Now that’s classy, Delta!

When I got my Delta Platinum Medallion card in the mail a few weeks ago, there was also an offer to visit a website to select a gift from Tiffany’s to thank me for my loyalty (hah)! Anyway, there were three choices, and I went with the vase. It arrived in the mail a couple of days ago in a nice box with a note from Delta thanking me for my loyalty.

Now that’s cool! I haven’t quite figured out what I’ll do with it yet, but I’m sure if nothing else I could give it to my mom as a gift (of course after removing the note from Delta and adding a personalized one saying what a great person she is). 😉


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  1. Wait… I got my Platinum card, but no gift… (I think… unless I missed something). Maybe because I wasn’t loyal to them or NWA? (zero EQM)

  2. Did you earn Plat status through BIS miles or a match? When did you requalify?

    Interesting that I haven’t received my 2010 Plat package yet even though I qualified in Oct.

    Sweet gift!

  3. I wonder why you got your DL PM card this early-was it for 2010? Usually, the new Medallion package doesn’t go out until the beginning of the following year. FWIW, I’ve flown over 185,000 miles this year to date on DL and passed PM status back in the Spring.

  4. I believe the gift was for old NW Plat members that were getting their “new” Delta Plat cards after the accounts and everything were combined. Also, I chose the bowl…also gave it to my mom… and she now uses it as a fancy dish to feed our bird from (he got quickly attached to it, so she didn’t want to take it away). Sweet gift, indeed…heh

  5. @hodgie is correct. I got my bowl. My wife got the offer as well. Both NW (comped) Plats who became DL Plats with the merger.

    Before y’all gift this, do look closely at the Delta logo, at least at the bottom of my bowl. I missed it at first.

    I hadn’t been interested in the bowl, but with the Delta name on it I’ve decided to keep it 🙂

  6. So i’m guessing this is only for status matched Platinums then, because my number shows up as ineligible, dose anyone have a link to the flyertalk discussion.

  7. What happens when your mom notices the ‘Delta’ stamp on the bottom? 🙂

    But yes, we now have matching bowls. I actually thought of returning it to Tiffany’s for store credit — heck, it came with a return slip after all!

  8. Well, get this. I was at a surprise birthday party for a friend last night. And her kids from her first marriage were there. They brought her this beautiful gift in a tiffany box that her ex-husband had given the kids to give to her. She was so impressed. Then I told her to look at the bottom where it said “Delta”. Nice guy, huh.

  9. I cleaned out the attic and found a big Tiffany blue box with a lovely bowl in it. Never opened. It is handpainted with daisy flowers in pink, yellow and blue. My husband traveled a lot with Delta internationally and got it then. Those were the good old days with Delta!! Everytime he traveled he brought home a Tiffany gifts.

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