“No photo, no photo!”

Hello from the Asiana first class lounge in Incheon. There was a mild scare at check-in, as the agent asked me where I was flying today and I said Frankfurt. She said “business class, right?” and I said “no, first class.” She said “Frankfurt only two cabin today,” which scared the hell out of me for a second. She then printed out my first class boarding pass. Odd.

I took a few pictures in the lounge, and an attendant came up to me and said “sorry sir, no photo.” Gah!

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  1. you flew RTW and in that time you spent 2 (?) nights in SIN, 2/3 nights in ICN, and will spend 1 night in FRA???? what did you do with your short trips in these places? why such a quick RTW trip?

  2. @oregontransplant – the same reason as me: Because we can!

    After a few days in any place I get very itchy feet with a sense to move on.

    And Asiana F had better be good to FRA.. as I’m doing the reverse route of that soon!!!

  3. Strange response from the ground staff…

    I have been to OZ F lounge a number of times and have taken tons of photos of the first class lounge (mostly empty anyway)…

    Maybe new policy or presence of VIP? It is really not a big secret and the lounge is certainly nice, but not that big of a deal…

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