Not very classy, Hilton!

On Thursday I received the following email from Hilton:

Dear Lucky,

Due to a technical issue, 2,500 bonus points were inadvertently added to your account. This error is in the process of being corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you should have any questions please call HHonors Customer Service at 1-800-446-6677. You may review your account summary by clicking here.

First of all, I think it’s pretty petty that they feel the need to correct this “technical issue,” but whatever. Second of all, I think it would be nice if they deducted the points before emailing me, so that I know at what point this error has been corrected. Lastly, I have no clue what the hell this “technical issue” was. I’ve had the same point balance for at least two months now, and just now my total went down by 2,500 points. I keep track of my points balance pretty closely, and as far as I know I wasn’t issued any points in error.

Pathetic, Hilton. It’s not like you posted 2,500 points to my account a few days ago without cause. Instead, you (apparently) posted points to my account months ago, and now you’re choosing to deduct them? Again, other than the fact that my account has 2,500 fewer points, I have no clue what the error was.

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  1. I think I “lost” about 5,000 points today. I had noticed 2500 bonus points on two recent Hilton stays that had the “AMEX CO BRAND 1ST 4 STAY BONUS” description even though I had already finished my first four stays last year. I didn’t feel that it was worth my time calling HHonors to complain about it, but I also don’t feel it’s wrong (or not classy) for them to take the points away. If they make a mistake and don’t post points I deserve, I expect them to fix it, so I can’t really blame them for fixing a reverse mistake.

    BTW, so far I haven’t received any email about it.

  2. This bothers me. I’m sorry to say that I don’t track my Hilton points that closely. I didn’t receive any email, but it appears that my balance is lower.

    Did they show a line item deduction or just take it from the balance?

  3. @ Pat — Nope, no line item deduction! Nothing seems to have changed, other than me being 2,500 points poorer. This really ticks me off.

  4. @Pat @Lucky — they don’t have a negative entry, but the false positives have disappeared, so everything adds up.

    I am surprised to see all the outrage. Do you guys NOT follow your accounts closely (as in, twice a day at least)? Lucky, you surprise me! 🙂 I don’t think I am as fanatical about all things miles as you are, but I certainly noticed the un-deserved entries a few weeks ago when I checked my account to make sure the two recent stays had posted with all bonuses, elite gifts and whatnot.. So seeing them now evaporate doesn’t bother me, though I do think it would have been good if Hilton had told me and/or posted reversals instead.

  5. Now it’s getting silly. I just checked my account statement, and I once again got an extra 2500 points marked as “AMEX CO BRAND 1ST 4 STAY BONUS” for a night last weekend. So I guess they took away the points but didn’t fix the root cause of their problem. Idiots!

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