Now there’s a classy suite!

I was reading the FlyerTalk thread about the Andaz San Diego (which I was considering staying at next month) and couldn’t help but laugh (or cringe) at the private room in the back of a strip club suite a FlyerTalker got an upgrade to. This one’s called the “Star Suite,” and it’s the first hotel room to have a stripper pole in it. Seriously? And can someone explain to me what the hell is up with a king bed bunk?

I think I’ll go ahead and save my suite upgrade certificate (hell, I’ll let it expire before I use it for this type of a room).

Hope they at least clean the bed really, really, really well after every stay…

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  1. I just checked out of a 1 night stay at the Andaz. I used a suite upgrade cert and was upgraded to a Loft King suite (std Diamond upgrade) – the room was definitely more conservative than the one SD1K got upgraded to! Nice hotel and a great place to stay in with Andaz5 = would certainly recommend!

  2. My suite at the W Seoul last year had a TV mounted on a stripper poll…

    And yes it has to be said, “Stay classy, (Andaz) San Diego!”

  3. depending on who you’re staying there with, that suite could either be really good or really bad.

  4. Who wants to get the CSI blacklight out on this room? 😛

    I feel bad for the members of the housekeeping staff who have to clean up this room each night. You probably never know what you would find.

    @Sean: I agree. The hot FA finals should be held here.

  5. Lucky, I have gone to this hotel the past two years for New Year’s Eve. Before Hyatt bought this hotel in January, it was called the Ivy Hotel, and it still has Envy nightlclub. It has a downstairs disco and a great rooftop bar with pools, djs, and a great view of San Diego. If you are staying Thursday thru Sunday, expect to hear a lot of loud music which plays unitl 2:00 am, so the place is not necessarily family friendly, but it is a great hotel.

  6. I’m making my res right now. I hope this room is not sold out after everyone reads this. When making the res, on the comment section do I need say: pls make sure that pole is provided & in place & strictly no housekeeping until further notice! Or do they know & expect this already.

  7. I toured the suite today. It’s actually more tasteful than I expected – nice sectional and a full bar. The stripper pole has been replaced three times in three years due to it getting damaged …and if you’re planning on a party, well, expect hotel staff and security to be present in the suite at all times to keep the place from getting trashed. I’m told the suite is mostly rented for bachelor/bachelorette parties.

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