NYPD Officer Who Abused Uber Driver Has Been Demoted

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A couple of days ago I posted about the maddening video of an Uber driver being chewed out by an NYPD officer.

Here’s how the person who uploaded the video (the UberX passenger) described the situation:

Police abuse of Uber driver in New York City. In an unmarked car, the policeman was allegedly attempting to park without using his blinker at a green light. (His reverse lights weren’t on. Likely double parked without hazards on.) The Uber driver pulled around and gestured that he should use his blinker, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving us. The policeman aggressively pulls up behind us and this is what happens.

The good news is that according to The Verge, the officer, Patrick Cherry, has been stripped of his badge and gun, and removed from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, which he was part of.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the first time the officer has been accused of verbal abuse. Via DNAinfo:

Cherry won’t be fired because verbal abuse of a civilian is not considered a fireable offense, sources said.

This would not be the first complaint against Cherry for verbal abuse, sources said.

The detective, who has about 15 years on the force, has had about 10 complaints against him, some of which involve verbally abusing civilians, sources familiar with his record said.

The outcome of those complaints is unknown.

Bottom line

As sickening as the officer’s actions were and as much as the world nowadays is scary, it’s sort of refreshing that we live in a day and age where everyone has a camera. Which is bad news for power-hungry jerks like this guy.

It just blows my mind that there are people that treat other humans this way…

  1. One standard for them, and one standard for us

    Quote: “Cherry won’t be fired because verbal abuse of a civilian is not considered a fireable offense, sources said.”

    In the private sector almost always an employee would get fired for this. But when you have a monopoly on your industry (legalized force), you are the only game in town, nobody competes with you, you get this.

    Who watches the watchmen? What if they can no longer be trusted?

  2. This would seem like an OK outcome but I would guess the Union is going to file a grievance in this case and I would be surprised if this demotion sticks.

  3. This cop deals with morons everyday like this, then he has a bad day and decides to take action on it…what is the big deal. Civilians have absolutely no idea of what goes on through one full tour of being a cop. How about those 15 years he has served? It takes a four minute tirade to destroy his service to this city? We (the general public) want to be treated like we are all still in elementary school…mountain out of a mole hill!

  4. @mike it is thinking like that… which is why all these idiots behave the way they do… YOU and all these idiots are in no way superior than any other person walking the street and therefore.. he was not in a position to behave the way he did.. I do not care what he does or did.. no one forced him to do the job he does,

  5. sorry Mike, but this guy has 12 CCRB complaints dating back to 2001. this isn’t a guy who had a bad day and lost it. this is a bad apple who needs to be pruned from the tree.

    also, the news is reporting det. cherry is 38?? sheesh if that’s true i feel bad for him. he looks in his 50s. maybe another line of work is in order.

  6. “Cherry won’t be fired because verbal abuse of a civilian is not considered a fireable offense ”

    And that is precisely what is wrong with the police in America these days. It’s OUR tax dollars that are paying for the services of the police. I don’t remember ever agreeing to allow people who work for us to treat us in this manner. We citizens deserve better from our police, and we need to demand better.

  7. @”mountain out of a mole hill!” Mike:

    To you it seems like a molehill. To the Uber driver, who was not only verbally abused and insulted, but also threatened with arrest, it is far more than a molehill. His very livelihood was at stake. There is absolutely no excuse for Officer Cherry’s behavior. None whatsoever. Your defense of his actions is just laughable. We entrust the police with our safety. ANY police officer who abuses that trust is not doing his job and should be fired.

  8. I always find it sad that those who believe in closed shop union laws, and say this is the only way to ensure fair pay and treatment of workers seem to clam up in these situations…..

  9. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The punishment isn’t anywhere near harsh enough. I say let him keep his job, with demotion… BUT take a substantial amount away from his pension.

    Yet another reason why I hate unions… and I say that having worked in unions before.

  10. @”mountain out of a mole hill!” Mike:

    I hope you are one of those “morons” someday who is subjected to this type of abuse. You moron.

  11. If linked article is correct, his punishment – if any – hasn’t been decided yet:

    “The most severe penalty Cherry would face, sources said, would be the loss of 20 to 30 vacation days or about a month’s pay. Sources said at Cherry’s pay grade, that would amount to about $10,000.”

  12. @Mike – The dude was working in an office, not patrolling the inner city on foot. He’s no more entitled to scream at civilians in his official capacity than I am. There’s little justification for putting cops on such a pedestal.

