Not going to get a lot of sleep tonight!

So I thought I had the plan all worked out. I would get into TPA shortly before 3PM, get home by 4PM, and sleep till 3:45AM, at which point I have to head to the airport for my next mileage run. Usually I can sleep around 12-14 hours after getting back from a redeye on which I didn’t get a lot of sleep, and I try to time my sleep accordingly. I was supposed to leave IAD 30 minutes ago but we were having APU problems, and now they are flying in a replacement part. Everybody got off the plane and we were told it would take at least an hour. This means I definitely won’t get home before 5PM, but probably later. Let’s see what happens, but I think I’ll be pretty darn tired tomorrow, and I have to “suffer” through another redeye then.

 On the plus side the pilot made an announcement advertising Channel 9, which I was very pleased to hear, finally turning around my luck a bit.

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