hang out, and talk anything but miles and points. As a result I’m taking a long weekend, leaving Friday morning and returning on the redeye on Sunday.

My first adventure will be getting to SFO. I booked my flight months ago, when the cheapest fare by over $200 was TPA-IAD-SFO, departing at 6PM, getting in shortly after midnight. Since I have to be at SFO by 1PM at the very latest, I’ll be playing standby roulette through ORD, starting at 6AM on Friday. Shouldn’t be too much trouble…. hopefully.

You can expect a trip report, including a review of the relatively new InterContinental San Francisco. I booked the hotel months ago for $179/night and plan on using a buy one get one free weekend night certificate, so my total for two nights will be about $210 with tax. Not bad considering I’m already showing confirmed in a one bedroom suite, which retails for over $1,000/night, and should get club access.

Also, we’ll get a tour of the Gate Gourmet facilities at SFO on Friday at 2PM, so I’ll try to write a report on that since it should be interesting. Apparently we’ll even get to sample first class meals! By the way, we have two open spots, so if anyone wants to join us, please shoot me an email and I’d be happy to sign you up for the tour.

I should have internet access throughout my trip, so expect continuous updates. 

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