    I don’t 100% disagree with the “the guy is allowed to have one bad day” line. My problem with that claim though is that people who throw it around offer no evidence that the abuser is more likely to have had a one-off event versus having his typical behavior come to light. It seems much more likely to me that someone behaving like this probably does so quite a lot, and in this case we actually know that to be true courtesy of all of the other complaints.

  13. @ Ivan Y — That article was as of yesterday. The newer one indicates that he has been demoted.

  14. This may be the “4 minute tirade” of a 15 year career but it proves that this officer has some emotional issues he needs to deal with IMMEDIATELY. We are all human and deal with anger in various ways. The manner in which he responded is dangerous and unacceptable.

  15. My hat’s off to the guys who had the guts and good thinking to videotape this on their smart phone. Without this evidence, the event would have gone unnoticed, but now its on the national news. Demotion, if it sticks, gives me some faith in the system. More importantly, the example this sets for all the other officers with personalities like him (hopefully, they are in a small minority) should make them think first before acting like this. Law enforcement is a needed and noble profession, but it carries a duty to serve and respect the law abiding public too. Unfortunately, bad apples can get into any profession, but with all the previous complaints, he should have been demoted or fired years ago. At the very least Cherry has needed anger management therapy for some time. Unions began in the early 20th century to help members from being unfairly taken advantage of. Unfortunately, too many unions have become defenders of members who misbehave, instead of doing what’s right for both their members and for society. I agree with Richard that the way Cherry acted was dangerous and unacceptable. If he cannot control his anger, he has no business carrying a firearm or being in a life or death situation where a professional with cool head is needed. Let’s hope the media stays on top of this.

  16. 5 more years and he gets his 20 … that just account for 3 more complaints, I am sure he can manage that ….

  17. Oh, but if only this story were true. I live in NYC. No cop get “their badge and gun taken away and demoted” for anything less than a felony conviction. NYC government just doesn’t work this quickly or this efficiently. It takes years of administrative hearings to get demoted. More than likely, he was given a few days off on administrative leave (with pay, of course) and they just SAID he was demoted to appease the outrage.

    NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM. sorry, that’s just how NYC works. (or doesn’t work!)

  18. A HUGE KUDOS to the passenger in this incident. Without him, the mentally deranged officer would have walked away from this as he has done dozens of times before. Mike (mountain out of a molehill) you’re SO VERY WRONG to think this guy is entitled to abuse an innocent person this way. Are you just like him? The driver made a polite gesture that he should use his signal and that’s for the SAFETY of everyone involved. THEN the idiot cop berates him, threatens to handcuff and lock him up? My guess is this jerk goes home and beats his wife and kids – if anyone was stupid enough to marry him.

    So sad that the union will probably stand behind him and he’ll get the proverbial slap on the wrist.

  19. If that is sickening then you best stay out of the Middle East and Africa as you’ll be in a coma after what is happening there……….it’s all relative………the jerk got demoted….end of story……..

  20. “If that is sickening then you best stay out of the Middle East and Africa as you’ll be in a coma after what is happening there……….”

    Great point! If it’s worse elsewhere, then we shouldn’t pay attention to it in NY. Thank you for adding such rich, relevant, and on point perspective to the conversation.

    Your broad-brush painting of the ME and Africa are educational as well; now I know to avoid the ME and Africa.

  21. The Uber driver should have reported the incident and then when they questioned Cherry about it and he lied and said nothing happened, then present the video evidence and maybe he gets fired for lying.

  22. I doubt the douchebag gets demoted, and above poster was probably right, may have only SAID they did. It’s sad it takes NATIONAL attention to have anything happen..and even then the unions know after a “cooling off period” where nobody is looking they’ll “correct the situation” i.e. reinstate his former rank and pay, etc…totally bullsh!t.

    Plus, there are TWELVE other complaints….THAT WE KNOW ABOUT. How many people were too scared to come forward for fear of repercussions from a crazed d-bag of a cop?? An Uber or Lyft, etc driver can LOSE THEIR JOB b/c of the power b.s. this a**clown seems to routinely use/abuse. HE, on the other hand, has his union and a LOOOOOONG history of the Blue Wall protecting him and letting him go about his business.

    @Mike(Mtn out of molehill) is most likely an officer or similar. That blue wall is VERY high. It just goes to show, even other cops think that’s fine, at how bad our police is for people to speak up like it’s no big thing. Anger management is the least Cherry should be subjected to.

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