Northwest 2009-2010 Welcome Kit

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of the Northwest Platinum welcome kit I received this week for the 2009-2010 status year, to compare it to the one I received last year. The design of both the cards and luggage tags are different. Last year they were plain silver, while they’re black and red this year, which looks much nicer, in my opinion.

It’s also worth noting that the drink chits in this package are good for Delta and Northwest, as opposed to just Northwest.



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  1. I got mine, too. And I was surprised to read about the SWUs that are coming in March. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Yes Oliver, the SWU’s make great scratch paper. šŸ˜€

    Unfortunately they’re only for full fare and near full fare tickets, which translates to about a $2,000 fare to Europe or $3,000 fare to Asia in order to use the upgrades. They’re not nearly as nice as AA or UA SWU’s.

  3. Two things I noticed in my new packet…

    Only 4 drink coupons.

    And they are only good for drinks or headsets, compared to last year which also included buy on board…

  4. Lucky, I did a quick search for SFO-AMS on NWA’s website. The KLM operated non-stop (which should qualify for the SWU upgrade costs

    – $1402 (lowest economy fare; H/Q fare class)
    – $1592 (M fare, which should be SWU-upgradable if space available)

    Doesn’t seem all that different from UA’s price differential between lowest and SWU upgradable fares.

    This was for dates in December around Xmas.

  5. @Gregg — the package I got last year (admittedly in December, after the status match) only had four drink/snack coupons as well.

  6. Oliver, the difference with the coupons is that last year they were good for snacks or drinks, while this year they’re not good for snacks, which kind of sucks.

  7. Interesting, Oliver, I didn’t realize that KLM operated flights qualified for the upgrades. Most of the fares I’ve seen have been much more expensive, but that’s good to know.

  8. I guess I should have just asked you to trade me your “scratch paper” for the four drink chits.

    This link was on the little flyer in the Plat kit:

    “WorldPerks Platinum Elite members are entitled to 6 complimentary one-way First Class or World Business Class upgrades on Northwest AirlinesĀ® or KLM. Upgrades are valid with the purchase of specific, paid published Coach Class fares that permit upgrades. Travel can be on Northwest Airlines or Northwest Airlink flights numbers 1-1999 or 3400-3699 as well as KLM flights number 1-999/6000-6900.”

    The flight I was looking at was KLM606 (SFO/AMS).

    I guess the question about upgrade availability remains to be seen.

  9. Lucky,
    NWA granted my status match request in October 2008. I havn’t receive my 2009 elite credential so I did call Worldperks customer service today and the rep told me that my Platinum status will expire of 02/29/09 and will be a base no status starting March1st.

    Lucky, I need your advise of what to do next? So far this year I already flown almost 20k EQM and have 4 more trip with NWA next month.
    I’m schock.

  10. Sorry to hear about that, First, that’s awful. Do you still have the original email they sent you when they matched your status? It should have said in there that your status would be good through the 2009 program year.

  11. Lucky,

    I couldn’t find their reply email anymore. From what I read most people got their match through 2010?
    Thanks again.

  12. Something is not right here. My status match was granted on October 8, which was probably before your status was granted, so you should have at least as long as I do. At the bottom of the email it said:

    “Due to the timing of your 2008 complimentary Platinum Elite upgrade,
    please be advised that your Platinum Elite membership will be continued through the 2008 program year – March 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010. You may expect your credentials for this program to be delivered to the address on file prior to March 1, 2009.”

    I would call WorldPerks and explain the situation to them. They can’t possibly expect you to requalify for Platinum in the last two or three months of the year. I’m sure this is just an oversight.

    Please let me know what happens.

  13. Lucky,
    I did call NWA this morning and was advise they will get back to me within 14 days.They seem not knowing what is status match…

    I recall the status match granted email was sign by a lady but I forgot the name,I think last name is cliches something. Maybe I can sent an email to her directly.


  14. Please let me know what the resolution is, First. The response I received was just from the generic Northwest Airlines email address, so I think it just goes to whoever answers it, as opposed to one specific person.

  15. Lucky,

    Here’s a reply from NWA today. I am very disappointed…

    Thank you for contacting Northwest Airlines regarding an extension of
    your WorldPerks Platinum Elite status for the 2009 elite program year.

    We are unable to grant complimentary WorldPerks Platinum Elite for 2009;
    however we are making an exception to our one-time complimentary elite
    upgrade based on your Northwest flight activity since you initially
    received elite status. Your WorldPerks account will reflect Gold Elite
    status for the 2009 elite program year. You may expect your credentials
    to arrive in approximately three weeks.

    Please be advised we will not grant any further complimentary elite
    upgrades after your 2009 membership card expires. Thereafter, your
    account will be reviewed and upgraded based on meeting the qualification
    of accruing the required elite qualifying miles or elite qualifying
    segments during each calendar year.

    Kindly reference the following information about a special opportunity
    to earn Platinum Elite status and its many privileges.

    At your request, we can enroll you into an Elite Challenge Hopeful
    Promotion that if you fulfill its guidelines, will give you Platinum
    Elite Status for the 2009 Elite program year. Members have 90 days from
    promotion enrollment date to fulfill guidelines.

    Typically, to earn WorldPerks Platinum Elite status, you must accumulate
    75,000 Elite Qualifying Miles or 100 Elite Qualifying Segments in a
    calendar year. This unique offer allows you to earn Platinum Elite
    status by flying seven qualifying roundtrip flights.

    Qualifying travel must be on paid published fares booked in
    P,F,J,C,Z,Y,S,X,B or M class and operated by Northwest Airlines,
    Northwest Airlink, or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines or paid published fares
    booked in J,C,S,A,I,F,D,Y,B,M,H or Q class for flights operated by Delta
    Air Lines.

    Please be advised that Northwest designated flights operated by, or in
    connection to our SkyTeam partners do not qualify for this offer.

    If you would like to enroll in this Elite Challenge, please reply via
    E-mail and include this correspondence, or call the WorldPerks Service
    Center at 1-800-447-3757 and an agent will assist you.

    Upon completion of your qualifying travel, your WorldPerks membership
    will automatically be upgraded to Platinum Elite status, and you will
    receive your Elite credentials in the mail within four to six weeks.

    Take advantage of this special offer to experience the many privileges
    of Platinum Elite status. We look forward to welcoming you on board a
    Northwest flight soon.


    Emily Hayes, Manager
    WorldPerks Service Center

  16. So far I had 19,791 EQM this year (2009) and 4 more roundtrip in March with NWA and it really made me upset.
    According to Worldperks rep,I was granted Platinum status on October 29th,2008.They think I could attain 75k EQM within 2 months. Oh well.

    I was thinking of contacting the corporate office or just move to CO (tier match to CO Platinum) and good bye NWA.

    Thanks for taking time reading this long letter!


  17. cant believe the run around on this 6 upgrades
    where can i find them
    they said you need / at end ?
    does not work

    Big joke

  18. Hi,
    I was NWA Siver elite in 2009 and had earned ~ 19,500 miles which didn’t qualify me for silver elite in 2010. However, I recall getting a letter in Dec 2009 staying NWA was exending my silver status bascially since everyone flew less in 2009 due to the economy. Great.! I also got a silver medallion membership from Delta in Jan 2010. Then I flew in Feb, got my silver elite bonus mile as expected
    Now it is April, I booked a flight and noticed my membership was no longer silver. I called Delta and they said my silver expired march 4th. They said the bonus miles in Feb were a mistake and had no record of any silver extension. .
    So, did anyone else get a letter like this? Did I misread it or is Delta misinformed? If anyone has a copy of this type of letter, please let me know.

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