Swiss Is Opening Another New First Class Lounge In Zurich

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Last November I reviewed Swiss’ incredible new first class lounge in Zurich. The lounge ranks as one of my top five first class lounges in the world (speaking of which, I need to publish my updated rankings soon).

The lounge has a stunning design…


One of the best restaurants in any airline lounge…


The best private bedrooms in any lounge (which even look out over the runway and tarmac)…


And a terrace from which to plane spot…


This is a huge improvement over their old first class lounge, though it looks like Swiss will soon introduce yet another new first class lounge in Zurich.

By the end of 2017, Swiss will open a new first class lounge just past Check-in 1 at Zurich Airport. The new lounge will feature its own dedicated security checkpoint, as well as easy access to the limousine transfer to other concourses. On top of that, the new 650 square meter (~7,000 square foot) lounge will feature a restaurant, bar, workstations, showers, etc.

While the new E-Concourse first class lounge that I visited is fantastic, the catch is that you still have to schlep through the whole airport to get there, like everyone else does. Not that this is a huge inconvenience, or anything, but nowadays the best first class lounges are all about saving you time.

So the new lounge sounds like a hybrid between Swiss’ current First Class Lounge and Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. It’ll be convenient to be able to access the lounge just past check-in through a dedicated channel, and then to be driven to the correct concourse to catch your flight after relaxing in the lounge.


The only area where Swiss is lacking is that they don’t actually drive you to the plane, unlike Lufthansa. Instead they just drive you to the correct concourse, and then you’re on your own — they don’t even escort you to the plane. Given how much effort they put into the overall experience, it seems like a way they’re cutting corners, in my opinion.

I can’t wait to see what the new lounge looks like! Too bad Swiss has some of the strictest access policies for their first class lounges…

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

  1. Swiss is the hidden gem of European airlines. True to it’s classy model, yet not a big airline so operations are never a mess (swiss precision).
    The airline doesn’t have many planes, nor many destinations. But if their schedules works for you, you’ll be amazed by their service (economy, business or first. Doesn’t matter).
    One of the only few remaining airlines to still offer a TRUE first class experience.

  2. Apparently, exclusivity does matter. Many readers always think Swiss is amazing/special because you can’t redeem award seats for it. The truth is, Lufthansa First is better. But I guess people will always want what they can’t have. Airlines should take note.

  3. @Keitherson. You obviously have not flown Swiss First as if you have flown on either the A330 or 777 because if you had you would know that the hard product is much better than anything Lufthansa has to offer. Also the Swiss soft product is so much better with much better crews in F. The only thing some people complain about is the lack of caviar but the Balik salmon is a great substitute.

    Also do not forget Lucky complained about his blanket not being refreshed in Swiss F… The sacrilege.

  4. This is great news. The only downside to the new lounges in the E concourse, is they make the other lounges at ZRH seem rough. Interestingly, I noticed a team of contractors/designers taking photos and measurements at the Senator lounge in the A concourse last week, so it’s good to see that renovation also confirmed in the press release.

  5. The Swiss Senator lounge in Zurich was the best part of my flight with them this week. Their economy class on the A330 has not been updated in 25 years. You couldn’t even flip an armrest up all the way to take advantage of an empty seat next to you. The pressurization was off as my ears couldn’t stop popping. Service was poor – the FAs were arguing and talking about each other as they went up and down the aisle. My few hours on the ground in the lounge don’t make up for the miserable eight hours in the air.

  6. The trick is actually to show up at the old First lounge in terminal A and they limo you to the E lounge… no self respecting F passenger takes the mini train…;)

  7. I agree Swiss economy is horrendous. I fly Lufthansa and Swiss – 10 hours flights. Lufthansa is WAY better than Swiss. Plus the planes are old and uncomfortable. Last month they forgot to serve my meal….they went to the kitchen to get never to be seen again. When I called the Stewardess she apologised and said they had run out of food and as it was her mistake, I could have her meal! In contrast I find their Business Class better than Lufthansa, although I would choose Lufthansa over Swiss all the time if schedules and pricing worked.
    Tomorrow I fly Swiss again, 10 hours economy this time, dreading the flight, but returning Lufthansa business, so it eases the pain.

  8. can passengers arriving in first class (but with Zurich being their final destination, so no connecting flights) still use this lounge? Or the only lounge they can use is arrival lounge?

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