Next Media Animation covers Cathay Pacific business class

Taiwan-based Next Media Animation is known for its hilarious “current event” animations, and today they released one entitled “Cathay Pacific Business Class: designed for perverts?” Okay, it’s somewhat outlandish, but I feel like I have to share it anyway. You probably shouldn’t watch this at work, as it has some “inappropriate” scenes.

Ridiculous, funny, or offensive — what do you guys think?

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  1. Ridiculous, funny & offensive. I’m going to put some serious thought about accepting a hot towel on my future flights!!!

  2. I don’t find it at all offensive, but also not funny. Whether it qualifies as ridiculous is if there is no basis for this claim. If this is actually an issue, then I am going to make sure I pack extra disinfectant wipes on any future CX Biz Class flights. Or, I guess any flight for that matter.

    I have never once even considered for a moment of reaching downstairs during a flight.

  3. A little off topic and I know TMI, but has anyone had issues while having the Thai massage at the first class lounge? When I was there, really had a hard time containing myself (she was everywhere)! At first I was embarrassed, then I just said screw it and enjoyed the massage.

  4. Not funny, really don’t understand why you posted it. I normally enjoy your sense of humor, but this was a bit much.

  5. @ Rami — So I guess you’re not a Beavis and Butthead fan? šŸ˜‰

    @ Carl — Next Media Animation usually puts out good stuff. I agree this was extreme and I didn’t find it particularly funny, but I figured I’d be omitting something if I *didn’t* post it since I post all their other airline related stuff.

  6. FYI – the pics of the fist hitting the plane in the dream bubble is a reference to a Cantonese phrase “ta fei kei” (literally “hitting the plane” and sometimes abbreviated as TFK), which is a slang expression for wanking.

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