Northwest Platinum Welcome Kit

Last week I received my Northwest Platinum welcome kit in the mail, and I figured I’d share the contents. I’m a complete sucker for these kits, as I am for anything that the airlines send me, other than those pesky credit card offers.

Anyway, the NW kit had the elite card, a membership guide, four onboard snack or beverage vouchers (worth $5), as well as two luggage tags. While they had six less drink vouchers than United gives me for being 1K, the fact that they’re good for snacks, as well as the fact that they had two luggage tags, more than made up for it.

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  1. Lucky, you’ll like the bmi Gold pack when you go for it. Comes in a small box, with luggage tags, bmi GUVs and Hertz double upgrade vouchers.

  2. Hi, I’m considering doing the match to NW and found out your blog. I’m currently NH DIA and will be DIA again for upcoming year. I, however, have only around 20,000 miles in my NW account, silver nor gold. Would I have a chance of getting matched with NW PLT. If so, how long will it take? Can I just send copy of milage card which shows the statuts or do I need to write specific reason why to be matched? I’m pretty sure that I’ll need to fly with NW upcoming year.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Hey Miki,

    You should be able to match status with NW to Platinum. It should hopefully take around a week at most for the match to be progressed. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, and sometimes it’s much quicker. You need to send in a copy of your mileage statement (which shows your status), and just write a quick letter expressing why you’d like to status match. Just explain that you’d like to switch some business to NW, and that the Platinum status would definitely help in your travel decisions.

  4. Lucky, I’ve got reply from World Perks today. What they said was “Currently, other airlines status matches are restricted to members who reside in North America.” I don’t reside in North America but I go there very often so..hmm. I’m very disappointed.Thanks for your advice anyway.

  5. Sorry to hear about that, Miki. That’s very odd, since usually the airlines love foreign customers, and often even lower the status thresholds for them or throw in some freebies. Have you thought about changing your address to a US one temporarily in order to get the status match? I bet that would work.

  6. Hi Lucky,

    What’s your plan for next year? Are you planning to retain 1K, NW Plat, BD Gold and AA Plat? That’s 263K EQM, a little much for a guy who doesn’t get any help from work to pay for travel 😉

    I’m debating myself, this is where I’m at:
    CO Plat, UA Premier Exec (from 1K), BD Gold, AA Gold and Eurobonus Gold.

    I travel almost every week with NWA to MSP from ORD and a lot more smaller hops from ORD. Got the CO Plat card to diversify a little out of ORD, I have a 100% upgrade success on about 50 NWA flights this year! For the short hops around here, NWA is great compared to UA. They have that basket with goodies served in F on all legs, while UA serves nothing to MSP/DTW etc. Also, NW has the Firebrick beer, an Amber lager I just love! Now that move becomes pointless since CO is flying mainly ERJs to EWR from Jan 1. and NWA/ DL cooperation will be eliminated in 09.

    It’s hard to make a decision now, we have no idea how the CO/UA cooperation will work. Will UA allow CO elites in to Economy Plus? What will the lounge situation look like? (Bought PC from CO, don’t have RCC because of 2 international status cards)

    I was thinking about eliminating either CO or UA, but will wait to make a decision till the cooperation is presented in detail.

    Your input would be highly appreciated.

  7. Hey Tommy,

    That’s a tough situation. I plan on dropping down to 1K next year (I’m 2K this year 😉 ), and will hopefully maintain NW/DL Plat as well. BD Gold won’t be worth much as soon as LH fully takes them over, and I’m not a huge fan of AA, so unless I’m EXP I just don’t find status with them to be totally worth it.

    You’re in a tough situation. If I were you I’d status match to NW right now, as they should comp you NW Plat status. While I can only speculate, I’m betting that as soon as CO joins the Star Alliance, your CO PC membership will get you into RCC’s when flying UA, although I doubt you’ll get Economy Plus access, unfortunately. Given the fact that you travel so much to a destination that is served mostly by RJ’s with CO, I would try to go for 1K again with UA (as much as they suck) for the SWU’s, since the benefits of CO Plat are pretty meager other than the complimentary upgrades, which can be tough on flights like transcons.

    I would keep flying NW, except start crediting to them directly, as the relationship between NW and CO is ending soon, and NW isn’t an airline you want to fly in coach.

    Of course this is all tentative, so I would just match to NW Plat for now (just in case), and keep doing things the way you are until there’s a reason to change (i.e., no more reciprocal upgrades between NW/CO, CO joins the Star Alliance, etc.).

  8. Thanks, Lucky!

    I agree with you, but after a few BMI Cash and Points F flights/bookings on Swiss, I would love to keep earning some points on BMI.

    I’m not quite sure that the UA/CO cooperation will be the same as the UA/US cooperation. One would hope that UA will see how great the CO/NW cooperation has worked and try to adjust to it.

    But knowing UAs management, I doubt they will be humble and try to adjust to something successful..

    Since many of my NW flights currently give only 50% CO EQMs, getting a NW Plat card is probably a good idea.

    Anyways, have 26K Star EQMS personal trips already booked for Q1 next year (securing 2P), 18K personal on CO in Q1, in addition. Work trips are typically booked 1-2 weeks in advance, they currently amount to 15-20K EQM a quarter. I have a C trip to SIN Q1 for work not booked yet

    We shall see where we will put these miles..

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