NYPD Officer (Sort Of) Apologizes To Uber Driver After Tirade

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Last week I posted the insane video of the NYPD officer who abusively went off on an Uber driver:

You’ve gotta love that virtually everyone is a cameraman nowadays thanks to smartphones, so the interaction was caught on tape. Within days the officer was identified and even demoted due to his actions.

On top of that, it looks like over the weekend he appeared on a local New York City station to issue an apology… or something like that:


He should have known better, he says, but he also claims there was more to the story than was caught on tape. And he claims the fallout has been too heated.

So it’s a half-assed apology, no doubt, but I guess it’s better than nothing. He has also offered to take the Uber driver to dinner to offer his personal apologies… what a prize!

  1. Your blog is so great Ben – can you keep it to travel-related topics though? Thanks 🙂

  2. His “apology” is no more valuable than Avios on BA metal. Kudos to you for posting this, Lucky!

    Pay no attention to the ones that want you to keep your posts to “travel-related topics”, which by the way, this certainly is. Uber is a travel service, so this more-than-adequately fits your blog. Not to mention the humanitarian nature of it…

  3. Thanks for the follow-up, pretty interesting – I’d call it a real apology. But yeah, if I was the Uber driver, I’d skip the dinner invite. A person in a position of power verbally assaults you and then wants to treat you nice, it sounds like a narrative you’d hear in a domestic abuse case.

  4. @tim, I would say taxis, Uber, ride-sharing services, etc are pretty much travel-related. Stating the obvious, it’s a mode of transportation, and many people use these services when they “travel”.

  5. Let’s give him some real punishment — take his retirement away. Lord knows these guys make far more off their pensions than normal salaries.

  6. Its an apology nonetheless. It probably took a lot to say “I’m sorry” however half-assed it may have been lol. I’d skip the dinner invite too 🙂

    Take away his retirement benefits? How about we tame away yours the first time you mess up?

    Funny thing though, I thought initially the NYPD denied he was one of their officers???? And he turns out to be an NYPD detective?? I lift my hat to the press, and to you Lucky 🙂 After seeing your post, I noticed CNN run it as well :).

    Typical police behavior at the highest level.. Initial outward denial and misinformation. But then that’s what the lawyers advise them to do… Anyone know a lawyer joke? lol 🙂

  7. The police guy was probably pissed for good reason – we don’t get his side of the story. On a power trip obviously, and a racist from his comments about “how long the driver had been in the country” but the Uber driver probably was driving like a moron and probably deserved a good ass chewing.

    Think it ended appropriately with an apology.

  8. @tim,

    This blog is about travel, but in the end it is a blog, specifically Lucky’s blog and he can write about whatever he wants.

    Relating to the action from the NYPD det., it clearly is power abuse, he may apologize and state that we don’t know the whole story etc. but still he exploded and was caught. Here in Mexico, we know about that and still people in power get off trouble without any penalty or sanction. It is sad to see that we are afraid of those who are supposed to keep us safe.

  9. @Alex: “Take away his retirement benefits? How about we tame away yours the first time you mess up?”

    Excuse me, but if you’ve been following the story, this is NOT the first time this officer has screwed up. He has had multiple complaints against him, some of which have resulted in settlements paid by the city. The fact that there are NO consequences to him personally – AT ALL – is precisely what is wrong with the police relationship with the public. Officer Cherry knew he could abuse anyone he likes with complete impunity, which is why he behaved the way he did. In fact, he knows that he can STILL do exactly the same thing and nothing would happen to him. So what weight does his “apology” carry?

    So, although Cherry owes not only the Uber driver, but the entire public an apology, I, for one, do NOT accept his apology. We need to reform police oversight so that officers face real punishment if they mess up – especially if they do so chronically. Anything less than that is just hot air and BS.

  10. snic says: “We need to reform police oversight so that officers face real punishment if they mess up – especially if they do so chronically. Anything less than that is just hot air and BS.”

    ^ Agree wholeheartedly, Snic.

  11. @Paul you comments show either you never saw the YouTube Video or you watched the Video not believing the Detective was in the wrong. Watch the video again and listen to the passenger who was video taping the whole thing..

    When I saw the apology video and how the Detective was talking about how he was trying to park and making it sound like it was the Uber drivers fault.. I have been in NYC many time, taxi drivers, delivery guys and police are always honking and using hand signals to each other. If there was no video Detective Cherry wouldn’t be making this apology, as I’m sure he was forced to do… I don’t believe his apology was sincere at all…

  12. @Paul

    It doesn’t matter who is at fault. A policeman, an employee of the people, shouldn’t explode like that. Watch the video, and see how Detective Cherry expressed himself. There is no valid reason to swear like that, to denigrate someone at that level.

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