Off to New York on Continental to see Pam Ann!

I’m heading to New York this weekend for a couple of reasons. First, to visit my brother, but more importantly (fine, maybe I’m kidding) to see Pam Ann. She is performing in New York for five nights, and I couldn’t turn down the chance to go see her in person. For those not familiar with Pam Ann, she’s probably the only comedian in the world focused solely on the airline industry. I posted a few videos of some of her performances in another post. Typically she likes to pick on EasyJet, so it will be interesting to see how she adjusts her skit for the US market.

On another note, I’m impressed by Continental as my upgrades cleared both to and from New York. I’m flying out from TPA to EWR on Saturday morning on a BusinessFirst configured 757-200, and will be returning on Monday afternoon on a 737-900. I’ll definitely write a quick review to compare the service to United, although I’m expecting it to be pretty ugly. Come on, instead of flying Ted for three hours in the exit row I’ll be sitting in an international business class seat and enjoying a real breakfast. Is there really any comparison?

What really impressed me was that my upgrades for both flights cleared exactly at the five day window, and I mean to the minute. I love the precision, unlike United, which holds back virtually all upgrades even when the cabin is wide open.

Next weekend I’m off to Seattle on Northwest, so let’s see if I have the same upgrade luck.

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  1. Enjoy Pam 😀

    Now remember to Touch trolly, back to the galley, touch trolley, back to the galley, touch trolley, rattle ice, touch trolley and make signs towards the galley…. that mean nothing at all…

    I’d expect some picking of UA and AA flight attendants… and of course… showing up BA 😉

    And hopefully Lily… who will open the door… heavy door… 😉

    She needs to do anohter UK regional tour….

    Why am I thinking of a Pam Ann FT DO per chance? 😉

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